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, March 18, 2021

I hear about ProperFocus all the time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I have been facing some kind of vision difficulty and tried lots of glasses and medicines. Some are nearsighted, some are farsighted, and many more have astigmatism, which makes everything look blurry. Then, I decided to purchase the ProperFocus that one of my friends suggested to me. 

I have spent a bunk of dollars on glasses and contact lenses that are expensive and often inconvenient. This ProperFocus exceptional affordable reading glass is flexible and adjustable. It comes with 2 glasses that are added with two side knobs to adjust the power -6 to +3 diopters. I just use the small knobs on the sides of the lenses to set the power. I will share more experience with the glass in the ProperFocus review.

What is ProperFocus?

ProperFocus review

ProperFocus is a special glass that ensures dual-lens technology to get a comfortable, innovative and convenient view. It only takes a few seconds for me to select the perfect, custom magnification so I can read closely with great clarity and work comfortably. Then adjust the slider again to see distant objects clearly. I have got perfect, clear, sharp, detailed and color-accurate vision with just one very affordable pair of ProperFocus glasses. They are lightweight, made of very strong materials that withstand intensive daily use. Polycarbonate lenses are hard and scratch-resistant. 

Without a doubt, I can leave them in the glove compartment of my car to read a bottle of medicine, check a receipt in small print. Then, I checked out the messages on my cell phone without any problem, being able to see them clearly.

Top Features of ProperFocusTop-Features-of-ProperFocus

I have presented the top features of the ProperFocus that makes it different and special to me. Let’s see them:

Reduce eye fatigue

After a work session on my laptop, cell phone, or reading a book, my eyes are always sore and I feel like a headache is coming. Even with prescription glasses, I have to be squinting and struggling to read. I use ProperFocus to get the magnification I need at a very affordable price. It’s the easiest and least complicated way to see clearly without spending hundreds of dollars at the optometrist.

Multiple uses

It is perfect for concerts, sports, travel and much more. It’s easy to adjust the ProperFocus glasses to get a clear, sharp view when looking into the distance. I often use them at outdoor exercises to see the ground objects clearly in the park.

Perfect reading glass

It allows me to customize glass power by simply regulating the small knobs on the side of the frame. It takes me a second to adjust and focus on any objects.

Easy to use

With it, I can clearly enjoy a detailed view both from near and far. It is a very affordable vision correction that many of us need to have a more rewarding life.


Due to its universal design, both males and females can wear it. Also, I never feel any changes in both young and adult.

How Is ProperFocus Different From Others?

How Is ProperFocus Different From Others

ProperFocus is made with the polycarbonate lens that ensures scratch-resistant performance. Its vision quality is sharp, clear and provides accurate color at day and night time so you can see any objects with great clarity. Anyone can wear it and it goes perfect with all types of styled and aged people. The lens surface is very easy to clean, and all kinds of fingerprints are removed quickly. They protect against UV rays and blue light from screens. For these advanced and unique features, it is different from others.

How To Use ProperFocus?


The use of the ProperFocus glasses is very simple like normal glasses. Anyone can wear it easily and let’s see how I am using it. 

  1. Take the ProperFocus glass.
  2. Turn the dial or adjust the screw on the ProperFocus side until you get the correct view.
  3. You are ready to go!

During use, I correctly adjust each lens to get a clear and rested vision. It is self-regulated, so it suits my eyes perfectly. I used the colored lens in the daytime as sunglasses. Apply solidarity on both glasses for the ideal view. Never clean the lens with dirty clothes and tissues. Use microfiber cloths to avoid accidents, although its polycarbonate lenses are scratch and dustproof.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee And Warranty?Is-there-a-money-back-guarantee-and-warranty

There is no free guarantee and warranty offered with the ProperFocus glasses. But, the official website provides the best product at a cheap deal. I have paid an extra 10 dollars for a 3 years warranty.

Where Can I Get The ProperFocus?Where Can I Get The ProperFocus

ProperFocus is only available online and goes through its official website. They provide the best deals with the original product all around the world. The delivery charge is free and you will get up to 50% discounts on each purchase. Also, you can get it from other trusted platforms like Amazon, Best Buy and eBay.

Frequently Asked Question

Below, I have answered some questions about the ProperFocus review according to my experience.

How Is ProperFocus one-of-a-kind from others?

The ProperFocus guides users to get a clear and adjustable view according to the comfort that can solve any type of eye defect.

What are the payment options?

If you have decided to purchase the ProperFocus, you can get it by paying through VISA, MasterCard and Paypal payment systems. 

In which countries are you delivering our product?

The ProperFocus manufacturer delivers the glass all around the world. The taxes and other charges depend and vary on the country’s regulations.

Which eyeglasses do I need to correct long-sightedness?

Convex lenses are needed to correct long-sightedness. They have plus power that bends the light inwards and ends up in the retina. 

Is Properfocus good for everyone that needs eyeglasses?

It is easy to use for everyone and adjustable so everyone can wear the ProperFocus glasses according to their needs by fixing power and position.

Can Proper focus be used by someone who needs medicated eyeglasses?

It is suitable for long and short-sightedness. Those who need medicated eyeglasses, it’s clear vision ensures clear focusing on objects.

Which eyeglasses can help my sight?

The ProperFocus eyeglasses can help your sight whatever the problem is. It has adjustable knobs to set the diopter and side so you can view anything clearly.


It is an effective, affordable and universal solution to correct your vision. My eyes are as valuable as your vision! Get yourself a ProperFocus and enjoy specialized vision correction at home! It works with double sliding polycarbonate lens technology. 

I am using 2 lenses instead of the single lenses that are present in normal glasses. The adjustable knob helps me slide these lens plates to the level where the two combine to provide correct eyesight. The dual lens’s smooth gliding lets me use the same glasses for reading and regular work. From the ProperFocus review, you may clear that you need no more glasses to wear. So, get a ProperFocus and life will be arranged!

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