Protector Pitch Intl Review [update 2021]: Self-defense Key Holder Alarm

, June 24, 2021

I hear about Protector Pitch INTL all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if it is a SCAM? Or is it REAL? It makes my life easier and especially helped me when I was forgetful-minded. I have already lost my bike keys, desk keys and Pen drive a few months ago and never found them. It is constructed with advanced technology that helps me to find lost items in emergencies. 

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.5
Value for Money9.6

It is perfect for those alone people who have a fear of unfair situations in silent places. The keychain defends me more times by calling for help on the road at night. Its alarm sound is loud enough, so anyone can easily hear it and find me easily at a long distance. I experienced that it sounds 40 minutes at a full charge that draws anyone’s attraction up to 300 yards. In this Protector Pitch INTL review, I will share my overall experience with you. Stay tuned!

Product Summary
Protector Pitch Intl Review

Protector Pitch Intl Review

  • Advanced self-defense
  • 125 dB loud sound
  • Long-lasting LR44 batteries
  • Keychain to hang on any items
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable ABS construction and break-proof material

What is Protector Pitch Personal Alarm?

Protector Pitch Personal Alarm is a safety key ring that allows us to defend ourselves in awkward situations. It can be a lifesaver to someone when he or she is in danger. I have several security devices, but it does the security task effectively by making a louder sound that can cover up to 300 yards. It can ring up to 40 minutes after pressing the button. I hold my keys on it and it is very lightweight, so I can easily pull the pin to make the sound in a second. 


It has no legal issues to use all around the world. The sound it delivers can make mad to the robbers and strangers. It can hang on vehicle key rings, handlebars, belt hooks and more. It fell from my hand many times and never broke down that proves its durability. Also, its long-lasting battery doesn’t require replacement and I am using it for about 5 months.

Top Features of Protector Pitch INTL

The Protector Pitch INTL has incredible features that amazed me and here I will share those features with you. Let’s see:

Self-Defense Action

The Protector Pitch Personal Alarm ensures safety to everyone essential for both men and women. It keeps everyone safe from any danger and awkward moments with instant action of making a loud sound. The best thing is that its sound can make you mad to strangers and people can detect the sound. Thus, you will get instant help that increases my self-defense.

Easy to carry

Its size is compact and tiny and can be hung on a belt hook, key rings, and pocket. So, anyone can take it out and make it instant by pulling the pin. I attached the pitch on my child’s school bag to make sure of their safety. Also, its lightweight feature makes it suitable for autistic people.


The protector pitch is constructed with durable materials, so it never breaks on major fall. I already dropped it several times on tiles and roads, but it is still now working fine. I have not faced any changes after the fall. So, it is durable enough and breaking proof.

Long-lasting battery

It comes with 3 pcs LR44 replaceable batteries that are enough for the protector pitch. I have been using it for about 5 months and never changed the batteries. Its long-lasting battery life provides extended user experience at any moment. It can ring up to 40 minutes at random until it turns off.

Sound quality and range

Although the device is compact but makes 125 dB sound that can cover a large area up to 300 yards. Also, its sound clarity is very good, so anyone can detect where the sound comes from. The loud alarm can make nearby people mad and anyone can feel safe within a few moments.

What Makes the Protector Pitch INTL Personal Alarm Special?


The personal alarm is the best alternative for instant safety. In 2 or more purchases, you will get them at a better price, which is worth it. I used many personal protective devices, but its quality, design and construction make me amazed. 

  • Its sound quality and clarity are very good that keep you safe from attackers. It delivers about 125 dB loud alarms that can fear anyone. 
  • ABS plastic construction makes it durable and break-proof. In a major drop, I never see scratches or damages on it, so anyone can use it as they want.
  • It can be hung on a keychain, vehicle keys, bags and more with its built-in hook. The hook is also strong and durable, so there is no chance to get out. 
  • The LR44 batteries run the device for a long time without any replacement. It consumes less energy and you can easily replace the batteries anytime.
  • Its design and weight are so compact that I never feel awkward when it hangs with my pants belt.

It is a great way out for those who want to stay secured and safe everywhere. I never tensed about the battery percentage after purchasing it and it provides more safety than other protective devices in awkward situations. So, I have pointed out why it is special for me and you will like that because of safety first.

How Does It Work?


The Protector Pitch Personal Alarm is a security device that can make sound and alert everyone about your danger. Its working process is very simple so let’s see how it works for me.

  1. Add LR44 3 pcs battery in the personal pitch device.
  2. With the hook, I hang it with my vehicle keyring, bags and more where I need it. 
  3. Insert the pin to start making the sound that can cover about 300 yards with a 40 minutes continuous alarm.
  4. Then, re-enter the pin to stop the sound. 

Its sound is very loud so that it could be a pain for everyone and you can instantly leave the place or get help.

Benefits of Protector Pitch Alarm

Here, I am going to detail each of these benefits of having Protector Pitch Alarm.

  • The alarm can be installed easily and without inconvenience because it is constructed with a hook. Without the need for effort, you can have the most advanced security alarm for complete protection.
  • It makes 125 dB loud sounds that increase extra protection by proving the sound up to 300 yards. Also, it can ring continuously for 40 minutes and it can be stopped by re-entering the pin.
  • I have a quick warning of the existence of an uncontrolled fire or the generation of smoke before the fire. The extra seconds in this type of accident are key to avoiding material and personal damage, so rapid action is essential in these circumstances.
  • It is affordable and the manufacturer offers a discount on 2 or more purchases. According to other security devices, it is worth the cost.
  • It is an ideal system to have more control over myself.

Does It Really Work Or Is The Protector Pitch A Scam?


When I heard about the Protector Pitch, I decided to purchase it to check it really works. On the first day, its performance and sound make me mad. I applied the pitch in an unfair situation and it made such a loud sound that people are tumbling over me to see what happened. It is simple to use: insert the pin to start and re-insert the pin to stop. Also, it comes with 3 pcs LR44 batteries that provide extended and long-lasting standby time. After all, it is not a scam and better than other protector alarms.

  • Advanced self-defense
  • 125 dB loud sound
  • Long-lasting LR44 batteries
  • Keychain to hang on any items
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable ABS construction and break-proof material
  • It can be stolen

Where I Can Buy It?

Where I Can Buy It

The Protector Pitch is only available online and I recommend purchasing it from this website. In 2 or more purchases, you will get a free offer or discount up to 50%. They accept credit and PayPal payment methods with free shipping all around the world. The manufacturer tests the product before delivery, so you will not worry about the product’s quality. It’s ABS plastic construction and batteries provide long-lasting performance.

Frequently Asked Question

I have solved some questions about the Protector pitch below:

Is it Readily Available?

Yes, It is available online with free shipping and easy payment methods. I recommend purchasing it from the manufacturer website that I already mentioned above. 

What is the purpose of personal alarms?

Keep you safe and secure at an awkward moment by making a loud noise. The protector pitch personal alarm delivers 125 dB loud sounds that can make any strangers and attackers mad.

What is a safe personal alarm?

A safe personal alarm is a security device that makes a sound when attackers and strangers want to harm us. Its loud sound covers a large area and people come instantly near you for help.

Are personal alarms effective?

Personal alarms are effective in any situation. Nowadays, security and safety are a big issue worldwide. In lonely places, it is effective to stay safe from awkward moments.

How do I turn off my Protector Pitch Alarm?

When you enter the pin, it will start making noise. By re-entering the pin, you can easily turn off the Protector Pitch Alarm. 

Is it better to use a mobile phone rather than a personal alarm?

A mobile phone is located inside our pocket or bag that takes time to make an alert. But, personal alarm easily hangs on anywhere with the hook so you can easily make sound with it.

Conclusion – Protector Pitch INTL Review

Safety is one of the major issues in our day to day life. I frequently ride the bike and have to pass through silent and lonely places where any awkward moment can happen. The Protector Pitch INTL helped me many times from these dangerous moments by the alarming loud sound. Due to its ABS plastic and lightweight design, I can hang it anywhere, such as the belt, bag hanger, pocket and more. 

Also, its battery performance amazed me because I am using it non-stop for more than 5 months without replacing batteries. In this Protector Pitch INTL Review, we have covered everything about it, so you may not doubt purchasing it. When you are in danger, it always is your safety guard with high security.

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