Top 13 Quiz Maker Software For Mac


Looking for the best quiz maker Software for Mac? Are you a quiz enthusiast? Do you enjoy the challenge of taking quizzes?

Several businesses and organizations have started adopting puzzle systems in today’s competitive world to assess people, delight participants, pique audiences’ interest, and learn about their purchasing patterns. Consider using a quiz builder program if you’re unsure how to create standard quizzes.

quiz maker software for mac

To create interesting quizzes and puzzles, quiz generator software uses creative and entertaining techniques. Use these to easily build survey forms, classroom evaluations, feedback forms, etc.

Which Online Quiz Maker Software For Mac Are Best for Creating and Sharing Quizzes?

1. WonderShare Quiz Maker

Wondershare is a useful program if you’re looking for a complex quiz maker. You can design quizzes that are unique to you with this effective tool.

  • Multiple Reaction
  • True/False
  • Text Bank
  • Complete the blanks
  • Multiple Choices
  • Match the information below and many more.

The WonderShare Quiz Creator’s outstanding features include:

  • The software provides numerous customization options.
  • This software’s quiz maker lets you reference photos and movies in the questions.
  • It provides a novel, entertaining method of learning.
  • All users can test the app for free.

To make them more entertaining, you can also use various graphics, voice-overs, and flash videos. Along with a self-grading system, this incredible tool also gives you access to a variety of symbols for building subject-based puzzles.

If you still have questions about creating an online test, read on. Then select Wondershare to design web quizzes and online polls; this tool is unparalleled for educators, researchers, evaluators, and testers.

2. Class Maker

Next on our list of the best software to create quizzes is Class Maker. More than being a customizable tool it is a highly secure and professional tool that works with utmost ease and smoothness. 

Its prominent features include:

  • Automatic grading program with live viewing capabilities.
  • branding of tests and personalized certificates.
  • simple exam management.
  • platform with multiple uses that requires no downloading.
  • Simple and straightforward test settings and parameters.
  • Questions and tests abound.

White labeling of exams, API access, multilingual student interface, and online certification.

Use this feature-rich application to easily create different quizzes, view test results, and conduct statistical analysis. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the free or paid edition.

3. Easy Test Maker

Easy Test Maker is a terrific choice if you’re looking for the best quiz-making software that can handle numerous tasks with ease. You can quickly create questions using this amazing tool, print them out, and publish them online in a variety of forms.

It is unquestionably doubted the best quiz maker software for users who want to make multiple choice papers, match the columns exams, true/false questions, and fill-in-the-blank type puzzles with straightforward and comprehensible formatting options.

Its flexibility to create questions in a variety of forms sets it apart from other web-based quiz maker software available on the market. In addition to the fundamental functionality, it lets you save your quiz paper online and automatically rearranges the questions when you add or remove some of them.

Several extra features are:

  • Highlight and bold certain words and passages using the spellchecker.
  • Easy export to Word or PDF files is supported.
  • Additionally, it can produce different quiz versions to cut down on cheating.
  • Both a free and a premium version of the software are offered. Select the premium edition if you want to insert graphics, set time limitations, and print individual graded exam sheets. 

4. Online Quiz Creator 

You can attempt Online Quiz Creator if the web-based quiz generator program mentioned above was not very helpful to you. Your enterprise- and business-level surveys and quizzes will taste more enjoyable thanks to this amazing tool. You may also make a leaderboard with it.

quiz maker software for mac

You can access the puzzles you make with Online Quiz Creator on a variety of digital devices, such as smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, etc. Here are a few of the forms that you can use to write your crosswords and exam questions.

  • Decide on the right response.
  • from various options, the right image.
  • a number of options.
  • Select for the correct response.

Significant features of the quiz maker online:

  • Because it is web-based, the software doesn’t occupy any space on your hard drive.
  • Using this software, you may include images in the quiz to spice it up.
  • It has a very straightforward user interface that anyone can learn to utilize.
  • The program produces a leaderboard based on previous results.

The tool has an effective yet straightforward user interface.

5. GoConqr

With GoConqr, you can find, make, and share online tests. It is a fantastic educational tool with a ton of subject-specific tests and puzzles.

Utilize it to establish a study schedule, keep track of your progress report, and measure your understanding in several academic areas. It is the ideal solution for teachers and students because it allows them to create and distribute online assessments.

Its notable features include mind maps, quizzes, a study planner, flowcharts, discussion improvement, and a course builder. For ad-free operation, choose the Pro version.

Important Features of GoConqr:

  1. This software makes it simple to distribute quizzes to other participants.
  2. The software compiles a report on every performance and updates it as new performance data is added.
  3. Using this tool, you may make quizzes, mind maps, flowcharts, and other course builder-like elements.
  4. The program can be downloaded for free.

6. BrandQuiz

Choose Brandquiz for smooth and expert operation if you want to develop a wide variety of customer-focused quizzes.

quiz maker software for mac

The solution is simple to integrate with a variety of enterprise-level marketing platforms, like MailChimp, Hubspot, etc. It includes a ton of handy designing possibilities, including 60 different layouts and 35 typefaces.

The mix of Puzzles best offered:

  • Image Answer.
  • Rating items.
  • Video embeds
  • Questions at Multiple Choice.
  • Signup form.

Prominent Features of BrandQuiz:

  • This program is excellent for businesses because it has the greatest syncing feature.
  • More than 60 templates and 35 distinct typefaces are available.
  • Using a variety of platforms, you can quickly share your quizzes and forms.
  • The program has creating tools as well, which is uncommon among quiz creators.

7. ProProfs

ProProfs is worth a shot if you’re still seeking for the best quiz creation app. It is a fantastic resource for making tests and quizzes. Additionally, its safe working practices stop cheating and let you schedule different papers. You can use it to create online tests, surveys, employee evaluations, polls, and personality quizzes in addition to straightforward educational assessments.

Its Major Key Features include:

  • Automated grading systems are a hallmark of advancements.
  • Free templates, comments, surveys, and complete data security.
  • distribution of final reports and data, as well as a thorough examination of test results.
  • It may be used to make brief quizzes and survey questions, and you can even publish it on social media with a logo and a video attached.

You can choose its Pro edition for an ad-free experience, along with a question bank and 500 MB of storage, even though it is available as free software.

8. AskNicely

If the aforementioned quiz maker tools were unable to respond to your questions, You should give AskNicely a try if you have questions about “what is the greatest online quiz maker.” Companies utilize it as a sophisticated marketing tool to design surveys and feedback forms.

Its notable features include multilingualism, triggered delivery, completely customizable branching logic, and regular sampling.

What Are AskNicely’s Standout Features?

  • This program has excellent tools for building tests and surveys.
  • No matter what language you speak, you can make quizzes.
  • The software’s interface is fairly simple, making it simple to use.

9. Spring QuizMaker

Have you ever considered receiving test results by email? Well, iSpring is known for precisely that. It not only generates test papers and quizzes for individual classes, but also emails test results.

It is a fantastic tool for office workers and enterprises and offers several problem types, such as true/false, short answers, etc.

iSpring QuizMaker’s standout features include:

  • The test’s results are sent to you by mail.
  • For enterprises, it is the perfect tool.
  • You can quickly access the applicant’s proficiency and skill
  • Not only can you construct quizzes, but you can also make result analyses.
  • Choose this top quiz-creating program to assess the knowledge and abilities of your staff. For precise personnel analysis, create evaluations with elegantly branded branding and establish testing outcomes.

10. Help Teaching

Are you searching for a teacher-friendly online quiz maker? The best option for you is Help Teaching.

Use it to create exam questions and gather internet coaching materials. It can be used to create different test questions depending on the subject and how challenging it is. For better comprehension, students can download their test results and consult multiple practice papers.

Important  Features of Help Teaching:

  • For any teachers who want to access their pupils, this program is fantastic.
  • More than a million users trust this platform.
  • Using this program, you can generate different kinds of papers and tests.

11. Wufoo

Wufoo is a cloud-based software program for creating online forms. It is one of the market’s most dependable quiz creation tools, and well-known companies like Disney and Amazon frequently utilize it.

It was created by Survey Monkey and has an easy-to-use user interface, award-winning templates, and customization options.

quiz maker software for mac

Best Features of Wufoo:

  • This web-based tool uses no disk space and is completely free to use.
  • Amazon and Disney, two well-known companies, have used this technology to create surveys and quizzes.
  • The website provides simple templates with options for modification.

12. SchoolHouse Technologies

Professors and teachers benefit much from SchoolHouse Technologies. The program may be used to produce different exam questions, workbooks, assessment activities, and quizzes and is completely compatible with Windows.

Some of the question types utilized by School High include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, short responses, and matching the column. You can prepare quizzes in graphical and diagrammatic formats and forms with its assistance.

Best Features of SchoolHouse Technologies:

  • This is the perfect tool for educators who want to design tests and assessments.
  • Create multiple-choice, short answers, and fill-in-the-blank quizzes with ease.
  • Windows PCs and the applications are fully compatible.

13. Microsoft Forms

It is common practice to build pools, quizzes, and survey papers using this quiz maker software from Microsoft. For improved comprehension and statistics, it enables real-time feedback and assessment reports.

Microsoft forms allow for the export of their results in Excel. Use it to run numerous surveys and gather feedback as you streamline and transform your business solutions.

Exceptional Features of Microsoft Forms:

  • It is one of the most reputable websites for quiz creation.
  • The platform allows users to evaluate surveys and data in real-time.
  • To safely export the result to a spreadsheet program for additional analysis.
  • For developing forms and quizzes, there is no fee.


Friends, this is it. Although we made every effort to choose the most popular and dependable quiz creator tools software for you, the decision you ultimately make will be heavily influenced by the type of audience, business, user category, and end objective you are working on. 

Every single tool on our list of the Best Quiz Maker Software has a few special features and services to offer. With the aid of this program, you can create the best quizzes, puzzles, employee feedback forms, and surveys regardless of whether you are a teacher, business owner, professor, or employee.

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