React Powered Review [2022]: 7-in-1 Car Charger That Could Save Your Life

, January 20, 2022

Imagine being in a car crash, drowning under the water; every second count in that situation. There is nothing you can think at that moment but an escape plan. Well, what if you see the door is locked, doesn’t open, and the seat belt is jammed! You’re dead trapped and have nothing to do but to breathe the last air helplessly.

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Well, that shouldn’t be the scenario if you have a handy device that can set you free from both the jammed seatbelt or the locked door. I’m talking about the React Powered emergency kit I carry with me all the time. I learned about this kit a few months back from the React Powered Review and decided to use it for the rest of my life. Stick to the article as I introduce you to the world’s finest car emergency kit that everybody should own:

Product Summary
React Powered Review

React Powered Review


  • Car charger
  • Portable power bank
  • Seatbelt cutter
  • Window breaker
  • LED flashlight
  • Strobing SOS beacon
  • Safety Siren

What is React Powered?

With over 5.4 million car crashes in the USA each year, owning an emergency escape kit should be the utmost important thing. The React powered is a 7-in-1 emergency kit, primarily a car charger, but you can use it as an important life saving tool when needed. It contains a razor-sharp blade to cut seatbelt when it’s jammed, a window glass breaker, a USB charger, power bank, SOS light, an LED flashlight, and a safety siren.


Despite that many features, it’s a compact little device; I keep it in my car and check if it’s there before I start driving. It’s a futuristic life saving device that every car owner should have in his car because you can never be too prepared! Whenever you get stuck in a car accident, it’s the device that can help you escape cutting the jammed seatbelt or breaking the locked window.

Why Every Car Owner Should React Powered?

Let’s put; you never know when you’re going to get into a terrible accident with your family inside for the worst! Besides, god forbid, you don’t even know if you’re not going to end up inside water after the crash. You might even get your seatbelt and door jammed, which is a common aftermath of a car crash from a bent in the mechanism or overpressure.


Now, if you have the React powered kit onboard, escaping from that trap is just a matter of seconds. As you have the right tool in your hand, you can easily cut the seatbelt, break the window, and make a way out of that hell with your family. Saving your family and loved ones is not something you get to choose but to take as a mandatory. There are no options but to own the tool to keep the safety measures up for yourself and your family.

Features of React Powered

The React Powered emergency kit is basically a car charger but serves 7 other lifesaving purposes. Here are the features of the React Powered emergency kit and it benefits you’ll get; all in one handy little device:


Car charger

Car charger

The first purpose you’ll use the React Powered emergency kit for is a regular car charger to charge your phone, tab, or other devices. It’s like any other car charger you may have used or using currently in your car. You hook it up to your car’s charging outlet, followed by a data cable, and use the cable to charge your phone.

Portable power bank

Portable power bank

The issue with the charging adapter is, you need to stay inside the car while the phone is being charged. However, React Powered also works as a power bank so that you can use it as a portable charger. You don’t have to leave your phone inside your car to charge it anymore as React does the job as both a charger and a 2200 mAh power bank.

Seatbelt cutter

Seatbelt cutter

After encountering a car crash, the first thing you do is try to get out of the seatbelt before getting out of the car. However, the problem is, the seatbelt often gets stuck because of the overpressure on the lock mechanism. As a result, you have no other option but to cut the belt. The seatbelt is pretty hard to cut, but the React kit can do that just fine; in seconds.

Window breaker

React Powered Review [2022]: 7-in-1 Car Charger That Could Save Your Life 1

Once you get out of the seatbelt, the next big challenge is to open the door because often, that also gets jammed. The React emergency kit comes with a steel-tip glass breaker that can break almost car window glasses like a piece of cake. It’s spring-loaded and stays hidden until you hit the glass, and it comes out to smash it through.

LED flashlight

LED flashlight

One of the most important things in an emergency situation is light that guides you if it’s dark. The React Powered comes with a bright light in front to help you find your way out of the situation quickly. You can also use the high-intensity LED flashlight in your daily life to find something under the seat or watch the way.

Strobing SOS beacon

Strobing SOS beacon

There can nothing be more helpful than having an SOS beacon in an emergency situation, especially if you’re in a crash, out of nowhere. The React Powered emergency kit’s LED flashlight also turns into a Strobing SOS beacon when you need that. It can help you broadcast your location to the people nearby, or the rescue team is searching for you.

Safety Siren

A siren on your hands doesn’t only help you in a car crash but also comes in handy in daily life. If you have the React kit and encounter a burglar or a suspicious person coming towards you, you can easily hit the siren. The siren will attract the people around and hopefully, a cop as well!

How to Use React Powered

Using the React Powered kit is pretty straightforward, whether to escape from a trapped car or to confront a burglary. Here is how you use the 7-in-1 React emergency tool and make the best out of it:

React Powered Review [2022]: 7-in-1 Car Charger That Could Save Your Life 2

  • When you’re using it as a regular car charger, all you have to do is stick it to your car’s charging outlet. Use a data cable to connect your phone or tab to the React charger like a regular charger.
  • If you’re getting out of the vehicle, unplug the React charger and keep on using it as a power bank. It can charge your phone at 5 volts, or 2.4 amps, which is the common specification of regular power banks.
  • The LED light works as both a flashlight and an SOS beacon to help you in the dark or to broadcast your location. Use the switch to switch between the Strobing SOS light or regular LED flashlight. Using the siren option has the same process; slide the switch forward to hit the siren.
  • To cut the seatbelt, you need to put the seatbelt between the holder-like groove and slice it. The razor-sharp blade will cut the seatbelt right away without any problem and set you free.
  • Using the window breaker is even easier; all you have to do is, hold the device firmly and hit the glass. There is a sharp steel pointy end inside the hollow spring-loaded end will break your window in a split of a second

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee And Warranty?

When I had the React Powered Review, I had to buy it; so I checked it out and got a money-back guarantee option. The manufacturer provides the money-back guarantee for 330 days with a full refund option to take it back. If you don’t get what you expected or as described, or don’t find it useful to your life, you get a full refund within 30 days. I think that’s a bold move for the manufacturer providing a full refund, and that’s what attracted me even more. Fortunately, they still have the same guarantee policy for their new customers.

How do I Purchase the React Powered?

Purchasing the React Powered is easy because the manufacturer itself is selling the product online at an amazing price. They even have a great discount alongside the 30-days money-back guarantee for their customers. You can get 2 React Powered devices, and you get another for free, or you can buy 3 to get another 2 devices for free!

React Powered Review

Go to the official website of React to avoid any third-party cuts and to get the original product straight from the manufacturer. Shopping from the official website always makes the purchase more legit and more reliable for sure. I got mine from the official webpage, and so should you to avoid any fake products that claim to be the original React Powered devices.


There is nothing more important than ensuring your family’s safety and loved ones sitting inside your car. I hope the React Powered Review helped you understand how the device can get you the safety measurements you need for your car. In my opinion, every car owner is incomplete without a device like React Powered that makes the ride a lot safer.

If you’re planning on keeping your family and yourself safe after a car crash or other accidents, consider getting the React 7-in-1 kit. I got my React to feel safer in my car when you’re getting yours to take the security measure?

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