Safe Grabs Review – Read This Honest Review Before Buy!


I hear about Safe Grabs all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? After acquiring it, I can do multiple tasks in my kitchen. The best part of the Safe Grabs is its BPA free and take 475 degrees Fahrenheit heat that protects us from health issues and burning damage. Also, I carry burned coal on it easily and I never feel the heat on my hands. It can be washed anywhere as you want and I wash it in the dishwasher without any problems. Its flat upward edges and silicone surface provide a firm grip to bring out and keep the foods and pot from microwaves or stoves. Sometimes, I used it as a jar lid and potholder.

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Maximum times in the kitchen, our hands burnt from the heat of the hotpots, boiled water and foods through unexpected accidents. So, it is important to take the pots or foods safely with a good pot grabber. To prevent accidents and get protection, I have purchased Safe Grabs to make a trial and I experienced good performance from it. Also, it was used in the Shark Tank show, which increased my trust upon it. Its high heat tolerance capacity and anti-slip food-grade silicone surface prevent burns, splatters and slippage problems. Here, I have shared my experience with the safe grab mats and how it benefited me in the kitchen.

Our Summary
Safe Grabs Review

Safe Grabs Review

Key Features:

  • Heat resistant
  • Anti-slip and firm grip
  • Safe
  • Washable
  • Patented design

What is Safe Grabs?

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Safe Grabs are the pot holders that is made with silicone to carry hot food pot without any problem. It allows us to transport hot dishes from stove and microwave oven where normally carrying hot pots or foods is difficult. It will protect my hand several times from burning because they are made of silicone that provides heatproof performance at all conditions. I also feel a super grip quality while I was carrying the rounded pot and that will save me to drop the foods on the floor, which I made maximum due to overheating.

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It is BPA free that will not be a danger to our health. I wash it several times in the dishwasher and it is safe to clean with anything. Also, it can tolerate up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit or 246 degrees Celsius so you can carry any food safely. The non-stick surface of the pot grabber is amazing because when I put grilled chicken on it, the oily dust easily washed away under the running tap water. In addition, its splatter guard allows to remove microwave messes without any chemicals or detergents. After all, it is the multi-purpose grabber for our kitchen.

How Do Safe Grabs Work?

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The safe grab has a different use and mainly used to keep hot foods or pots from stoves and microwave ovens safely. There is a secret of the pot grabber and that is the heatproof protection so you can stay safe from burning skins. Here, I have presented how the safe grab works. See below:

  • It can be used inside of the microwave and will not become heat after warming dishes so I can easily grab the foods.
  • When I wash it under running water and in the dishwasher, the messes removed quickly without any detergents.
  • My pots are a little bit slippery, but the safe grab provides a super grip handling performance, which is amazing.
  • Frequently, I remove the jar lid with the safe grabs and it works fine.
  • It is BPA free, so the food will not be mixed with harmful chemicals so we can stay healthy.
  • Also, it saves me from many accidental cases while I was heating the foods in my kitchen.

How Safe Grabs Benefit Me?

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The safe grab mats have lots of benefits and I will share all these below that I have got after 40 days use. If you think it as a regular potholder, you are in a great illusion because it is better than a regular potholder. Let’s discover why.

  • I can keep hotpots in the microwave and easily put out after warming with open hands.
  • I open the jar lids with safe grabs safely.
  • They allow me to carry hot foods and pots up to 246 degrees Celsius with hand protection.
  • While keeping foods on the grabs, the messes can be washed easily.
  • Its upward edge construction and anti-slip surface help to carry hot pans and foods.
  • It can be washable in the kitchen sink and dishwasher without any problems.
  • It is 100 percent BPA (Bisphenol-A) free that keeps the foods safe.
  • Its round-shaped mat provide non-sticky usage that is a breeze.

Top Key Features of Safe Grabs

Safe grabs are made with food grade silicone and BPA free material that works fine at hot and cold temperatures. It does not look like a regular potholder because it has some features that make it different from others. Let’s see the top features of the safe grabs below:

  1. Heat resistant: It can take up to 475°F or 246°C hot foods or pots without any damage. With the grabs, we can stay protected from burning skins and save your hands.
  2. Anti-slip and firm grip: The ridges of the grabs are made with silicone that provides an anti-slip surface to keep the pot safely. It ensures a firm grip when we grab it to carry on the table or other places. Also, it can be used to open jar lids quickly.
  3. Safe: It is BPA free and the foods will not be mixed with harmful chemicals. Its silicone surface is designed with food grade quality so we can microwave and cook meals without any hesitation for a long time.
  4. Washable: While cooking foods in the microwave, I see messes on the grab surface. But when I put the grab under running water, the sticky dust washed out completely and I don’t need any chemicals or detergents. Also, it can be washed in the dishwasher without any problem.
  5. Patented design: The round shaped grab is ergonomically designed and edges are upward so we can easily grab anything. Also, its wider, thin and flat design makes it the best support for all types of dishes.
Safe Grabs Review – Read This Honest Review Before Buy! 4
  • It has a food-grade silicone surface that is easy to wash in a dishwasher.
  • It is BPA free that ensure health safety.
  • The 475 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistant prevent skin burn and wear.
  • Its splatter guard provides non-sticky that allows to remove messes quickly.
  • It provides super grip grabbing performance to prevent slippage.
  • Its upward edges and flat surface allows to grab pots firmly.
  • It has 30 days money-back guarantee if it will not work correctly.
  • It can resist heat under 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Should You Buy Safe Grabs?

You should buy Safe Grabs for several reasons and benefits that will help you in the kitchen. The reasons are mentioned below:

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  1. It is not a regular potholder because it is designed with BPA free food-grade silicone that protects the foods and it is washable.
  2. The grabs can tolerate up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and protect your hands from heat.
  3. Its upward edges and grip surface allows to handle all type of pots and foods easily.

For these reasons and prevent blister heat to save your hands, you should have safe grabs in your kitchen.

Is safe grabs scam?

When my friend suggest me the Safe Grabs then I purchased it to test is it real or scam? After getting in my hand, it solved hotpot and baked foods carrying that you can’t imagine. Before, I used a regular potholder that cannot allow to take a hotpot for a long time. Also, I used it to cover the foods as a lid. It is very useful in microwave and you can bring out the hot dishes easily. After eating, I clean it within the dishwasher and still, it is fine as previous.

The best part of the product that I like is the grip and patented design, which allows to carry the pot or foods with a firm grip with flexibility. The grabs are BPA free and can take up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit heat so I can do all my cooking tasks more comfortable and faster than the past.

Where I Can Buy It?

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If you have decided to buy the Safe Grabs, I will show you the best option to purchase it at an affordable price and quick delivery. It is available on different online platforms, but everyone will not provide 30 days money back guarantee and some are providing fake products. So, I recommend purchasing it from their official website, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, because they are selling original Safe Grabs with all features.

I purchased it from their official website and the address. It is available in three colors true red, sand, ocean blue and I bought the red colored safe grabs. They offer 3 different packages and if you purchase 3 or more safe grabs, you will get a discount. In a single packet, they provide a 10 inches and 12 inches safe grab mats. Now, you can purchase according to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Question of safe grabs

Below, I have answered some frequently asked questions about Safe Grabs that users always ask on the internet.

Is it easy to use without any hassle?

It is a simple thing and easy to use, so you will not go to an expert to learn its use. It has upward edges and a flat anti-slip surface that provide grip when keeping foods or pot on the safe grab mat.

Is it really safe for kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids, but I recommend not to give it to kids or never keep it near kids because they can do anything. Also, it is flexible, so you don’t need to worry about break or damage.

Are safe grabs dishwasher safe?

Safe grabs are easy to clean and it dries immediately. It can be washed in a dishwasher without any problems. Also, you can put it under your sink faucet and wipe out the messes to clean it if you have no dishwasher. It does not require detergents or soap, but you can use it if you want.

Can I microwave Safe Grabs with my food?

Yes, you can microwave foods with safe grabs because it has no harmful chemicals and BPA free that will keep your food safe. While cooking food in the microwave, it does not leach chemicals into food that is healthy for us.

Is it patented?

Both sides of the safe grabs are patented with a non-stick food grade silicone mat that provides super grip, non-toxic cooking experience and flexibility to grasp the pot.

How people use safe grabs?

The safe grab is used for different tasks and people are using it as a splatter guard, microwave cooking mat, pot holder, food cover, jar lid and opener and more. Its protective surface provides heatproof experience at all conditions.

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Final Thought

If you are looking for holding hot pots and foods safely, the Safe Grabs will be the best option to manage the heat and prevent accidents in the kitchen. I have got 10 inches and 12 inches mats that allow me to carry large pots easily. I used it as a lid to keep the food warm, but the grab was not heated even in the microwave. Its heat tolerance capacity amazed me and protected me from several accidental burns. Also, it is BPA free, so I did not face any change in food taste, which happened on the iron or melamine plates.

After finishing cooking tasks, safe grab mats can be washed anyway because it has a non-stick surface that is constructed with a food-grade silicone mat. In the microwave, however, the hot is the pot or foods I bring out without any problems. Its non-slip grooves and edges help to grab it with hands and prevent burns. They are great appliances for the kitchen and make my cooking tasks more comfortable, faster.

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