ScreenKlean Review 2022 – Is it Really Clean Your Gadget Screen?


I hear about ScreenKlean all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I have been looking for a long time for a way to clean my screens effectively without leaving traces. I finally purchased ScreenKlean. Much more effective than any other method, this screen cleaner has no doubt a bright future! It is the best way available on the market today to clean your computer screen or others. Not only does it thoroughly cleanse, but it also rids you of all the germs and bacteria on your screen. The manufacturer says that the brush can be used up to 150 times before being changed.

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An American company dedicated to maintaining the aerospace industry at NASA and Space X. ScreenKlean has carbon compounds for the correct washing of electronic devices such as mobile phones, television screens and computer monitors. It is ideal for disinfecting and cleaning mobile, tablet, computer and TV since it has an antibacterial formula. Its molecular carbon technology exceeds the use of fabric handkerchiefs with its microfibers. Here, I will share my thoughts with the Screenklean by carbon klean and how I am using it.

Our Summary
ScreenKlean Review

ScreenKlean Review

  • Take ScreenKleen out of its case.
  • To clean a screen, pass the carbon brush over it.
  • Once you’re done, put it back in its case.

What Is ScreenKlean?

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ScreenKlean is an innovative last generation gadget that uses carbon technology to clean your TV, smartphone or any other electronic screen. You will be able to clean your screen and make it look like new! The company behind this product is called Carbon Klean. It works in collaboration with NASA and Space X in the aerospace industry. It just goes to show how effective this technology is.

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You use this tool directly on your screen to remove all traces of dust, fingerprints or other residues that constantly ruin your experience. Unlike other cleaning products that can damage your screens if they are misused, ScreenKlean does not damage your devices. You avoid micro scratches, and all thanks to carbon technology.

Whether you want to clean any screen, this gadget is for you! It adapts to all surfaces. So you don’t have to buy multiple ones to clean all of your screens. You will immediately notice the difference if you want to clean an LED screen, which is very sensitive to dust.

Does ScreenKlean actually work?

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Do not worry, the ScreeKlean works actually and its use is very simple. Nothing complicated here! You do not need a doctorate to use this product properly. I explain how to do it:

  • Take ScreenKleen out of its case.
  • To clean a screen, pass the carbon brush over it.
  • Once you’re done, put it back in its case.

Make sure your screen is not wet before using the gadget. You should not put any special product before using ScreenKlean.

How Does ScreenKlean Work?

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ScreenKlean is really well designed and simple to use. It consists of two parts. You can clean the surface of your screens, which allows them to stay clean longer. In addition, you can rest assured that you will not damage your screens. It can remove germ and bacteria from the screens. The gadget comes with a case that allows you to protect it and take it with you everywhere. Indeed, why not take the opportunity to clean your screen at the office while you are there?

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This carbon brush is consumed as it is used and It attracts dirt, dust particle to remove from the screen.. You can use it up to 150 times before having to change the tip. But when you know that you also change your rags to micro-fibers and that they are ineffective, it’s worth a try, right?

What Problems Does It Solve?

Most of the screen cleaning solution cannot do well. The Screenklean is different from them because it has a carbon cleaning pad that grabs dirt, oil particles, grimy particles, fingerprints, etc. perfectly. Also, the pad cleans the glass without making any damage and scratch. It restores the transparency of the crystal clear devices and expensive devices. In addition, it is easy to handle so you can freely clean the screen of the high-end devices.

Top 5 Features of ScreenKlean

ScreenKlean has carbon compounds for the correct washing of electronic devices such as mobile phones, television screens and computer monitors. Apart from these, it has lots of features, and I would like to share with you the top 5 features of the Screenklean by carbon klean that I liked the most:

  1. Safety and protection: If you are also looking for how to clean the Screen without causing any scratches, with ScreenKlean and its molecular carbon technology, you will avoid scratching or marking your precious Screen.
  2. Clear vision: If you have LCD or HD screens, you will see that by using ScreenKlean, you will get an improvement that is reflected in the quality of the programs or activities you do via the Screen. This also applies to the telephone.
  3. Clean Screen over time: The feature I liked most about ScreenKlean is the fact that I have never found how to clean screens effectively and for a long time. Unfortunately, using microfiber cloths, the results weren’t that long-lasting. Instead, I can avoid cleaning PC screens or other devices for months.
  4. Practical and convenient: ScreenKlean’s small size and design make it comfortable, practical and easy to transport. For example, you can keep it in a small handbag or a fanny pack because it takes up very little space.
  5. Carbon Molecular Technology: The technology that ScreenKlean uses is unrivaled. You will notice the difference from the first use. The carbon pad effectively removes fingerprints, smudge gunk, oil particles, dirt and thick dust with a single swipe.
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For these features, it can be considered as the best screen cleaner.

ScreenKlean Review 2022 – Is it Really Clean Your Gadget Screen? 4
  • It has patented carbon technology that clean micro-organisms deeply.
  • Small and compact, so it can be used to clean several devices screen.
  • Improve shine on the screen by restoring crystal on display.
  • It has harmful chemicals, so it is safe for everyone.
  • Variety of colors for convenient cleaning tasks.
  • It can clean 100% natural germs and traces.
  • Sometimes pad comes out for long time usage and has to add again.

How Can I use ScreenKlean?

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Using the ScreenKlean is very easy and does not require expert knowledge. Here, I will tell you how I am using the gadget.

  • At first, I take the device from the dock where it is stored.
  • Then, simply slide over the phone screens and move it back and forth.
  • With 2 or 3 moves, the screen will be cleaned and you will see that it is shining.

Before starting to clean the phone screen, I recommend to put your phone on the table or any hard surface. If your phone has glass in the back, you can also clean it. I have cleaned the laptop screen, TV screen, table glass and more. The pad can use up to 150 times and should be replaced after expiry.

How Many Cleanings Does Screenklean Allow?

Its bearing allows the carbon compound to be applied up to approximately 150 times. The screen cleaner and the mobile phone cleaner is Screenklean has a small plastic body with a knob and bearing. It also has a case that protects the sprayer allowing you to take it anywhere.

ScreenKlean is definitely small, portable and come in the compact colorful case. It does not cause scratches or corrosion on electronic components, being the only screen cleaners with carbon technology.

Is ScreenKlean a scam?

Due to its unique features and eco-friendly carbon cleaning pad, I confirm that it is not a scam. The device cleans the screen without scratching and removing the display. The carbon pad effectively cleans the traces of germs and bacterias. The pad is replaceable and should change after 150 times cleaning tasks for better performance. It is not only for cleaning the phone screen but also perfect for laptop screen, monitor screen, table glass and so on. Also, it can restore the clean crystal screens without any damage. It is safe for environments and has no harmful components. Its different color variants provide a convenient cleaning job.

Where I Can Buy It?

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I recommend to purchase this ScreenKlean from the official website of the manufacturer the official website address. They offer 30 days moneyback guarantee so you can replace or refund if the delivered product is defective. Also, it has 1-year limited warranty and you can buy it from trusted websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

The product is available in different colors and comes in a 3 in 1 travel case. I have purchased 2 ScreenKlean and got 50% off on another 1 purchase. You will get more discount if you purchase 3 or more. It will be a great offer if you are thinking of making a gift to friends, relatives or someone you know.

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Frequently Asked Question of ScreenKlean

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about ScreenKlean.

When do I know ScreenKlean is done working?

The manufacturer said that the ScreenKlean pad could be used up to 150 times, but nobody keeps count. When you see that the pad cannot remove the dust, oil particles and other dirt, you will get sure that it is not working, so change the pad and start cleaning again.

Is ScreenKlean safe for my kids to use?

ScreenKlean has a patented carbon pad that has no chemical substances, so it is safe for everyone, including kids. Also, it is earth-friendly and does not release any harmful components while cleaning screens.

Will ScreenKlean work for a T.V. and a large computer screen?

The device is perfect for cleaning all types of screens. You can clean T.V. and a large computer screen with efficiency because it provides crystal clear cleaning performance on all screens.

How to clean the carbon pad?

It is very easy to clean the carbon pad of the ScreenKlean. Put it back into the case and it will automatically clean the carbon pad. Now, it is ready to clean screens and glasses.

Where the dust and oil particles go?

The carbon pad absorbs the dust and other particles from the screen. When we put in back in the case, it cleans the pad that included with dust. This way, the particles move away from the screen and the device.

Is it actually used by NASA?

Yes, the ScreenKlean is used by NASA astronauts to clean sticky dust and the carbon pad worked better than tissues according to their recommendations.

Does Screenklean remove scratches?

The cleaner cannot remove scratches but prevent scratches during cleaning. To repair scratches, there are no proven tricks, so you have to replace the display or screen to get a scratch-free screen.

How long does delivery take to countries outside of the U.S.?

In the USA, they provide FAST delivery within a maximum of 3 days. If you are from outside the USA, it will take 7 to 12 working days from the order date. Also, the time based on the distance and your location.

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Final Thought

Screenklean by carbon klean is a highly effective screen cleaner that gently treats surfaces where it is applied by not scratching or destroying them with their chemical components.  Regardless of the dimensions of your tablets, computers, cell phones and televisions, your equipment will not lose sensitivity to touch by applying the product and rubbing it.

We did a test and applied it to cleaning a television, a cell phone and a mini laptop. Using a speck with circular movements, we noticed that it quickly gave positive results.  It is important to mention that the product is eco-friendly and is designed not to impact the environment.  The other point is that you have approximately up to 150 times usage applications until it runs out. Whether you want to clean your PC screen or other TV screens, ScreenKlean is the gadget you need.

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