Seedsheets Review 2022: Is It Really Good Gardening Kits?


I hear about SeedSheet all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? It improved my gardening experience and pleased me. With a simple app, it can know the overall condition of the seeds and it sends a notification when herbs are ready to eat. I watered it daily and in the first harvesting time, it takes about 40 days to grow the herbs. Then, the time reduced from the second time because everything needs time to cope with it. I pleased with the seedsheet home depot because it has no chemicals or pesticides and the container is BPA free. Now, I am living in town and the sheet helped me to plant delicious herbs indoor my house.

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Ease of Use9.9
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Gardening is a popular hobby for most people. But it requires minimum experience about soil, plants and seeds. Sometimes, we failed to grow plants inside our house for many reasons. The SeedSheet is equipped with non-GMO seeds that can be planted easily. Also, it comes with BPA free containers and saucer to keep your herbs safe and healthy. In the 6 pouches, you can harvest 6 different herbs at a time and they provide Onion Greens, Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, and Sorrel seeds. I placed it in the balcony and I ensure delicious herbs in my dishes. In this article, I will share my thoughts and experience with the SheetSeeds. Let’s dive into it.

Our Summary
Seedsheets Review

Seedsheets Review

Special Features:

  • Herb seed sheet
  • Easy to use
  • Organic
  • Free app
  • Efficient

What Is Seedsheets?

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Seedsheet is a gardening tool that allows pot soil, watering with nozzle, different seeds gaps and security stake. It is equipped with smartphone software that provides continuous alert and updates about your garden condition. You can use the sheet at all types of gardens or in a pot according to your need. By placing the sheet perfectly, it can cover 6 different herbs at a time. So, don’t worry about the garden and seeds. The herbs are parsley, dill, basil, cilantro, onion greens and sorrel. It’s using process is so easy that beginners can use it effectively. To keep herbs safe and fresh, it has a BPA-free gardening container. In the balcony, garden, windowsill, etc., you can use the sheet even in small places.

Who Can Use This?

Seedsheet helps to grow fresh herbs indoor and outdoor of the house where sunlight is available. It is perfect for those who want organic and chemical-free herbs as a salad in their dishes. Also, it does not require the large ground to plant seeds and you can place in a small pot with 1 sq ft space. So, who has no land, the sheet is the best option for them to grow plants. Children, beginners who have zero knowledge about gardening, they can easily use the sheet to grow different plants. It has 6 pouches to harvest 6 different seeds and it comes with the six herbs. Without any pesticides and fertilizers, you will get organic herbs and control with a simple app from your smartphone.

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Top Special Features Seedsheets

Seedsheet provides fresh and delicious herbs without the need for fertilizers. It is organic and has a Non-GMO combination for seeds. It has lots of features and I will share the top 5 features of seedsheet home depot that help me to maintain an organic herb garden. They are mentioned below:

  1. Herb seed sheet: It contains 6 unique herbs: parsley, dill, cilantro, sorrel, basil and green onions that we needed most of the time in our daily dishes. Also, you can plant for favorite herbs in the sheet easily.
  2. Easy to use: A beginner can use the sheet appropriately because its use is very simple: plant seed, water it and feast. It does not require gardening experience so that everyone can do it without any hesitation.
  3. Organic: The herbs are organic and no pesticides applied so you will get organic soil and seeds that grow faster. Also, it is BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about some chronic disease that comes from the BPA chemicals. It works under sunlight, even it direct or indirect, so you have to put it where lights can enter freely.
  4. Free app: The seed sheet is innovative and can be controlled through a smartphone app. The app is completely free and it notifies the watering period and herbs ready to eat. You can see the overall condition of the plants from away that saves time.
  5. Efficient: The small sheet can grow herbs quickly without the need of any chemicals and fertilizers. So, the herbs will taste better than hybrid ones. Without any previous experience, anyone can use it to grow herbs for dishes. It only takes 1 sq ft space so it can be placed indoor and outdoor where sunlight is available.
  • It has an anti-weed sheet prevent weeds to grow. Its polypropylene fabric removes mold by dripping water. You can customize the sheet according to your needs. Pesticides and fertilizers free. Convenient and easy to use without gardening knowledge. BPA-free container and saucer ensure health safety. Easy to place indoor and outdoor.
  • You have to wait about 40 days in the first harvest.

Benefits Of Use Seedsheet?

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The faster seed sheet grows organic and fresh herbs quickly. It is a shark tank winner planter and comes with 6 organic herbs. Also, the seed sheets shark tank has lots of benefits and I will mention all here. Let’s have a look below:

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  • Without chemicals and pesticides, the sheet allows you to grow herbs so you can avoid engineered foods. Also, the seeds and soil are natural and organic to grow plants naturally.
  • It can be placed in the garden, small pot and container. With low sunlight, it works fine so that it can be placed in the balcony, stoop, porch, etc.
  • It comes with 6 organic herbs: Cilantro, Basil, Dill, Parsley, Onion Greens and Sorrel that are delicious with every meal.
  • The BPA free container and saucer prevent harmful chemicals to keep the real taste of the herbs.
  • With a simple app, you can observe overall conditions and it will notify you when herbs are ready to eat and watering periods.
  • To use the seed sheet, you do not require gardening knowledge. Just plant, water it regularly and feast without a green thumb.

How to Use SeedSheet?

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To use the Seedsheet, you do not need expert knowledge and it is very simple to use. Also, it notifies the overall condition through the smartphone app. Here, I will describe step by step how I used it and got a better result. Have a look below:

  • I take a container and place the seed sheet. The sheet face should be faced on the seed side and flatten the sheet with hands perfectly.
  • Then, I place 3 green stakes through X slits targeting the sheet edge.
  • Apply water in each pouch and wait 30 seconds after putting water on the pouch to dissolve correctly.
  • Place the container where sunlight can enter freely. Without sunlight, the seed cannot grow up perfectly.

Give some days to harvest the plants properly and decorate your dishes with delicious herbs.

Is Seedsheets A Scam?

I am fond of gardening and when I heard about the seed sheets shark tank, I purchased it to test. It is not a scam and I have been using it for 3 months. For the first time, it took about 40 days to harvest herbs and the time decreased from the second phase. I placed the sheet on my personalized pot and put the sheet perfectly for its flexibility.

In low sunlight place, it works well and I put the container in the balcony. With the simple app, I know the overall progress and notify when herbs are ready to eat. The seeds and soil are organic, so I never used chemicals and fertilizers. With the 6 pouches, I can grow 6 different herbs in a pot that save my time and money.

Where I Can Buy It?

I highly recommend purchasing it from their official website. They offer 30 days money-back guarantee so you can replace or refund if you face any fault in the sheet. In the package, they provide a Seedsheet with seeds, a saucer, free apple/android app, BPA-free container.

In a single purchase, you will not get any discounts and free offers. If you purchase 2 or more SeedSheets at a time, you will get a big discount and a free offer that will save money. My demand is high, so I purchased 4 sheets and got 4 free, so I got many delicious herbs with ensuring organic and natural foods.

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Frequently Asked Question

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about seedsheet home depot.

Is it to save money and time?

Yes, it saves you time and money. You do not require extra land and purchase extra seeds to grow herbs. Also, you can save hundreds of dollars from worker costs and chemicals.

Do I need to pull weeds?

You don’t need to pull weeds because the seed pods made with weed-blocking fabric that helps to remove weeds naturally. The pads are breathable so you can maintain healthy soil.

Is it easy to use at home?

It is designed to use indoor and outdoor use. In low sunlight place, it works fine and grows herbs quickly. Also, you do not require expert helps to plant and grow the herbs.

Are seeds included?

Yes, you will get 6 different seeds that are Non-GMO and organic. The 6 pouches allow to plant the seeds in the pot and first time, the seeds take about 40 days to ready to eat.

How big are the Seedsheets?

The sheet is 10 inches deep and 12 inches diameter that easy to handle and customize according to your needs. You can cut the sheet and modify it if you need it.

How long will the seeds last in their package?

The SeedSheet Company said that the seeds last 2 years in the packet. So, you can plant the seeds anytime and after 2 years, the seeds will lose their germination strength gradually. So, it is recommended to use it immediately for a better result.

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Final Thought

SeedSheet is a natural chemical-free and organic sheet to grow delicious herbs. It saves time and money by growing herbs at an indoor house. Also, it has 6 pouch that allows for planting 6 seeds at a time and helps to grow plants quickly. It is easy to use so anyone can plant the seedsheet home depot.

Without any chemicals and fertilizers, it can grow the herbs and the soil and seeds are organic. So, you can stay safe from engineered foods. It comes with a BPA free pot and saucer that can be placed in 1 sq ft small space. The sheet can be customized and does not require the help of experts.

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