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Believe it or not! There are lots of people around the world who can not spend a second without having their phones in their hands. And, I’m one of them. No matter if I’m working in the kitchen or having my shower, my phone is always with me. Because of this, I had already damaged three of my phones with water.

So I was looking for something to protect my phone in such situations and found this Wonderful phone holder “ShowerTime”.

This waterproof, smartphone holder mitigates all these problems that I’ve been facing with my phones. That is the reason, I’ve decided to share my experience with this gadget in this ShowerTime Review. Read the article completely to get a clear concept about this device.

Overview Of ShowerTime

“ShowerTime” the magical box that protects your phone from all kinds of water-related damage. Basically, this smart gadget is a waterproof, shower phone-holder. It keeps your phone protected and secured from all kinds of water-related damage.

Overview Of ShowerTime

If you can’t stop yourself to take your phone into the bathroom, bathtub, toilet, kitchen then this ShowerTime phone-holder is your perfect companion. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking your shower or working in the kitchen. If your phone is covered with this smartphone-holder, listening to music or watching videos never remains a problem anymore.

Another satisfactory part of this phone-holder is it supports all the phones of all sizes. The phone holder is designed in a way that delivers high-quality sound and views the screen with optimal clarity. Besides, the device can be hung anywhere you want without leaving any mark.

Main Features of ShowerTime

To learn the ins and outs of this phone-holder properly, you must have to learn the core feature of this gadget. This will help you to realize whether the phone-holder is capable to meet your demands or not. Down this ShowerTime Review section, I’m going to include the core features of this gadget that I’ve enjoyed these days.

Main Features of ShowerTime

Waterproof Protection:

This is the fundamental part of this phone-holder. The gadget completely seals your phone so that no water could enter the inside of your phone holder. Though the phone holder completely seals your phone, it doesn’t put any effect on the quality of your phone’s sound.


It’s natural to generate fog during the bath but ShowerTime is built with an anti-fog feature. So that you can enjoy the optimal clarity of view during the bath. Most of the time, I use hot water to take bath, and it produces more fog in the bathroom but surprisingly I saw that the view of the screen remains optimal clear.

Touch Screen:

The phone holder comes with a 0.25mm-sensitive-touch-screen so that you can control your phone comfortably outside of the box during your shower. Changing your track/media, scrolling, playing games everything is possible because of this smart sensitive touch-screen.

Compatible with Most of the Phone Sizes and Models:

ShowerTime comes with a universal size that supports almost all the latest phones under 6.8 inches. Almost every phone you have that is below or in between 6.8 inches perfectly fits in this phone holder. I have used this device with my two different model phones and the phone holder perfectly fits each of them.

No-Trace Hanging:

The phone holder is designed so smartly that you can stick it anyplace. Once the device stuck in a place it remains stable and strong and it won’t leave any trace on the hanging spot.

Why Do You Really Need The ShowerTime?

There are a lot of reasons to get this device but the most crucial one is its water damage protection. Before using this waterproof phone holder, I had destroyed three of the phones with water. Then I’ve discovered this phone holder and my phone is now secure and protected from all kinds of water damage. If you’re the type of person who uses the phone in the kitchen, shower, bathroom then this phone holder can help you a lot.

Why Do You Really Need The ShowerTime

As you have to deal with water in those places, you need to secure your phone with proper safety. Here comes the ShowerTime most effective and efficient one to protect your phone from all kinds of potential water damage. The phone holder covers your phone with trusted-seal protection. So that no water could enter the inside of your phone holder.

How Does ShowerTime Work?

You might be curious to know, how this device actually works or how it protects and secure your phone. Well, the device works in the very simplest and easiest way. Basically, the phone holder seals your phone completely under its cabinet where no water can enter. As a result, your phone remains protected from all kinds of water damage.

How Does ShowerTime Work

Now the question may arise, inside the phone holder how would you operate your phone. Well, the phone holder comes with a 0.25mm sensitive touch screen through that you can easily control your phone. Though it seals your phone completely, you will still get high-quality sound. Besides that, the phone holder comes with an anti-fog feature that delivers optimal clarity while enjoying any media. With its smart attachment option, you can easily mount your phone anywhere you want.

How Can I Use ShowerTime?

As a beginner to this gadget, this is a very generic question to arise in your mind. Well, let me explain to you how to use this device. You can use the device portably and attached it in a place permanently. For portable use, you just need to open the phone holder and place your phone inside it and your job is done.

How Can I Use ShowerTime

The phone holder is ready for use and you can take it comfortably anywhere you move, such as swimming pool, sea beach, etc. You can also mount the phone holder anywhere you want as long as you want. For that, you just need to take off the adhesive and attach it to your selected place. Then open the slot of the holder and place your phone and your device is now protected from water.

Advantages of ShowerTime

The advantages of ShowerTime are huge. Below this segment, I’m going to list some of them so that you can easily understand the benefits you’re going to have with this phone holder.

Advantages of ShowerTime

Easy Mount:

With this phone holder, you can easily mount your phone anywhere you want. It could be the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place you love to set it. Wherever you place it, it will remain stable and strong.

Touch Screen:

After placing your phone inside the phone holder, it completely seals from the outside. To operate the phone in that situation, it comes with a 0.25mm sensitive touch screen.


It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have. Once you place your phone inside the ShowerTime, it becomes completely waterproof. As a result, your phone gets protected from all kinds of water damage.

Clear View:

If you mount your phone holder inside your bathroom, there is a possibility of producing fog. But the material of this phone holder is built with an anti-fog feature so you get the optimal clarity each and every time.

Fit with Most of the Phones:

One of the best parts of this gadget is its support of almost all the latest phones. Any phone that is under 6.25 inch are perfectly fit in this phone holder.

Disadvantages of ShowerTime

Available only Online:

The one and only limitation of this gadget is, it’s available only online and stock for a limited time.

Is Showertime A Scam?

Well, I’m not wondering about this question and I have the same question when I heard about this device for the first time. First, I thought that it is something scamming but later I read some customer reviews and decided to have one. But once I got the device in my hand, all my doubts completely vanish. It’s a wonderful phone holder with lots of amazing features. The phone holder effectively secures my phone from all kinds of water damage and allows me to use its shower, bathroom, kitchen without any worries.

Is ShowerTime a scam

Where Can I Purchase The ShowerTime?

If you make your mind to have this device, I’ll recommend you to get it from the ShowerTime official site. I had brought three of these phone holders for my personal use from its official site and all of them work perfectly. Besides that when you order the product from its official site, you’ll get the original product and other official benefits. Most of the time the manufacturer gives some promo discount. At that time, you can have the product with a huge 50% discount. To help you in getting the original product down this section, I’m adding their official link.

Final Thought

Now that you’re at the end of this ShowerTime Review, I hope you have a complete concept about this phone holder. With this gadget, you can easily secure your phone from all kinds of water damage. It seals your phone completely so that not a single drop of water can touch your phone.

The sound quality and the view of your phone remain the same because of its specialized design and anti-fog feature. You can mount the device anywhere you like without leaving any trace. With its 0.25mm sensitive touch screen, you can effectively operate your phone without any problem.

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