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Neck pain is one of the most insufferable pain for all of us. Only the sufferer knows how hard it is to tolerate this pain. Especially, if you’re doing a desk job for a longer period of time, there is a possibility to examine neck-related issues. I’m the best example of that. Basically, I’m a computer operator and I’ve to work 8-hours long nonstop at my office.

After one and half years of my job, I started to face several issues and pain in my neck. I had tried everything to alleviate this pain and later I discovered this SmartRelief neck massager. With its several massage modes, I got immediate pain relief and relaxation from my first use. That is the reason, I’ve decided to share my feelings about this device in this SmartRelief Review. So that if you have the same problem could get a better solution.

What Is SmartRelief?

SmartRelief is a portable, advanced neck massager that comes with all the latest technology to alleviate your neck-related pain. This intelligent device uses a low-cycle pulse technology to deal with your cervical pain. To alleviate your pain instantly the device directly penetrates your pain points.

What Is SmartRelief

It offers you three different modes (M1, M2, and M3). M1 refers to the soothing Mode that is appropriate for the neck injury. The M2/Vertical mode is good for chronic cervical strain. And, the M3/Automatic mode is perfect for daily neck care and maintaining your health. You should know that the muscles of our body need constant exercise and most of us forget to take care of our neck muscles.

In such a case, this device will take care of your neck muscles with its advanced pulse technology. The massager increases blood circulation in your neck areas and assists your neck veins and muscles to stay strong and active. By using this massager in long-term procedures, you can improve your body posture, and alleviate your neck & back pain.

Does SmartRelief actually work?

Well, to have the answer to this question. Either you have to use this massager by yourself or you have to take the feedback from someone who uses this device. If you don’t have the massager till now then you can go for the 2nd option. Here, in this SmartRelief Review section, I’m going to show you how this device actually works.

Does SmartRelief actually work

There are numerous reasons to feel pain in your neck. Basically, the pain produces because of a lack of muscle exercise and the tension in your neck muscle area. I was once a sufferer of this neck pain. But once I discovered this massager, I got the easiest solution to mitigate all my neck pain.

SmartRelief comes with a 3D-intelligent fit tech, that delivers heat with a combination of TENS( Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) in your neck muscle area. The device targeted your pain point and increased blood circulation to reduce your pain. After wearing the massager for a few minutes, you’ll get instant relief from your pain. So, I’m confidently assuring you that the device works 100% effectively and efficiently.

SmartRelief Main Features

If you want to learn about a product more deeply and precisely, you should learn its core features and characteristics. Below this SmartRelief Review segment, I’m going to show you some of the features of this device that I have enjoyed these days.

SmartRelief Main Features

Instant Relaxation:

With its pulse massager and vibration effects, it will penetrate your pain points and relax the muscles and tissues of your neck area. As a result, you get instant relaxation after passing a hard-working day.

Adjustable and Snug Fit:

SmartRelief is designed to work around your neck, you can comfortably wear it and deal with the muscles of your neck area. Because of its ergonomic design, you can set up the massager based on your convenience and comfort.


You can call this massager a therapeutic device as well. Because it helps you to eliminate the stress from your mind along with the physical pain. So that you get the overall relaxation with your body and mind.

Multiple Massaging Mode:

SmartRelief offers you multiple massage options, such as soothing, vertical, and automatic mode. Soothing mode is good for neck-injured people, the vertical mode is suitable for chronic cervical strain and the automatic mode is good for daily neck care.

Battery Powered:

The massager is completely cordless and powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery. This increases the portability of this device and allows you to use it anywhere you want.

Infrared Heat:

The two nodes of this massager deliver warming heat that relaxes your muscles and improves the blood flow of your neck area. As a result, you get instant relief from your neck pain.


The electrode pads of this device increase the range of your massaging area. As a result, the device is able to cover a wider area of your neck and shoulder muscles.

What I like
  • The massager is very lightweight, super portable, and comes with a wonderfully sleek design.
  • It offers multiple massage modes to alleviate your neck pain.
  • Don’t require any assembly just unpack and use.
  • Its electric pulse massager system penetrates your muscles and instantly relieves you from pain.
  • The durable battery of this massager provides stable and long-lasting power backup.
  • For ongoing massage treatment, it is the best option as you can take it wherever you like.
What Should Improve
  • It’s available only online.
  • Limited stock.

What Are SmartRelief Customers Saying?

I’ve studied different customers’ feedback before writing this SmartRelief Review and surprisingly none of them have any objection to this device. Almost everyone confesses that it helps and aids them a lot to get rid of neck pain. They said that the device is very budget-friendly and full of outstanding features.

What Are SmartRelief Customers Saying

Some customers also say that it becomes their daily life companion. Its ergonomic and sleek design blows out the customer’s mind. Almost every customer mentions that the massager helps them a lot to get relief from all kinds of chronic neck pain.

How Can I Use SmartRelief?

As a new user of this massager device, you may be not sure how to use this device properly. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, right below this segment, I’m going to show you how to use this massager effectively.

How Can I Use SmartRelief

  • At first, unbox the massager from the package and turn it on.
  • Now, if you have long hair, it’s time to tie back them around your neck and clean your neck.
  • Now place the pads in your pain area that you got with the massager, such as the lower back, shoulder blades, muscles of your arms/legs. And, keep the massager on your neck.
  • During the massaging session, make sure your body is in the right position by maintaining the right posture. It’ll ensure you get the highest output from the massager.
  • Now press the power switch and select the massaging mode you like to enjoy.
  • You can control the strength of the massage through the control button.

Is SmartRelief a scam?

Basically, this question should arise on everyone’s mind if they hear about this massager for the first time. Even, I had the same question when I heard about it. Before purchasing it, I was in a little bit of doubt if it does not work. But the outstanding features of this massager motivates me a lot to check this device.

Is SmartRelief a scam

After doing some research and studying the real buyer’s review, I’ve convinced myself to check it personally. But after getting this massager and taking it massages, I have become the greatest fan of this device.  From then to till now, it becomes one of my daily companions. Wherever I go, I take it with myself and enjoy a relaxing massage wherever I want.

Where I Can Buy It?

If you make your mind to have this massager, you have to get it from its main official site. To ensure you always get the right product the manufacturer makes this device available only on their official site. I had purchased mine from the producer’s website and the massager worked perfectly. Besides that, by purchasing the product from its official site, you may get some promo discounts. In promo discount offers, you’ll get the product with a huge 50% discount. To help you in quick access to the SmartRelief website, right down this segment, I’m including its official link.

Final Thought

Nothing is more painful than suffering from neck pain. If you’re also suffering from neck pain then after reading this article, you already know how to alleviate your pain with the right neck massager. Above in this SmartRelief Review, I’ve included one of the best neck massagers that I have personally used and got an outstanding result.

It comes with multiple massaging modes to give you different massages experience. The massage is cordless, lightweight, and super portable. As a result, you can take the massager with you anywhere you want and get a relaxing massage.

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