Spatialsound Edge Review [Latest 2022]: World’s Best Powerful Vibration Speaker


In this era of wireless technologies, speakers are becoming smarter every day, and sound systems are getting more compact. However, most wireless speaker manufacturers are focusing only on becoming more smarter but lacking in sound quality. Very few of them are keeping the dope sound intact and becoming wireless with smarter technologies.

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The SpatialSound Edge is by far the best handheld wireless speaker I’ve used so far that doesn’t lack the quality. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now, and I use it pretty much all the time because of its spatial sound system. Stick to the SpatialSound Edge Review to know about it and why it became my daily companion. 

Product Summary
Spatialsound Edge Review

Spatialsound Edge Review


Rich 3D HiFi sound quality

Compatible with any surface

Built-in calling feature 

Built-in calling feature 

Compact to fit in a pocket

What is Spatial Sound Edge?


Before getting deep into the SpatialSound Edge Review, let’s get an idea about the speaker first. It’s a special type of Bluetooth speaker that works differently than the usual speakers you’ve used before. If you’re familiar with the bone conduction speakers, it’ll be easier to understand with this cutting edge sound technology. It’s far richer than the usual sound systems we see in the market or use in our daily lives. 

It turns any surface into a sound source surrounded around you using a precise set of vibration and musical notes. You can attach it to any surface like wood, metal, glass, or wherever you’re hooking it up using its suction mechanism. It will stick to the surface, make an ambient, 3D source, and give you an immersive musical experience. 

Features of Spatial Sound Edge 

Features of Spatial Sound Edge

I’m using the Spatial Sound Edge while having many other speakers lying around, and there are some good reasons behind that. Here are the impressive features of the Spatial Sound Edge that make it the best speaker I’ve ever tested:

Rich 3D HiFi sound quality

The best part about the Spatial Sound Edge is its rich and high-res sound quality. Because of the latest technologies, it has 50% bass improvement and 35% higher improvement than other speakers. It gets me an immersive 360° surrounding sound experience that no other speakers could ever get. When it’s playing my favorite music, it comes from every angle of my ear and makes a soothing virtual lightness. 

It makes empty space a speaker

Whenever I use the Spatial Sound Edge, it’s like listening to the music from an empty space. This speaker creates a musical ambiance and a mixture of the notes played in the track. I usually hook it up to my wooden workstation, and it turns the surface into a source of musical notes. 

Compatible with any surface

As this speaker turns a surface into a speaker, it’s a versatile sound beast when it comes to working different surfaces. It works with any surface like metal, wood, glass, or whichever surface you may be sticking it with. I used it with metal walls, wooden tables, glass windows, and it never showed any sound imbalance or lack of bass. 

Fast charge and longer backup

The problem with almost any wireless speaker is the battery backup time and how long they take to charge fully. However, with the Spatial Sound Edge, I’m truly satisfied with the battery backup and the fast charging time. It comes with an 1100 mAh large battery that takes about 2-3 hours for a full charge and gets me about 3-4 hours of playtime. After that rich sound and quality of wireless input and output, that long of high sound is really impressive. 

Built-in calling feature 

Built-in calling feature

Yes, you heard it right, the Spatial Sound Edge comes with a built-in mic, and you can use it for calling. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and if you have a call on your phone, you can receive that call with the speaker and talk as well. This feature, combined with the surrounding 3D sound technology, has revolutionized the product. You can now have truly enjoyable teleconferences without having to ask to repeat what the other person said. 

Works with any device with any OS 

Works with any device with any OS

If you’re wondering if the Spatial Sound Edge will be compatible with your devices, no worries, it supports anything existing. You can use the Spatial Sound Edge with your phone, tablet, laptop, vehicle, game console, even mp3, or MP4 that have Bluetooth in them. Using the speaker across devices is now a piece of cake because you don’t have to use multiple speakers for each device.

Compact to fit in a pocket

One thing I always look for in any of my gadgets is the portability and how easy it fits into my jacket’s pocket. Well, the Spatial Sound Edge didn’t disappoint me from the first look from a few months back. When I saw the product for the first time and tried it, all I needed to keep it forever was to try it in my pocket. It’s the size of an adult palm, and it fits my hand or my pocket just fine along with giving my desk a nice look. 

Easy control with a brilliant outlook 

Easy control with a brilliant outlook

Controlling the Spatial Sound Edge is easy and has a very simple process with both on-board controllers and remote controller. Yes, apart from being a wireless speaker itself, it also has a remote controller to make it even handsfree. When I have to stay away from the speaker or moving around, I attach the antenna and control it with the included remote controller. It works fine within 10 meters of distance, and I didn’t notice any distortion whatsoever while operating it. 

How Does Spatial Sound Edge Work?


Knowing how the Spatial Sound Edge works will help you get the most out of the speaker and understand the best use of it. The technology inside the Spatial Sound Edge is pretty amazing, and most high-tech speaker manufacturers are now using this cutting edge tech. It creates a 3D virtual audio space inside the speaker with the different sounds from the music you’re playing. 

After that, it creates a new virtual sound system and delivers a mixture of that virtual sound. That mixture of multiple ups and downs from the music makes a new surrounding sound that works with the surface you’re putting it on. When we listen to the same music from different angles, it makes it easier for all of us to enjoy every bit of the music.

Why Do I Need Spatial Sound Edge?


You’ll agree with me that anybody who listens to music should have the right speaker to deliver the best sound. Here are the reasons why Spatial Sound Edge is the best speaker to me and why you should have it: 

  • Spatial Sound Edge is a true surrounding sound system without using any 7-in-1 expensive speakers around your room.
  • Its portability with that rich sound makes it the best speaker as opposed to the expensive stationary speakers in the market.
  • You can use it with any device like phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, vehicles, and whatever device you have with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It’s compatible with any surfaces from glass to metal, and it turns them into a virtual sound system to reflect the 3D surrounding. 
  • We control it with a remote controller, even though it’s a wireless speaker with a whole bunch of controllers on-board. 
  • It comes with a built-in mic with which you can receive calls and make teleconferences without taking your phone out. 

Pros & Cons of Spatial Sound Edge

Nothing is 100% flawless or picture-perfect, and that’s also true for the Spatial Sound Edge. Here, I’ll mention the advantages of the Spatial Sound Edge and where it could be a bit better: 

  • You can turn any surface or an empty space into s speaker with it. 
  • It comes with a sucker in the bottom to stick with surfaces.
  • The Spatial Sound Edge is compatible with any devices and OS.
  • I use it with a remote controller, and it works within 10 meters.
  • The Spatial sound system with 3D surrounding is portable and fits into a pocket. 
  • It has a bigger battery life with a fast-charging capability to recharge quickly. 
  • I can receive calls with it and talk to people with the built-in mic. 
  • Using the remote controller needs me to attach the antenna, which could be built-in. 
  • The sound is not as loud as a big speaker, although that’s understandable with the size.

Spatialsound Edge Review: What Are The Customers Saying?


I’ve looked up for some reviews from the people who used the Spatial Sound Edge and expressed their feelings about it. Most people appreciate how punchy and rich a sound it provides, and they’re excited about the clarity. 

The 3D surrounding effects with the surface sound mimicking is also a thing everybody is pumped about. Plus, they also appreciate the price they had to pay for this little beast. It comes with a fraction of the price for most speakers with similar or fewer features and quality of sound. 

Where To Buy Spatialsound Edge Today? 


Buying the Spatial Sound Edge can be a great experience if you get it from the official vendor of the manufacturer. If you’re getting it from any third-party sellers, you may miss out on the amazing discount the official website is providing now. The official website is now rolling out a whopping 50% discount on each Spatial Sound Edge you buy. 

Plus, they’re giving away 2 Spatial Sound Edge for free if you buy 3 of them together and 1 for free if you buy 2. On top of that, you’re getting free shipping worldwide, which means you’re paying only for the speakers. 

Frequently Asked Question

We have presented the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Spatial Sound Edge, which you might find interesting: 

Is Bluetooth speakers worth?

Bluetooth speakers are making lives easier and getting relief from the clutters of piles of wires. If you buy the right Bluetooth speaker, it’ll replace the wired speakers with a better service.

When can I expect the delivery?

Usually, the Spatial Sound Edge delivery takes about 2-3 days, but it may take even less. Depending on the product availability, you can order it right now, and it’ll arrive tomorrow or so. 

Is the sound of Spatial sound edge speaker real or just a hype?

I also had the same skeptic idea about the Spatial Sound Edge just being a hype, so I tested it. Now I know it’s not a hype after using it, and I’m impressed with the quality it comes with. 

What is the best sounding Bluetooth Vibration speaker?

The Spatial Sound Edge is by far the best Bluetooth vibration speaker I’ve used so far. I’ve used quite a lot of speakers and decided to settle with the Spatial Sound Edge that has the quality.

What portable speaker is the loudest?

As a portable, small speaker, the Spatial Sound Edge is pretty loud, and it makes a surrounding ambiance. It’s the loudest speaker in my collection of several speakers from different brands. 

Final Thought

As you can see in this SpatialSound Edge Review, it’s a pretty amazing piece of technology that is reshaping the definition of sound systems. Ever since I started using this speaker, I’m hooked up with it, and it’s my daily driver for a portable sound system now. 

I carry it with me all the time, whether in my pocket or my backpack, and it gives me a pretty good backup while I’m out camping. It helps me stand out from the others who’re traveling or hanging out with me with both outlook and sound quality. 

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