Spotify No Internet Connection: 6 Ways To Fix

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Spotify No Internet Connection

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that allows you to listen to millions of songs from hundreds of thousands of artists. Spotify has apps for iPhone and Android and the capability to listen to music through the website.

The users of popular applications often face a case like when Spotify no internet connection in the process of using it. That’s why this article provides important fixes on how you can deal with spotify no internet connection

Is There A Fix For Spotify No Internet Connection?

A number of of the affected Spotify users tried to improve the application data, clear the cache, and install it. Temporarily, many of them also tried to allow the app to save battery, but none of the actions worked well.

The most annoying thing is that many premium Spotify subscribers also get an equivalent problem, which means they pay for what they can’t use in the short term. Many users have reported this problem and viewed Spotify with a coffee star rating.

However, the Spotify developers have not yet come up with a good solution. We share a way to solve this problem, perhaps using mobile data. We have provided some actions with the below solutions.

  1. Go to the device settings.
  2. Tap Wireless and Networks
  3. Head over to Mobile Network.
  4. Choose a SIM you’ll most likely to use.
  5. Next, go to the Access Point Name.
  6. If WAP or MMS is chosen, click ‘Internet’ to vary the APN.
  7. Refresh the web by restarting your device.
  8. Relaunch your Spotify app.

Reasons Why Spotify No Internet Connection

Spotify No Internet Connection

Let us work out the issue that might be the reason of such errors. Knowing why Spotify no internet connection after you log in, you’ll be able to quickly work out the matter and fix it.

  1. Windows Firewall action.
  2. Incorrect DNS settings.
  3. Blocking access cause by antivirus program.
  4. Service crashes.
  5. Incorrect proxy server entry.

Above are the most reasons why there’s Spotify no internet connection. But this can’t be constantly enough because it is important to know what to undertake and do to stimulate your preferred music application to outline.

Ways To Fix Spotify No Internet Connection

Here are some six fixes to consider when spotify no internet connection exist.

1. Spotify Network Problem

One of the reasons Spotify internet connection and you get ‘error code 4’ is Windows Firewall, which is blocking the application. If the service is blocked, it cannot connect to the global network and can only be used offline (if there is a paid version). However: a way to delete the account from the computer.

To open the application, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start and insert the electrical device.
  2. Go to System and Security.
  3. Open Windows Firewall.
  4. Click Allow Applications.
  5. Find Spotify and check the box.
  6. Confirm the action.

Note that the response to an error, if the service is not connected to it through a firewall, may vary depending on the version of Windows.

2. Disable Antivirus

Another explanation for why Spotify is not connected is the operation of the antivirus program. to test the version, find the antivirus icon (bottom right) on your PC / laptop, go to Settings and turn off protection at a specific moment. When things return to normal, the use of exceptions must be stated.

The general algorithm is as follows:

  • Access to the antivirus program interface;
  • Double-click on its icon;
  • Find an exception.

With AVG on your PC, things are easier. First, go to the home page and there are Settings and Components. Then find the online shield item and its exceptions. Note that the interface of each computer program is different. Much also depends on the software version.

3. Restart The App

  • Make sure you are connected to a network.
  • Try loading another page.
  • Make sure the site is enabled in the settings.
  • Temporarily disable antivirus after installation.
  • Uninstall applications

4. Spotify update

To update Spotify, you must:

  • Open the Google Play store.
  • Enter Spotify in the search field
  • Click the update button.

5. Change The Network Settings

  • Change the DNS settings

If your Internet access is limited to Spotify, try changing your DNS settings.  The service does not recognize DNS, so it is better to enter the server address manually.

  • Change the proxy settings

If users say they will not sign up for the service, there is no internet. In this case, try changing the proxy settings. Many of us have noticed this step in resolving the issue in the forums, please take the following steps:

  1. Log in to Spotify first.
  2. Right-click the error window
  3. Enter Settings.
  4. Click the Show advanced settings.
  5. In Proxy Data, tap Auto Detect from the list then tap Update Proxy.
  6. Select Update Proxy.
  7. Then restart the application and check if the item is deleted or not.

6. Reinstall Spotify

To reinstall Spotify, you must:

  1. Go to phone settings.
  2. Select the Spotify application
  3. Find Spotify and click on it.
  4. Then select “Clear data”.
  5. Click Reinstall
  6. Then go to Google Play and install the app

If you do not have Spotify on the web on your Android or iOS PC or smartphone, then don’t be afraid to repair the case, you can always use one of the suggested steps.


With the above-mentioned fixes for Spotify no internet connection; you can now enjoy listening to your favorite music comfortably. We hope that these ways help you with such an app and internet errors.

Don’t forget to share your ideas and suggestions in the comment section below.

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