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I love to take photos and shoot video using my smartphone but I miss the stabilized videos. The video becomes shaky in a simple movement. So, I have bought the StableCAM PRO to improve my recordings. When I used it in my day long trip, my perception about the gimbal has changed. In the StableCAM PRO review, I will tell you the story of the smartphone stabilizer. Keep your eyes on.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.5
Value for Money9.6

Without a doubt, StableCAM PRO is perfect for recording the best moments in a quality that will surprise you. It provides butter-smooth recordings using the 3-Axis frame. During the film session, I never feel bulky weight pressure on my hands. Also, it gives 15 hours of long-time performance, which is suitable for vloggers and professionals.

Product Summary
StableCAM Pro Review

StableCAM Pro Review

  • Very lighter than others and easy to carry.
  • Butter smooth video recordings.
  • ActiveTrack technology with sensors.
  • Beauty mode keeps the camera always on.
  • Controlling buttons.

What is StableCAM Pro?

StableCAM PRO is a 3-axis gimbal that provides steady photos in the rough movement. It is patented with ActiveTrack technology and sensors to ensure stability while moving. Its stabilized performance ensures hyper smooth video recording from the smartphone.

What is StableCAM Pro

After getting this gimbal, I never carry the bulky camera setups on the trip. Also, its weight is very light and I didn’t feel uneasy after carrying it for a long time. With the full charge of the battery, it worked about 15 hours on my day-long trip. It allows me to control all camera functions with the gimbal buttons. To shoot more dynamic footage, keep reading the StableCAM PRO review.

What Are the Key features of StableCAM Pro

StableCAM Pro offers a wide range of features and I will show them below:

What Are the Key features of StableCAM Pro

3-axis stabilizer:

The StableCAM Pro is a 3-axis gimbal so users can get stabilized and butter-smooth recording. It ensures steady photography and videography in steady mode. Also, it perfectly grabs the smartphone and I never worried about falling out of the hand.

Control systems:

In the gimbal, the buttons allowed us to control the smartphone’s camera function. It allows users to zoom in, zoom out, start and stop recording. Also, it allows me to take a picture with a single click. The tilt and pan motors stabilize the camera when I am moving.

Lightweight and compact:

The kerb weight of the StableCAM Pro is about 450 grams. I never feel bulky while handling it for a long time on my trip. It perfectly fits on all small backpacks. Anyone can carry the gimbal easily and shoot spanning footage.

Long battery life:

The gimbal runs up to 15 hours at once with a long-lasting battery. Keep the camera always on using beauty modes. If the phone’s battery is low, its reverse charging option allows me to take photos in the situation.

Used technology and sensors:

The StableCAM Pro has ActiveTrack and sensors that provide stabilized footage in extreme movement. It can track the target intelligently, so it automatically sets focus to snap photos steady.

Why Do I Need Stable CAM PRO?

StableCAM Pro allows me to stabilize a smartphone camera using ActiveTrack technology and sensors. It is usually based on three stabilization axes that are perfect for butter-smooth video recordings. The different sensors generate a signal with the slightest movement of each of these axes. It helps to keep the system stabilized at rough movements. It is perfect for taking stable selfies and recording front-facing videos.

Why Do I Need Stable CAM PRO

Its weight is very lower than other gimbals but firmly keeps the smartphone. The control button allows me to adjust the photo and video settings with quick capture. Its long-life battery ensures 15 hours of seamless performance. Also, it has a beauty mode to keep the camera always ON. It is ready to use as soon as you place the smartphone with self-calibration.

StableCAM Pro Review – How to Use It?

StableCAM Pro is very easy to use because it provides simple functions. Let me show the process of the using method of the StableCAM Pro gimbal:

StableCAM Pro Review – How to Use It

  • At first, charge the StableCAM Pro 100% using the default charger.
  • Then, mount the smartphone on the StableCAM Pro.
  • Use the tilt and pan motor to move it.
  • Use the buttons to control the camera features.
  • It automatically moves around the speaker to capture pictures with stability.
  • Its ActiveTrack system and sensors are activated when the gimbal is started.
  • Record videos and capture photos for up to 15 hours.

For the simple operation of the StableCAM Pro, I recommend the gimbal in my first priority list.

Pros of Using the StableCAM Pro

StableCAM Pro is my best choice among other gimbals for the advantages:

  • 3-axis stabilization ensures a steady shooting experience.
  • Very lighter than others and easy to carry.
  • Butter smooth video recordings.
  • ActiveTrack technology with sensors.
  • Beauty mode keeps the camera always on.
  • Provide stable performance on extreme movement.
  • 15 hours battery performance after full charge.
  • Controlling buttons.

Cons of Using the StableCAM Pro

I did not find any cons of the StableCAM Pro in features, but its stock is limited and only available on the manufacturer’s website.

Is The StableCAM Pro Worth Buying?

According to my user experience, the StableCAM Pro is worth the cost and one of the best gimbals that I have used. It provides butter-smooth video recording and steady picture using Active-Track technology and sensors. Also, I shoot amazing videos with hyper smooth stabilization. During movement, it keeps the smartphone camera stable for smooth recording.

Is The StableCAM Pro Worth Buying

The smartphone can be attached to the gimbal easily. It has high-quality buttons that allow users to control the smartphone’s camera functions. Its weight is less than other gimbals so that anyone can take shots, footage etc for a long time without hesitations. For advanced technology, smooth recordings, lightweight and reliable performance, it is worth buying.

Where Can I Purchase the StableCAM Pro?

I have said that the StableCAM Pro is only available on the official website of the manufacturer. 50% discount is available with a coupon code. So, grab the offer and free delivery anywhere in the world. In the price range, it is my best choice among other gimbals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I have answered the following frequently asked questions about the StableCAM Pro.

Does Stable CAM PRO Work?

The StableCAM PRO ensures super-smooth recordings using the Active-Track technology, sensors, intelligent tracking and advanced shooting techniques. The gimbal works far better than others for these amazing features.

Does it have good battery life?

Yes, the StableCAM PRO has a long-life rechargeable and reverse battery that works up to 15 hours with non-stop performance.

Final Advice

At the end of the StableCAM PRO review, I want to say that it is one of the best smartphone gimbals at an affordable price. It has a 3-axis stabilizer, Active-track technology and sensors to stabilize pictures and videos in rough movement.

Its weight is compact and runs with a powerful battery for up to 15 hours. It has an intelligent tracking system for capturing objects automatically. Also, it has advanced shooting techniques that take photography to the next level. The reverse charging option says goodbye to the phone’s low battery alert.

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