3 Easy Steps On How To Connect Canon Printer To iPhone


how to connect Canon printer to iPhone

Canon is a popular brand specializing in the manufacturing of cameras, and optical and imaging products. Canon printers are among the most popular products for printing due to their reliable features and high compatibility with most devices. While most people use their computer or laptop to print on Canon printers, technology has now allowed users to print from their mobile devices for convenience. If you’re an iPhone user wanting to print a document via Canon printers, this article shares an in-depth guide on how to connect Canon printer to iPhone seamlessly.

iPhone’s AirPrint Feature

In general, you’ll need to install drivers on your mobile device in order to access a modern printer and print from your phone. For iPhone, however, there’s an AirPrint feature.

Apple added the AirPrint feature to iPhone and macOS devices, allowing users to print documents without relying on printer software and drivers. You can check Apple’s website to find out the AirPrint-enabled printers, including the most recent Canon printers.

How To Connect Canon Printer To iPhone?

how to connect Canon printer to iPhone

Below we share the necessary steps on how to connect your Canon printer to an iPhone device.

1. Check The Requirements

The first thing you need to consider is to determine if both your iPhone and Canon printer meets the requirements to connect properly.

In order to use the AirPrint feature, your iPhone will need to have 3GS or later version. If you want to use your iPod, 3rd generation or more recent versions are required. For iPad, all models are compatible with the AirPrint feature.

Meanwhile, your Canon printer should have Wi-Fi capabilities. You want both your iPhone and Canon printer to be connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Connecting your iPhone and Canon Printer

The next step on how to connect Canon printer to iPhone is to check the connection status and proceed with the printing.

Initially, you need to make sure that the Canon printer is turned on. It should also be connected to the LAN. Using the AirPrint on your iPhone, you need to tap the operation icon to go to the Menu options. Then, tap on the Print option to proceed. Under the Printer options, you need to choose the model of the Canon printer you’re using.


If your Canon printer doesn’t appear on the list, then it may be incompatible or doesn’t support the feature.

3. Printing

The last step on how to connect Canon printer to iPhone is printing. When you find your printer from the list, you can now customize your document for printing. In general, the following options will be displayed on your screen:

  • Copies: Choose the total number of copies you want to print.
  • Duplex Printing: If your Canon printer support duplex printing, then you can select this option ON or OFF.
  • Range: Page range can be used with specific app and file types.
  • Paper Size: When using AirPrint, the paper size is automatically chosen according to the app that’s being used and the region in which it’s used. For instance, when you print a document from the Safari app, the default paper size is Letter.
  • Orientation: You can choose whether the document is Landscape or Portrait.

Once you’re done with the customization, you can simply tap on Print. Once executed, the printer prints based on the specified and defined settings.

Deleting A Print Job

If you created a print job by mistake, there’s a way to cancel or delete the print job. Here are two ways to do that:

  • On your iPhone device, tap the print icon to get the list of print jobs. Choose the print job that needs to be canceled and tap ‘Cancel Print.’
  • If your Canon printer features an LCD monitor, you can use the operation panel to cancel the print job. Otherwise, you can simply press the ‘Stop’ button.

AirPrint Troubleshooting

If your document doesn’t get printed, here are some troubleshooting steps to take:

  • Check if your Canon printer is On. If it’s On, turn it off and On again. Check if this resolves the issue.
  • Make sure that your Canon printer is connected to the same network as your iPhone.
  • If your Canon printer has an LCD monitor, check that there are no error messages.
  • Check for the Canon printer’s ink and paper.
  • If your iPhone is having connection issues, restart the device.
  • Make sure that both your iPhone and Canon printer have updated software versions.


Why won’t my computer acknowledge my Canon printer?

The lack of device drivers on your computer is the only factor preventing it from recognizing your Canon printer. You must install the appropriate driver for the Canon printer in order to accomplish this.

What causes the printer to not be detected?

You must install or update device drivers if you want to resolve the printer not being recognized by your computer issue. We provided advice in the post on how you can quickly download device drivers from its official website. The use of Advanced Driver Updater, which enables you to get the compatible device driver, is another way to obtain device drivers.

Why won’t my laptop and Canon printer connect?

Numerous factors, including frayed wires, network issues, and momentary glitches, maybe to blame. Rebooting the laptop and your Canon printer should be your first step. You should update the operating system and download the drivers for your Canon printer.


And that’s how to connect Canon printer to iPhone! Thanks to modern technology, you can now control your Canon printer with your iPhone. Connecting your iPhone with your Canon printer is a great combination that can make your life more accessible and simpler. The wireless connection between your iPhone and Canon printer takes little to no time and is completely hassle-free.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comment section below. Have a good one.


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