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I was searching for the tactical watch and got the T-Watch from my cousin. After using it for about 2 months, I will share my user experience with the T1 Tact watch. In the T-Watch review, I will explain its overall performance in detail. It is resistant to shocks and water. Also, it has a GPS, compass, temperature and altitude meter. With the CR2450 li-ion battery, it provides long lasting performance with 3-year battery life.

9.5out of 10

Ease of Use9.4
Value for Money9.3

The tactical watch is connected with smartphones to track health data with high-accuracy. I can remotely snap a picture on my smartphone. The 4th gen gorilla glass ensures protection from falling to the ground. Smart notifications and various activity profiles allow me to monitor your training performance.

Our Summary
T-watch Review

T-watch Review


  • Tack health activities
  • Durable and high-end performance
  • Remote camera
  • Smartphone support
  • Call and notification management

What is T-Watch?

T-Watch is a tactical watch that can withstand really tough conditions. It is comfortable in every situation, from extreme and tough sports, such as skydiving, climbing, snorkeling and soft-air, to normal daily activities. Being a smartwatch, it can be connected to the app to monitor everything.

What is T-Watch

The app can connect with both iOS and Android systems, so there are no compatibility problems with different interfaces. The battery is particularly reliable thanks to its duration, which can reach 33 months. It allows me to take a picture on the smartphone remotely. It measures the burned calories, steps, distance, heart pulse rate and more with accuracy.

T Watch Main Key Features

I believe that T-Watch is one of my best choices because it provides tactical and smart features in a watch. Let me discuss the features that differentiate the watch:

T Watch Main Key Features

Tack health activities:

The tact watch provides heart rate monitoring, steps counting, sleep time calculation, calorie monitoring and more with the perfect result. The under-mounted sensor shows the result of using advanced technology. While using it on hand, the straps do not damage the skin.

Durable and high-end performance:

It is made with rugged material and corning gorilla glass that provide waterproof and shock protection. The watch is IP68 certified so that you can use it underwater.  I never see dents and dings on the tact watch for alloy case and special DLC coating in severe cases. Its battery is so powerful to run the watch for 33 months without any problems. Also, it is fire-resistant, dustproof and scratch proof.

Remote camera:

No need to take out the phone from the pocket. Operate the camera from the watch with a single click. It allows me to snap photos from a distance. So, I take many photos without other help.

Smartphone support:

Like other smartwatches, it can be operated through the supported smartphone app. The option makes the watch hands-free and has 128 MB RAM for fast performance. No restrictions and limitations on the app installation in the smartphones. Get smartphone alerts and notifications on the smartphone.

Call and notification management:

All incoming calls are shown in the watch’s touch-responsive display to receive or reject while driving. Also, it allows me to make calls, write SMS and browse watch apps to do things quickly. Save and share data with its cloud service.

How is the T1 Tact Watch So Tough?

T1 Tact Watch has DLC coating and high-grade steel construction that make it tough in all conditions. It has IP68 protection that keeps the watch withstand in deep water. The screen is protected by the 4th grade corning gorilla glass that provides a clear viewing experience in sunlight. Its in-built battery lasts up to 33 months with random use. I have worn the watch while working in construction. Several accidental cases happened with the watch but it is still now working.

How is the T1 Tact Watch So Tough

Its strap materials are free from allergenic, rust, scratch, stretch and breakage. The carbon coating ensures a shining finishing on the watch. All smart features are present in the T1 tactical watch. Overall, the T1 Tact watch is one of the best durable and robust tactical smartwatches in the watch industry.

What Can This Tactical Watch Do?

The T1 Tack watch is designed with high-grade materials, so it can be used anywhere. The 128 RAM provides fast performance with quick access. It allows me to receive calls, send text messages and call someone without touching my phone.

What Can This Tactical Watch Do

It uses Bluetooth functionalities to pair with the smartphone. To get all features in place, I have installed the T-Watch compatible app. Here, it presents the steps, calories, distances, heart rate, sleeping quality and other fitness activities. All results are 99.99% accurate.

It has a gravity sensor that ensures perfect measurement is acceleration and moving. Easily take pictures on the phone remotely. Due to its IP68, gorilla glass and carbon coating protection, it works fine underwater, in fire and dust situations. Its design is stylish and the straps are hygienic.

Is the T1 the Best Tactical Watch?

I have been using the T1 Tact watch for more than 2 months. It has all the advanced features of both tactical and smartwatches. If you want all features in a watch, the T-Watch is perfect for you. It is best for high-grade performance, health tracking, phone management, long time battery backup, sharing option, remote camera and gorilla glass protection. All features are presented in the T1 Tact watch. For the smart features, I consider the T-Watch as the best tactical watch.

Pros and Cons of the T Watch

Pros and Cons of the T Watch

Let’s discover the pros and cons of the T-Watch:

  • 33 month battery life time.
  • Sturdy construction and DLC coating.
  • Waterproof, fireproof, dustproof and shockproof.
  • Corning gorilla glass 4 protection.
  • Anti-allergenic straps.
  • Control calls, messages and notification on the phone.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Cloud based service to save and share files on social media.
  • Smart stopwatch, pedometer and reminder.
  • Sensors: gravity, heart rate, motion.
  • Remotely take pictures on smartphones.
  • Ensure clear view in sunlight with full view.
  • Only available online with 3 colors.
  • Stock limited.

Why You Should Consider Buying A Smartwatch

For the following features, I consider buying a smartwatch for everyone. Let’s see them below:

Why You Should Consider Buying A Smartwatch

  • Pedometer: Detects the number of steps and the goals set for the daily steps. Track the traveled distance per day
  • Heart rate: Calculates heart beats over 24 hours, both in daily activities and during training.
  • Calories: Calculate the total calories consumed throughout the day or during workouts.
  • Capture photos remotely: The smartwatch allows me to capture photos on the smartphone. That makes the movement with ease.
  • Phone management: Directly answer the phone call, read messages and browse default apps.
  • Total active hours: Detects the number of active hours spent during the day. The device distinguishes the physical intensities in the various hour bands.
  • Sleep monitoring: If you wear the smartwatch while you sleep, the watch can detect the total duration of sleep divided into the various phases from awake, rem, light and deep.
  • Alarm and reminder: Set and turn off the alarm directly from the smartwatch.
  • Resistance: The tact smartwatch provides water, fire, shock and dust resistant smartwatch to have a longer life span.

Where Can I purchase the T-Watch?

Lots of fake tactical watches have flooded the market. So, I recommend you to get from here to ensure originality. It is the T-Watch manufacturer’s official link and you will get a 50% discount after opening the link. Fill in the requirements and get the tactical smartwatch right now at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see the answers to the commonly asked questions about the T-Watch.

Is the tact watch any good?

Tact watch has quality construction with smart and tactical features that provide good performance. Track health facts, manage phone systems and use roughly without any damaging issues.

Are smartwatches worth it?

Smartwatches are a little bit more expensive than a regular watch. Considering the smartwatch features, it is worth the cost.

Is the T1 the Best Tactical Watch?

T1 Tack watch provides great features with military-grade build quality at an affordable and discounted price. It is the best tactical watch in the market.

Is T-watch worth the money?

I have got the T-Watch at a 50% discount. In the rate, it is the only tactical smartwatch that has extended and unique features.

Tact Watch Review : Summary

In the T-Watch review, I have covered all about the tactical smartwatch. Considering its advanced features and durable performance, I consider it as the best among others. All useful options are included in the T1 Tact watch. The sturdy construction, comfortable straps, carbon coating, gorilla glass protection provide long time usage capability. Its battery offers a 33 month lifetime. It can be paired with all types of smartphones. After using the watch, I confirm you will not regret it.

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