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To me, flashlights are very useful and practical based tools. It’s not just a tool that just lights the way, it’s a multipurpose tool. If I say more specifically then a flashlight is very useful when you live in dark areas. Besides, I find this tool more effective when I go on adventurous trips and camping. This small tool could be life-saving equipment in the time of typhoon season especially if you’re from a coastal area.

In such times, when emergencies and blackouts are more frequent than the regular time. You can’t just depend on your gas lamp, mobile phone, or a candle to lighting your way. At that critical moment, a flashlight could be your best companion. Now here in this  TacticalX Flashlight Review, I’m going to share with you my experiences with this tactical light.

What Is TacticalX Flashlight?

The TacticalX flashlight is not a regular flashlight. It’s a completely military-grade flashlight that is designed to deliver a very powerful beam. It’s powered with 800-lumens illumination which is far brighter than a usual flashlight.

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Besides, Its 2000x zoom feature is the loveliest thing about this flashlight that I highly appreciate. With this 2000x zoom I can easily adjust the light to focus on an object or spread the light. The device is constructed with high-quality aluminum to provide its user with durable and long-lasting performance.

You’ll find four specific modes with this flashlight that will help you to adjust the brightness as per your need.  Another great side of this flashlight is it has  IP68 water resistance certification.

Special Features of the TacticalX Flashlight

Since I’m using this flashlight for almost one year, I know it’s every single feature of this device. It has so many outstanding features that will blow anyone’s mind. Now here in this TacticalX Flashlight Review section, I’m going to include some of its features that I’ve personally experienced.

Special Features of the TacticalX Flashlight

TacticalX is Brighter than Others:

Usually, a regular flashlight delivers on average 300-lumens light that could cover the almost 600-feet distance. On the contrary, the TacticalX has super 600-lumens light power. It means it has a double power than a regular one. I can easily watch very far distant objects by using this powerful flashlight.

Zooming Option:

The 2000x zooming option is one of the best features of this device. That actually strengthens its power and makes this flashlight an incredible one. It’s 2000x zooming option allows me to adjust the light as I need. Either I can focus on a distant object or spread the light for a brighter view through this feature. I found this feature more effective when I went for a campaign or adventurous trip.

Four Specific Light Modes:

You’re going to enjoy four different light modes with this TacticalX flashlight, such as high, medium, low, and glare. Based on your places and needs, you can easily adjust the light to cover different shape areas. Besides, the glare mode is useful for nearby areas. The overall control is in your hand, you can conveniently adjust the brightness with its different modes.

Heavy Aluminum Construction:

TacticalX is built with high-quality aluminum to make this flashlight long-lasting and durable. Because of its aluminum construction, it can easily handle a medium level clash.


Well, this flashlight is completely waterproof and it has IP68 water resistance certification. To check this, I’ve used it on rainy days and poured it into water. Through this, I realize that water can’t do any harm with this flashlight.

What Is TacticalX Flashlight Used for?

TacticalX Flashlight is a multipurpose tool. You can operate it in many ways in different situations. Below this section, I’m going to show you how I’ve used it these days. Usually, whenever I go for any campaign, adventurous trip, or any place for traveling. I keep this flashlight with me. It helps me to stay safe and do my activities effortlessly in the dark. Besides that, the TacticalX flashlight is very useful when there is a power outage.

What Is TacticalX Flashlight Used for

Additionally, you can deploy it for self-defense also. Unfortunately, if someone tries to attack you, you can use this light as your self-defense. Turn on the lights on the suspect’s eyes and make his/her blind for a few seconds. In the meantime, you can take other appropriate action. Even you can use its strong metal body as an arm and strike the attacker.

Another best part of this flashlight is you can use it in any weather condition, such as rain, heat, cold. When you use it at your home, you’ll get a more powerful and strong beam than any regular flashlight. As the same, when you use it in very dark places like attics and the basement searching for anything. It does a wonderful job. It’s a life-saving tool when you fall into an emergency situation such as a hurricane, flood, and power outage.

Benefits of Uses TacticalX Flashlight

TacticalX Flashlight has huge benefits. Below this section, I’m going to point out some of them. So that you could balance them with your needs and make a wise decision if you need one.

Benefits of Uses TacticalX Flashlight

TacticalX is Very Strong and Portable:

It’s not the same as a regular flashlight. It’s built with strong and high-quality aluminum to make this device more strong and rugged. Because of its compact size and portable shape, you can carry it with you everywhere. As the device is built with strong aluminum material, it can easily handle any kind of medium impact.

Brighter than Regular Flashlight:

A regular flashlight has 300-lumens that are able to cover 600 feet distance. But the TacticalX Flashlight has massive 800-lumens power. That’s insane! With this flashlight, you can see everything 3x brighter than a regular flashlight.

Different Modes for High Adjustability:

The TacticalX Flashlight has four separate modes to provide you super adjustability. It offers you high, medium, low, and glare mode. Based on the size of an area, you can adjust the light with its different modes. For example, when you turn on the glare mod, you’ll see the nearby places brighter and clear. As same when you use the high mode, you’ll see the longer and wider area more clearly.


TacticalX Flashlight has IP68 waterproof protection. So you’ve got the freedom to use it in bad-weather conditions also without any tension. I’ve personally checked its water resistance ability by pouring the flashlight underwater for 10 minutes and it still worked.


TacticalX is a strong aluminum metal constructed military-grade flashlight. It’s also famous for self-defense as people can use it as a hand-arm. If someone attacks you all of a sudden then with this light you can defend or counter-attack the suspect. With its powerful high-beam, you can make the attacker blind for a few seconds.

Where Can I Order TacticalX Flashlight?

If you don’t want to purchase the duplicate one then I’ll suggest you get this product from the official site. I’ve purchased four for myself and all of them I bought from the manufacturer’s main official sites. Besides, when you’ll make the purchase from its authorized official site. You’ll get a massive 50% discount and completely free shipping around the world.

To grab this offer you have to make the purchase during the promo campaign. As the promo campaign is running now, you’ll get the flashlight only for $67 where the regular price is $134. For your comfort, down this section, I’ve included a link that will directly take you to the TacticalX official site.


I’m a big fan of TacticalX Flashlight. This is the main reason I’ve written this TacticalX Flashlight Review. Here in this review, I’ve shared my personal experience and its overall performance. Now if you’re looking for a tactical flashlight then TacticalX Flashlight should be a blind choice for you.

Because TacticalX has a powerful 800-lumens light which is 3x greater than a regular flashlight. It also offers a 2000x zooming option so that you can adjust the light the way you want. When you’re in the dark this one is your best companion. Again, you can use this device as a self-defense arm.

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