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As a traveler, I have been looking for a durable phone for a long period of time. I tried almost every phone that anyone suggested to me as a durable one. But the matter of sorrow is none of them won my heart so I keep searching and finally find the TacticPhone X. Here in this TacticPhoneX Review, I’m going to show you why this phone is so impressive and unique.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.7

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It is a superb phone that comes with so many unique features. It is a perfect phone for people like me who do outdoor activities such as campaigns, swimming, hiking, or any other adventure activities. TacticPhone X is a perfect companion for them.

Our Summary
Tacticphonex Review

Tacticphonex Review

Main Features:

  • Incredibly Strong
  • Full of functions
  • Water-Resistant
  • Massive Battery
  • Store unlimited music and photos
  • Activate three sim card at a time

What Is Tacticphone X?

TacticPhone X is one of the most durable and long-lasting phones you’ll find in the market. Now there might be a question on your curious mind that what makes this phone so durable. Well, there are a lot of factors, features, and specifications that make this phone one of the most unique and durable phones.

What is TacticPhone X

You can climb a mountain, swim on the beach, and go wherever you want without worrying about your phone. Don’t worry about the phone drop or water splash, TacticPhone X is waterproof, dustproof, fall resistant, and whatnot! The phone is IP68  dust and waterproof certified.

It has a huge 3000 mah battery power backup that gives you 30 days standby battery life. The phone allows you to take a long time photo and video shooting without worrying about battery backup. The phone is actually designed to handle all types of rough activities in outdoor-exclusions.

Tacticphonex Main Features

Before discussing this phone, here in this TacticPhoneX Review section, I’m going to show you some amazing features of this phone. So that you can quickly understand why this one is my super favorite phone. 

TacticPhoneX Main features

Incredibly Strong:

Sometimes we keep our phones too far when we are going to do any rough activities because smartphones aren’t that sturdy. Once they break or are damaged it is hard to repair them and most of the time they are completely dead.

In these situations TacticPhoneX is unbeatable, it is IP68 dust and waterproof certified. You can do any rough activities without any tension. Because TacticPhoneX is drop-proof, waterproof, and dustproof. This is the fact that wins my heart at a first impression. 

Full of functions:

Functions and features are some of the main aspects that we need to consider first before purchasing a new phone. In this case, TacticPhoneX is an outstanding device that is loaded with full of functions.

TacticPhoneX comes with a strong LED flash-light that lets you explore the world at night with a clear vision. The phone has a high-quality speaker that is clear and louder than a regular smartphone. It also includes an Fm radio that doesn’t need any external antenna.


Usually, regular phones died most of the time just because of water. TacticPhoneX is out of this problem. It is a superb water-resistant device and  IP68 waterproof certified.

Water is the only thing people are afraid to take their phones near the beach or swimming pool. But you can confidently take this phone, no matter wherever you want to go. The phone is up to 30 minutes waterproof.

Massive Battery:

TacticPhoneX has a huge 3000 Mah battery that can serve you a long time of power back up. The phone has 30 days of standby battery life. Even with a USB cable, you can charge other phones also by using this phone. If you use this device continuously then again it can serve you almost a week with a single charge.

Store unlimited music and photos:

Most of the time we are limited with our storage and unable to store our essential information, photos, videos, etc. But with TacticPhoneX, you’ll get a huge 64-GB storage capacity that allows you to store a big amount of photos, videos, and music.

Activate three sim card at a time:

Most of the business people carry multiple phones to running several sim cards that look so unprofessional and inconvenient. But with TacticPhoneX you can run three sim cards at a time. This is another reason that motivates me to get one of these phones. Now I don’t have to carry three phones for three sims.

TacticPhoneX Technical Specs

Look at the TacticPhoneX specs to know why this phone is so stronger and durable than others.

  • IP68 Waterproof and Dust-proof.
  • 3000mAh long battery life.
  • The Michelin-rubber exterior makes this device Shatter-proof.
  • BOX-speaker.
  • FM radio included.
  • Powerful LED Flashlight.
  • Power Bank option.
  • Triple-SIM, TF card expansion.

Why Do I Need the Tactic Phone X?

Let me tell you why I’ve chosen this phone. So that you can also understand if this is the phone that you are also looking for. I am a traveler, I go to different places and the environment. So I have to look for a phone that is strong, durable and multi-functional. Then I read TacticPhoneX Review and decided to try this one. It’s been almost 9 months since I’ve been using this phone and  I have become a big fan of this phone.

Why Do I Need the Tactic Phone X

The device is actually built to handle the toughest situation and outdoor activities. You can go for a campaign, hiking, swimming, bike riding, and other outdoor activities without worrying about your phone. The best part of this device is it is IP68 water and dustproof, its superior quality material also makes it drop-proof. I can walk in the rain without any tension.

Another good side of this device is its long battery power backup. It can run 30 days standby. If you use it continuously then with a single charge it can serve you huge one-week power back up. Besides, if you are an outdoor activist then TacticPhoneX is one of your best choices.

How to Use The TacticPhoneX?

TacticPhoneX is one of the easiest and simplest phones to operate. Anyone can use this phone without facing any complexity. Teenage to senior citizens, everyone loves this phone because of its easy operation and fantastic features. It supports 15 different languages that allow you to operate the device in your native language.

How to Use The TacticPhoneX

The device is the ultimate choice for outdoor activists. They don’t have to worry about their phone when doing any rough work because of its water, dust, and drop-proof capacity. Even you don’t have to think about its charge too much. You can run this device continuously for a week without recharging the phone twice. There are a lot more amazing features that make this device so outstanding for every user.

Where Can I Purchase The Tacticphonex?

You can purchase the TacticPhoneX from its official website. But you should keep this thing on your mind that it is available for a limited time only. Due to its high demand, it gets stockout most of the time. Besides, the good news is the company is currently giving a 50 percent discount and other promo offers.

Where Can I Purchase The Tacticphonex?

If you have any plan to get one of these phones then this is the right time to grab the opportunity. For your convenience, just below in this segment, I am going to add a link. That will directly take you to the official website of the TacticPhoneX.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re reading TacticPhoneX Review, there might be some questions that arise in your mind. Here in this segment, I’m going to include some questions and their answers that people most frequently asked about this device.

Which phone has the toughest screen?

The Tactic Phone X is one toughest-phone of this time. Because of its shatter-proof display and droop-proof feature makes it outstanding.

Is the Tactic Phone X suitable for senior citizens?

Senior citizens are looking for a phone that has a large screen and a user-friendly clean keyboard.  The Tactic Phone X ensures all these facilities so without any doubt it is one of the best phones for senior citizens.

What is the toughest smartphone on the market?

In the toughest phone category, the Tactic Phone X is one of the best choices. The device is built with keeping things in mind for special forces and rough activities. This ultra-reliable and rugged smartphone will provide you all services in every situation and environment.

Final Thought

Now you have come to the end of this TacticPhoneX Review which means you have a complete idea about this super strong, durable phone. The best part, I loved about this device is its water and dust resistant nature. The Tactic Phone X gives me complete freedom to use it wherever I want.

Its powerful flashlight, durable battery, triple sim facility, huge storage options, and high-quality material makes me a die-hard fan of this phone. If you are looking for a strong durable phone then without any doubt  Tactic Phone X is one of the best options.

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