Tech Pack Software: 4 Options To Try


tech pack software

If you’re in the fashion or clothing industry, then you’ve probably heard about a tech pack and a tech pack software. Whether you’re starting in this industry or want to take your fashion design manufacturing to the next level, this article is for you.

Tech Pack: What Exactly Is It?

When you’re producing a new fashion or clothing collection, a quality tech pack will allow you to clearly communicate everything you need to say to your clothing manufacturer. This makes a tech pack a critical step in taking your clothing designs from idea and concept to production and manufacturing. It’s essentially the blueprint of the fashion world containing all the specifications needed by the factory to bring your designs to life.

While a tech pack may vary from one another, in general, it will often include information such as fabric materials, types, manufacturing methods, seams and colorways, exact measurements, size gradings, labels, and trims.

Overlooking the importance of a tech pack can open the door to miscommunication and costly design errors. In general, when there’s a production issue, the main culprit is the lack of a defined tech pack.

To make the process of creating a tech pack easier, you’ll need tech pack software.

4 Best Tech Pack Software To Try

tech pack software

When searching for a tech pack solution, you’ll be spoiled with numerous options, making the process confusing and daunting. To make it easier for you, we’ve made the initiative and created a list of the best tech pack software available today.

1. Techpacker

First on our list is the Techpacker. Techpacker is a comprehensive web application for growing fashion brands and designers. This software helps streamline the process of creating quality tech packs.

It makes it easy to create these digital documents as well as collaborate with team members and potential clients. With good collaboration features, it helps in managing feedback on each version of your tech pack as well as providing an archiving feature for future iterations and references.

Techpacker also comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing you to navigate easily and prepare basic sketches. If you’re considering Techpacker, know that its pricing starts at $49 per month, but it can vary depending on the features you need.

2. SupplyCompass

Another reliable tech pack software, the SupplyCompass is a popular B2B SaaS tool that helps fashion designers, clothing brands, and retailers create, communicate and manage product specifications with the production and technical teams worldwide including manufacturers, suppliers, and factories.

Using the SupplyCompass platform, you will benefit from secure cloud-based storage that improves team collaboration, empowering them to work together more efficiently. This can help speed up your team’s communication process.

What’s more, the platform also comes with a quote builder feature. This allows you to build quotes based on your tech packs and layouts.

3. Backbone

Backbone is another useful tech pack software that allows you to turn your clothing design into real products. This digital tool is one of the simplest and most intuitive tools you can use thanks to its simple drag-and-drop interface. This makes designing and creating your tech pack easy and quick.

Like most tech pack software, Backbone also comes with a powerful collaboration feature that allows you and your team members to share ideas and manage iterations on clothing designs and styles. In addition, Backbone also allows for interconnected libraries, providing a central source of designs for products and components that can be edited, reused, and updated with ease.

Furthermore, it comes with a Bill of Materials template that provides a starting point for new products to be adjusted according to individual components. Lastly, this software comes with comprehensive reporting tools that provide clarity and visibility to previous and past projects, enabling data-backed decisions.

4. Centric Software

Centric Software is a reliable brand that offers software to different industries including the fashion and clothing sector. Their flagship software is called Product Lifecycle Management which is a suite of modular tools designed for businesses to manage their clothing products from ideation to delivery.

This solution offers easy-to-use features that help manage your design and creation across the entire value chain. With this software, you can combine all data related to your designs into a single solution. It also improves collaboration between team members from all over the world. This allows them to find the info they need, saving time, reducing errors, and better productivity.


What ought to be in a tech pack?

Typically, technical designers,  designers, and product developers produce tech packs. It contains building information, color schemes, bills of materials, packing instructions, material photos, care instructions, and many other things in addition to design sketches, measurements, and specs.

What function does the tech pack serve?

A Tech Pack serves the function of providing comprehensive instructions for producing a product depending on your designs, size requirements, and product characteristics. In addition, it acts as a “product contract” for you and the producer during the sampling and manufacturing phases.


And there you have it, the four options you can try with tech pack software if you want to level up your fashion marketing industry. If you’re serious about manufacturing your clothing and fashion designs, a quality tech pack is critical. With that said, the right tech pack software is key to ensuring that the designs and styles you created and manufactured are to the highest possible standards. The above software is some of the most recommended and best software you can ask for. So make sure to give them a try today!

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