The 7 Best Android Roguelike 2021


Best Android Roguelike 2021

As a gamer, you’ve probably heard of the term “roguelike” a lot. And you may be confused as to what it means. That’s because it is indeed a confusing term that’s become muddied over time. That said, this article will give you an idea of what a roguelike game is as well as the best android roguelike 2021.

What is Roguelike?

Roguelike refers to a subcategory of role-playing games that’s characterized by a dungeon crawl via levels that are procedurally-generated, grid-based movement, turn-based gameplay, and more importantly, permanent death of the player’s character.

It is a fairly intense game. You go diving into dungeons and caves in search of loot and adventure. However, in most roguelikes, the dungeons are randomly generated, have a harsh progression cycle that gets difficult in every round, and when your character dies, it is permanent. Thus, there’s this twinge of anxiety that gives the game a more intense feeling than RPGs.

7 Best Android Roguelike 2021 Games

Best Android Roguelike 2021

Now that we have covered the basics, here are some of the best Roguelike games for Android that you can download on your mobile devices today.

1. Shattered Pixel Dungeon

This is one of the more popular games in the genre. It’s based on the popular Pixel Dungeon game and was re-designed to improve the game’s quirks. However, this project evolved into an entirely separate game.

The game features a lot of variety as well as replayability with 4 different characters, unique enemies, randomized levels, and over 150 items to collect. Each game is unique and guaranteed to be simple, but still contains a lot of depth.

You also get frequent updates from the developers, so you have new things to look forward to at least every month.

2. Soul Knight

The Soul Knight game brings together modern and high fantasy elements with a quirky gameplay. With this game, you will be playing as a hero whose mission is restoring balance to the world. The main goal is to seek a magical stone that was stolen by villainous aliens.

You’ll be exploring dungeons, shooting aliens, and collecting weapons as you go. This shooter Roguelike game is challenging, easy, and enjoyable to play.

3. Caves

Caves are one of the more popular roguelike dungeon crawler games on Android phones today. In fact, it adheres to the very definition of roguelike fairly well.

With this game, players will crawl through randomly generated dungeons, defeating hordes of bad guys, collecting various gears and loots and so much more. It also has a retro graphic style; however, the controls are good and responsive. The game is relatively challenging and fun. Players also have the main base with a cloning station.

4. Dead Cells

This is a new, roguevania-style game and it is quite good. Its gameplay boasts a large interconnected world (thus, the “vania” part), action mechanics and 2D platformer, nonlinear progression, and more.

Also, you get hardware controller support, an auto-hit mode if your wish to focus more on exploration, and multiple software controller options. The game is quite big and the characters are so cool.

However, this version is a bit behind the PC iteration, so it requires some balancing for mobile. It is a hard game that will challenge your patience.

5. Hoplite

Hoplite is another popular, older dungeon crawler game. It uses a turn-based attacking and movement for a slightly more strategic and challenging gameplay experience. Other than that, it is a classic roguelike game.

It features randomly generated dungeons, simple controls, plenty of difficulties, leaderboards, and Google Play Games achievements. The base game offers a little over two dozen levels, however, there are a ton of special missions and other things that can keep you busy.

6. Pathos

This is another older roguelike game. It features graphics that are below average compared to other roguelikes on this list and its controls are a bit more complex than normal.

That said, the rest of the game is actually really good. It uses a similar set of gameplay mechanics from the classic roguelike game from the 1980s— Nethack. In this game, players will descend into the dungeons and defeat the enemies, then escape before they die. It may have its flaws, but it’s hard to complain when it’s free.

7. OneBit Adventure

This is a casual roguelike game, so it may not appeal too much to the hardcore players out there. But for the newbies trying out their hand in this game genre, OneBit Adventure is a good option.

The game allows you to choose between a wizard, warrior, archer, necromancer, and other classes. In addition, it uses turn-based combat with simple controls that can be played one-handedly.

There’s a gear you need to find to give you a better shot at winning along with passive and active skills that are unlocked as you level up. The game also features leaderboards, infinite level generation, boss battles, and more.


Why is it called roguelike?

Roguelike originates from the game entitled “Rogue” that was released in 1980, thus the name roguelike.

What’s the difference between roguelike and roguelite?

Roguelike and roguelite differ in one small way, but it is a detail that changes everything about the experience of playing these games. Simply put, roguelites feature meta-progressions, whereas roguelikes don’t.

When you die in a roguelite game, you can take something with you into the next run. With roguelike, when you die, you have to start over from some predetermined starting point all over again.

Why are roguelikes popular with gamers?

From a player’s perspective, roguelikes are so fun to play since they have to go through the same content a lot. Although it can be super frustrating, it also brings out their competitiveness to finish a chapter.


That’s it!

Roguelike can be a tricky genre to pin down. Despite that, it has risen to massive popularity over the years. We hope that this article has given you more understanding of roguelike games and consider trying out some of the best android roguelike available!

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