The Best 5 KeePass Alternative for 2022


Possibly you are in search of the best KeePass alternative? An open-source password manager is the KeyPass. And first of all, it’s free. However you’re looking for an alternative password manager, but, there’s a big chance that you will not like its UI.

Nowadays, the development of the internet has brought in quick access and managing of every information. Still, the most ordinary people and the other internet users at bigger who have to entrust their personal information into the cloud storage are vulnerable to their accounts being hacked.

In order to protect oneself from this vicious act, you need this password managers like KeePass to randomly produce a strong and safe password for you as well as store it for future retrieval. Furthermore, KeePass is not the only password manager; the best 5 KeePass alternative is here.

5 Best KeePass Alternatives

Here are the five software alternative to the KeePass password manager:keepass alternative

 1. 1Password

The 1Password stands on the top of the most password manager utility space because of its ease of use and better security. Through a single click, the novice and professionals will create a strong password that gives a nightmare to any smart hacker. Likewise, this software manager allows you to store, retrieve and encrypt generated passwords smoothly at any place.


  • Create a unique and strong password.
  • Provides websites and devices sync of passwords.
  • Hasa 1GB storage space.
  • Supports secured sharing.


  • Friendly to users.
  • Better travel mode.
  • Versionstandalone.
  • Has an excellent family plan.


  • Nofree plan.

2. LastPass

Another trustworthy and powerful password manager is LastPass which is accessible online and offline. Its online version allows you arbitrarily to generate strong passwords with a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters. Its amazing feature is the ability to centralize your every password securely.


  • Authenticfeature of auto-fill.
  • Stores information in the cloud
  • Sync stored data with mobile phones, browsers and
  • Has two-factor authentication.
  • A Cross-platform.


  • With two-factor authentication security.
  • Gives a wide range of helpful
  • With an amazing user interface that is user


  • With some reported cases of interfered data.

3. Keeper

Keeper is considered one of the fast-growing password managers software, which keeps proving to be more creditable than its simplicity. Keeper offers its user the freedom to exclude or include characters in your passwords together with letters, numbers, and symbols, and it is a digital-vault that stores your every password that gives confidence to any businesses and individuals against this cyber theft.


  • Password auto-fills support
  • Sharings
  • Two-step verification
  • BreachWatch™s


  • With10 GB file storage.
  • Sync and secure storage.
  • Cross-platform.


  • Compared to its competitors, it has limited features.

4. Roboform

As a KeePass alternative, this RoboForm excels from its groups due to its auto-fill feature. The auto-fill feature is being used in filling forms likewise in individual applications on the web. It can be engaged to make unique identities with certain data like making an online payment using a debit or credit card. Plus, organization and customization of your information and folders are possible with this suite as well as you can use RoboForm to manage also your bookmarks.


  • Multifactor authentication.
  • Remember passwords.
  • Multiplatforms
  • One click logins.


  • Also manages your bookmarks
  • Password organization.
  • Provides eccentric identities for individual types of forms.


  • With complicated user

keepass alternative

5. Dashlane

Compared to all the password managers stated above, Dashlane is considered the favorite password manager because it generates a unique and strong password and lets users adjust their passwords long ago. The best feature to choose this Dashlane is the feature of identity-theft protection as well as assuring double protection on your accounts data. Dashlane enjoys thousand of honest reviews with the highest rating compared to other password manager software.


  • Auto-form fillings
  • Generates and manages passwords.
  • Gives instant security alerts.
  • Permitsautomatic password


  • With offline password access.
  • With user friendly interface.
  • Supports every browser and operating system.


  • No family plan.

How to Use KeePass Password Manager

KeePass is a random open-source manager and password generator, helping every user to manage every password securely. KeePass has a vault that only hosts all your passwords through one master key or a key file. Its database is being secured with the leading encryption algorithms, Twofish and AES.


  • Manages passwords.
  • With tags creating search feature easy to handle
  • Supports the integration of web browsers.


  • Outdated UI.


  • Not provided.

4 Simple Steps On How to use KeePass?

These are the four simple step by step guides on how to use KeePass:

  1. Right after you have downloaded as well as installed the KeePass on your computer, laptop, or phone, launch, and then from the interface, just simply click on the tab “File” to create your new database with a new “master password.”
  2. Make new entries and then protect them with your passwords by simply right-clicking on the main window by pressing on “Groups” and then selecting the option “Add New Group.” A pop-up will appear saying that it allows you to fill up entries.
  3. Right after that, press on every entry and fill it all out. Be sure to enter your Title, URL of the site, and password, then click the “OK” button.
  4. After you save the password and then it will appear as follows. And click on the item for you to copy the password and then use it online.


There you are; any password manager you wish to choose should be easy to use. If you feel that yourself is returning back to your old ways, insecure about password habits, therefore it’s time to find the right password manager you need aside from KeePass, which will surely fit your needs.

You have theirs above the 5 best KeePass alternatives that will surely fit your needs when it comes to your needs as an internet user.

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