The Photostick Omni Review 2022: Know These Before Buying!


Considering the huge data and information you are exposed to, one of the basic factors you might be extremely careful about when choosing a Windows or Mac PC, Android, or iOS device is the storage capacity. Thus, you need an extensive storage device to store your large files and docs. This is where the photostick Omni comes in.

Primarily, I’ve chosen to use this device to store my documents and files because of the mess I’ve had to put up with whenever I lose them from either my smartphone or personal computer. What could be more devastating than losing all your business ideas and academic files due to the inefficiency of a device? I bet if there’s anything closer to that, it has to be the pain of losing a loved one.

Having the photostick Omni at your disposal will offer timely and efficient solutions to most of the storage challenges you have been experiencing.

That’s the reason I have decided to put up this piece. To help you with all the facts and details you need about the device and how to make the best use of it. It’s a comprehensive guide, and it’s a great privilege you are here.

Without further delay, let’s kick off from the basics.

9.8out of 10

Storage Capacity9.8
Value for Money9.9

The Photostick Omni Review: a Brief Overview

As far as products are concerned, especially with regard to technological tools and equipment, there are several categories under which they can be classified. While some belong to the good category, there are those considered to be bad. The outstanding category also exists, and that’s exactly where I think the photostick Omni belongs.

With high popularity and wide acceptance, you can depend on this USB external storage device to meet all your storage needs. Regardless of how voluminous your files and documents are, this device has enough capacity to store them without risk of losing them.

Invariably every individual has photos and videos which remind them of a particular person or event. The ease of accessing these photos and videos anytime you want and anywhere you are is fundamental. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device or a hard disk, the risk of experiencing a crash is relatively high. But you can avoid such cases with the photostick Omni. If you want a device with large storage to store your photos just as they were captured, you can depend on it to give you that without lag.

Its backup rate is top-notch. You don’t have to undergo the stress of sorting and searching for photos manually. All your 120,000 photos and even more are well-sorted and carefully arranged. It’s an advanced and extremely fast external storage device.

What Is the Photostick Omni?

Easy and relatively compatible with any device ranging from Windows and Mac PCs to android devices such as smartphones and tablets, the photostick Omni is 21st-century external storage and backup device. I couldn’t hold back when I started using this device. With just a few clicks on my computer, I’ve got all my files and documents in the right place, secured and safe.

All I did for the sorting and arrangement of the files was stay back and watch the device do all that by itself. Due to its USB 3.0 interface, it’s clear that it’s an offshoot of the photostick mobile and original photostick. Compared to USB 2.0, this device is about ten times faster and more efficient.

The Photostick Omni Review

In addition, it has a universal adapter attached. This makes it possible for you to use it with any other device. Some of the features of the adapter include:

  • Apple connector.
  • Regular USB connector.
  • Micro USB connector.
  • Type C connector.

Your storage options aren’t limited when you choose the photostick Omni. Perhaps you are looking for a means to back up about 12,000 photos; for instance, the 32GB model is sufficient. But if you crave for more, perhaps as a result of additional videos and documents, the 128GB model comes in handy. Apart from these two, there is also the 250GB model.

Thanks to technology and the developers, the photostick Omni iOS and android mobile apps are readily available on Google Playstore.

What Features Does the Photostick Omni Offer?

A cutting-edge technological device like this should come with great features, no doubt. These high-quality designs and features have made it one of the most sought-after storage devices in the market. Below are some of the fundamental features it has to offer.

What Features Does the Photostick Omni Offer

Ample Storage Capacity

This device’s storage capacity is second to none. The 250GB model can store as much as 120,000 files, including photos, videos, and documents. Beyond that, you can get your audio saved without the feat of running out of storage space.

Compatible with a Lot of Devices

Ranging from Mac (Apple) and Windows computers and laptops to all types of smartphones (iOS, Android, iPhones, etc.) and tablets (iPad, Galaxy, etc.), this external storage works with invariably all types of devices.

Mobile App

Sorting and arranging media files can be tricky and challenging, especially when you do it manually. I’ve been there before, so I know how it feels. But you don’t have to put up with that if you choose the photostick Omni. It has a mobile app that sorts and organizes files in the right order even as you are getting them.

The app works well with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac computers.

Fast and Efficient

Maybe it’s an ultimate search; I don’t know. But people are often on the lookout for devices that functions at an extremely fast pace. Interestingly, you have that feature attached to the photostick Omni. It transfers your files, photos, and videos with zero lags. Just insert it into your computer or any other device you’re using, and your files get transferred in milliseconds. Even at that speed, the device still goes ahead to sort and organize the media files carefully.

Convenient and Easy to use

The device is user-friendly. So, you have nothing to lose or stress yourself about. It’s super convenient and easy to use. With a few clicks on your desktop or smartphone, you can get all your files stored easily. The only thing I think requires some strength is inserting it into your device. That means that you have the most stress-free storage process when you go for it.

Some other features for which this device is known are:

  • Optimum durability due to the high-quality materials used in designing it.
  • High resistance against virus.
  • Suitable for any individual, whether young or old.
  • Lack of periodic subscription.
  • Excellent multipurpose backup device.

How Does the Photostick Omni Work?

Having the photostick Omni at your disposal is not enough. It is essential that you know how it works. To use the device, you need to follow a number of steps. They are simple processes that require no technical skill. They are outlined below.

  • Plug the device into your Mac or Windows PC (it also works with smartphones and tablets)
  • Start the program
  • Tap the go button, and you’re good to go.

Simple and concise. That’s what you get with the photostick Omni. You don’t have to spend hours searching, selecting, organizing, and saving files. With the steps outlined above, everything gets sorted.

Who Is Photostick Omni for?

Perhaps you change your devices as often as you change your wardrobe or move around a lot; there are high chances you will lose your files in the process. With this USB drive, you can easily store and backup your files. Even when your device crashes, you will not have anything to lose.

The device is open to everyone. Both the young and the old can use it to save and backup media files. If you are having challenges with your device’s storage capacity, you might as well consider this alternative. Its storage capacity ranges from 32GB to 250GB.

How to Use the Photostick Omni with Computers?

Using the photostick Omni on your computer shouldn’t be a big deal. There are some step-by-step approaches you only need to adhere to. You will find them below.

How to Use the Photostick Omni with Computers
  • Insert it into the computer
  • Locate it on the file explorer and double click to open
  • Next, the interface pops up
  • Tap the go button.

Pros and Cons of the Photostick Omni

By opting for the photostick Omni, you stand a chance to enjoy a lot of benefits. It doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter some shortcomings with the device. Thus, you need to weigh these advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Pros and Cons of the Photostick Omni

Regardless, the device has more benefits than shortcomings.

Pros of the Photostick Omni

There is a wide range of benefits attached to this external storage device. These advantages cut across many factors, including purpose, cost, versatility, efficiency, and lots more. Choosing this device offers solutions to your storage issues.

Some of the advantages of using it include:

  • Available at a cost-effective price.
  • Easy means of saving and retrieving photos kept for special memories.
  • Suitable for use for every age bracket.
  • Efficient, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Scanning and backup occur automatically following the insertion of the device into the computer.
  • Sleek and portable.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Ability to backup media files in milliseconds.
  • Sort, scan, organize, and backup videos and pictures.
  • Available in different models including 32GB, 128GB, and 250GB.
  • Uses USB 3.0 interface.
  • Absence of file duplication.
  • Possesses a universal adapter.

Cons of the Photostick Omni

As I said, there are some disadvantages you need to be aware of about the photostick Omni. It is essential that you get to know these shortcomings to ensure that you lack no detail about the device.

These disadvantages include:

  • Available only on the internet.
  • Limited purchases due to availability only on the organization’s official website.
  • Attached shipping fee for people placing orders from countries other than the United States.
  • Limited stock caused by increasing demand.

How to Start the Photostick Omni on Mac?

To start the device on your Mac personal computer, below are some steps you need to follow. Strict adherence to these steps will make the process easy and relatable.

  • Plug the device into the USB port.
  • Locate it on your Mac computer and open it.
  • Click the go button to start.

How to Use the Photostick Omni with Your Phone?

Using the photostick Omni on your smartphone, Android and iOS inclusive comes in handy and requires no stress. Similar to using it on your Mac device, there are some steps you need to follow. These steps are highlighted below.

How to Use the Photostick Omni with Your Phone
  • First off, download the mobile app on your phone.
  • Next, install it.
  • Plug the storage device into the phone.
  • Tap on backup to begin the process.

Storage Space of the Photostick Omni

The photostick Omni has an extensive storage capacity. Also, your storage options are not limited. Regardless of how many files you have on your smartphone or computer, it has enough capacity to hold them.

The models you have include 32GB, 128GB, and 250GB. Undoubtedly, this should be enough to store your photos and videos. You don’t have to worry about the device crashing. Its vulnerability to such issues is extremely slim.

Will the Photostick Omni Help My Recover Old Photos?

There’s one thing about this device – you only get what you put into it. You only have access to the pictures and videos stored on it. So, if what I think old photos denote are images not initially stored on the device, you can’t get them.

The Photostick Omni Reviews from Users

Every new product requires a proper review, especially from the users. And whenever it comes to that, I go all the way to carry out my research via the internet to know what the users of such products have to say. So, I was able to gather some about the photostick Omni. Check them in the paragraphs below.

The Photostick Omni Reviews from Users

“I’m not a fan of storage or backup devices. In fact, I seldom use them. Whenever I come across one, maybe from a friend or relative, I wonder if it is possible for a single device to have all the features they claim it has. But I got the shock of my life when I used the photostick omni for the first time. My partner got it for me and its speed is just really amazing” Henry

“Going for the photostick omni wasn’t easy for me due to the numerous problems I’ve encountered with other external storage devices. But I did eventually. You know why? I didn’t want to go through the pain of losing my business files any more. Since I’ve been using it, it has helped me to solve most of my storage problems” Zac F.

“I chose this storage device due to the numerous features, especially for the speed and convenience. I didn’t have to worry about sorting and organizing my videos and images any longer. I opted for the 128GB because I have quite a lot of files to store” Clara Jones.

Where to Buy the Photostick Omni?

You have to visit the manufacturer’s official website to order the device. For now, that’s the only place you can get it. I can guarantee you that it is a safe space to meet loyal suppliers to make your purchases. There are several means of making payments, such as credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

By simply searching for this device via the Google browser, you will come across many questions about it. You will also find answers readily attached to some of these questions. To reduce the number of such questions on the internet, I’ve added some of them to this piece alongside their corresponding answers.

Is the Photostick Omni Easy to Use?

Easy, efficient, and stress-free, it is an all-inclusive storage and backup device.

Is Photostick Omni a Scam?

Perhaps you will find it difficult to believe that a storage device can have great features and benefits as the ones possessed by the photostick Omni; you don’t have to think that way anymore. It is not a scam. But if you purchase it through other means apart from the manufacturing company, you might fall victim to fraud.

How Many Photos Does a Photo Stick Hold?

This largely depends on the storage model you are opting for. However, the largest model can hold as many as 120,000 pictures.

What Photo and Video File Type Can the Photostick Omni Find and save?

There’s no file type that it isn’t compatible with. All files, including MPEG4, MOV, GIF, PNG, JPEG, and many others, can be saved.

Who Is the Supplier?

Founded by Mark Oman, the photostick Omni is available for sale on the manufacturer’s official website. If you want to get one, you can visit the website on Google browser.

Wrap Up

Are you scared of losing all your media files from your smartphone and computer? You can use the photostick Omni to address this issue. With it, you will have all your photos, videos, audios, and documents stored properly without fear of losing them.

9.8out of 10

Storage Capacity9.8
Value for Money9.9

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