The Top 4 Best Android Onn Tablet Devices 2022


android onn tablet

In terms of affordable tablet devices, Amazon’s Fire lineup has long been one of the most recommended devices. However, in 2019, Walmart, Amazon’s direct competitor, launched their answer of affordable tablets carrying Android OS under the ‘Onn’ brand.

In this article, we’re sharing some of the best Android Onn tablet devices that are suitable for those on a tight budget.

The Top 4 Best Android Onn Tablet Devices 2022

1. 11.6-Inch Tablet Pro

One of Walmart’s latest offerings, this Android Onn tablet is probably the biggest option you can have. Featuring an 11.6 inches screen, you have a larger screen for watching your favorite films or reading your favorite eBooks. This tablet provides you with a crystal-clear and vibrant display with its 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD touchscreen.

Running on the latest Android operating system, then this large Onn tablet Pro has a familiar smartphone-like feel but with a bigger display and added kick for all your surfing and web browsing needs.

It runs on an octa-core processor with 4GB RAM so you can surf, work, play games, socialize and stream unlimited content from the web. Plus, it also has 14 hours of battery life so you can play or browse all day long without the need for charging.

Not only that, but this android Onn tablet also has 64GB of internal storage, but you can expand it with the proprietary MicroSD card slot. In terms of camera, the tablet boasts 5MP rear and 5MP selfie cameras to take decent pictures. It also has built-in apps such as Walmart, Vudu, and Sam’s Club apps as well as Entertainment Space and Google Kids Space.

Lastly, this tablet can also double as an alternative laptop with the included detachable keyboard folio case.

2. 8-Inch Tablet Pro

android onn tablet

The Onn 8 Tablet Pro is one of the most recent offerings from Walmart. It is one of the cheapest and best Android tablets under 100 that kicks a good punch. Featuring an 8 inched HD LCD, this Onn 8 Tablet Pro is an upgrade from their previous 8 inches offering.

Like the previous Onn tablet, the 8 Pro also features a fast octa-core processor with 2GB RAM that allows you to surf the web, stream your favorite media or play light games without issues. Just don’t try multitasking because of its small RAM size.

It only has 32GB of built-in storage for saving your favorite movies and pictures. However, it can be expanded for more storage with the MicroSD card slot. Furthermore, this tablet can last up to 10 hours of casual use and is loaded with the Android 10 version so you have access to recent features.

3. 8-Inch Kids Tablet

If you’re looking for a budget Android tablet that will help keep your little ones entertained while you do your chores, then this Onn android tablet is a good option. The Onn Kids tablet is made just for your kids to use.

It boasts an 8 inches clear IPS display screen, which may not have a WOW factor for the adults but isn’t noticeable by your little ones. Loaded with the latest Android 11 version (GO edition) this tablet provides you access to the latest apps and Android updates.

Made for kids, this tablet is also pre-loaded with kid-centric and kid-friendly apps that will entertain your little one for up to 12 hours of casual use. The thoughtfully curated kid’s book, apps, and videos should help in nurturing and inspiring them to explore their interests. It also features a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM which should be enough for kids’ use.

There’s also a 2MP rear and front camera if your little one decides to take some nice photo shots. Walmart also thinks it through with the scratch-resistant touchscreen display as well as the included silicone case with a kickstand so that your kids don’t have to hold the tablet for extended periods.

4. 7-Inch Tablet

If you’re looking for a smaller tablet, then you can try this Onn android tablet. At less than $50 price tag, this 7 inches tablet is easy to carry with you and use for casual use. However, unlike other models on this list, this 7 inches tablet is also limited in terms of features and performance.

For one, it only has a 1024 x 600 resolution so it doesn’t provide the best viewing experience. Also, it only has up to 4.5 hours of battery life so it won’t last that long and you may need frequent charging.

It also has limited storage with 16GB and no MicroSD expansion. It is loaded with the Android 10 Go Edition that gives you access to Google services and apps. Regardless of its low specs, if you’re looking for an android tablet for car or a tablet for reading your favorite eBooks then this tablet should be enough.

Like the previous Onn Android Tablet, this 7 inches tablet is also suitable for kids’ use. With its small size and the new Kids Mode, this tablet is designed for kids ages 3 – 8 which allows them to use it safely. It’s designed to nurture your kid’s creativity and curiosity with thoughtfully curated books, videos, and apps for your little one. Parents can easily monitor and manage the tablet with the Family Link.


Who is the manufacturer of the android Onn tablet?

Walmart manufactures and distributes the Onn android tablet.

Is Android Onn tablet a good brand?

If you’re looking for a budget tablet for casual everyday use (eBook reading, internet browsing, or watching films), then yes, the Onn Android tablet is a good brand to try. But, if you’re looking for a tablet you need for multitasking at work or playing games, then you need to look at more premium brands like Samsung and Apple.


That’s it!

For Android tablets that fall below the $150 – $200 price range, Onn. tablets are surprisingly good value for people who are on a tight budget and looking for a no-frills Android slate for casual use. It is a capable multimedia device with full access to Google services and apps.

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