The Top 4 Best Android Tablets Under $50


The Top 4 Best Android Tablets Under $50

Are you looking for the best android tablets under $50? Tablets have become a staple item in our daily lives, next to smartphones. And while most popular Android tablet models today may seem like luxury items, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars, you can find super affordable devices that are only worth $50 or less.

The Top 4 Best Android Tablets Under $50

The Top 4 Best Android Tablets Under $50

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for Android tablets that can serve as an entertainment platform for your kids, you’ll be glad to know that you can find Android tablets under $50. We enumerated the best ones in this article.

1. 7-Inch Android Tablet

Suitable for your kids and offering good portability, the Onn android tablet is one of the cheapest android tablets under $50 you can find.

It features a 1024×600 resolution which should be enough for its price tag and provide you with a decent viewing experience. Its small size also means that it only has a smaller battery that can last up to 4-5 hours of battery life.

It comes with 16GB of internal storage and is loaded with Android 10 Go Edition, providing you access to Google apps and services. We mentioned before that it’s good for kids’ use due to its Kids Mode feature. Designed for kids aged 3-8, this cheap android table can help nurture your kid’s curiosity and creativity with a thoughtful curation of apps, videos, and books.

2. Lamzien 7

Here’s another android tablets under $50 you can try. Like the previous tablet, the Lamzien 7 has a 7-inch body, equipped with an android working framework. As one of the best Android tablets under $50, this tablet offers plenty of power for your work or leisure activities.

With its 1.5GHz processor, the Lamzien 7 can help with basic multitasking activities. With its IPS HD display, it provides clear pictures and decent colors, allowing for a decent watching experience when streaming your favorite movies and series.

In addition, the back of the tablet is made of scratch-proof material. In terms of memory, this Android tablet boasts 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage that can store a few of your pictures and documents with ease. But, you can add an external SD card to expand its storage. It also comes equipped with a 0.3MP front camera and 2MP back camera, which should help capture fairly good pictures and recordings.

3. Dell Venue 7

Next to our list of the best Android tablet under $50 is from the popular electronics brand, Dell. The Venue 7 is an old, cheap tablet with fairly good features and solid construction. It features a matte black finish with the chrome-painted Dell logo on its back.

Its 7-inch display is sharp and crisp boasting a screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels. This display makes watching videos a fairly decent experience. Weighting more than 5 ounces, the Dell Venue 7 comes with good durability and longevity.

Powered with the Intel Atom Z2560 processor, this Android tablet should be enough to perform daily tasks such as browsing the net, watching movies, reading eBooks, and the like. Featuring 2GB RAM, you don’t have to worry about lagging either. What’s more is that this tablet comes with good battery life, lasting for over 7 hours, making it one of the best tablets you can find for under $50.

4. Haehne 7

Here’s another 7-inch lightweight android tablets under $50 perfect for casual use and for kids who want to watch their favorite cartoons. The Haehne 7 features a solid plastic body that is both durable and fun to look at. It boasts a bright blue paint finish on the body which can be quite appealing to both adults and kids.

With its 7 inches display, the tablet can be suitable for kids to play games or watch cartoons. It also comes with a 1024×600 resolution which may not be the most brilliant of all but still offers a nice amount of detail. Featuring an IPS panel, you can expect wider viewing angles for a good viewing experience.

The Haehne 7 android tablets under $50 comes equipped with the Cortex-A50 64-bit processor. This allows for excellent multitasking and prevents lagging, making it suitable to run all sorts of basic applications and light gaming. Although it may only have 16GB of internal storage, this tablet comes with a MicroSD slot so you can expand it to store more files, videos, and images.


What distinguishes a tablet from a smartphone?

There aren’t many variances in specifications. The tablet has a significantly larger screen than the smartphone for a greater perspective of the workspace, which is the primary factor that sets them apart. Although less flexible than a smartphone, this makes it ideal for professionals who operate on the go. A tablet is more of a gadget to be used while placing it on a desk or on a lap and also is typically carried in a handbag or other case, whereas a smartphone is particularly meant to be a hand-held device.

Can I use a tablet to make a phone call?

Yes, you may utilize the SIM facility found in many tablets to make phone calls, video calls, SMS messages, and use GPRS, 2G, or 3G for internet according on your SIM. Even on tablets without SIM card support, video chatting is possible with the aid of WiFi and programs like Skype.


And there you have it, the list of android tablets under $50! While some tablets are pro-level laptop replacements or gaming powerhouses, others can perform the humbler, most basic duties. The list of the best Android tablets under $50 can serve as an entertainment device for your little ones, alarm clocks, e-book readers, browsing the net, or watching your favorite Netflix shows without the steep price tag.

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