The Top 4 Best Video Player Android 2022


best video player android 2022

In this article, we’re sharing some of the best video player android 2022– ranging from the highly configurable powerhouses to the lightweight and easy-to-use players–that you can download for offline watching.

Video streaming has grown in popularity as people consume more videos and content. If you’re looking for a way to binge-watch your favorite movies, documentaries, and TV shows, then you’re probably paying for video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.

That said, most of us still have numerous video files on our Android phones. Fortunately, viewing videos on your phone is not that difficult today, thanks to the popularity of video player apps with the capability to lay almost any video codecs available.

The Top 4 Best Video Player Android 2022

best video player android 2022

1. VLC For Android

If there’s one best video player android 2022 that’s well-known around the world, it is the VLC For Android. It has been around for some time now and is considered the most popular video player app for desktops and laptops.

VLC For Android is pretty much everything you need from a video player app. It offers every feature you could ask for including a wireless transfer over Wi-Fi. It also allows you to add media content manually from your computer. What’s more is that this best video player android 2022 app also has gesture support that allows you to skip forward, increase or decrease volume and so much more with minimal effort.

As one of the powerhouse video players, VLC can play just about any media files you have. What’s even more loved about this app is that it’s entirely free for download and does not contain any in-app purchases and ads. Not only that, but the developers also posted their entire source code online so that anyone can work on it as they please.

2. MX Player

Next to VLC For Android, MX Player is yet another reliable name as one of the best video player android 2022 in the app world. This highly recommended app features a slightly more advanced UI compared to VLC and is also a lot smoother in terms of gestures compared to VLC.

This means that MX Player is much more polished and refined, providing a sophisticated media experience. Its video screen provides you with information on every aspect of your media file including subtitles, tracks, and other info. This way, you don’t have to leave the screen in order to add or change captions to your video.

As far as the video player app goes, MX Player is highly rated by experts and users alike. While it can be downloaded for free, it does have ads and in-app purchases which will give you access to more advanced features. Also, due to licensing issues, the app does not support AC3 and DTS which can be a deal-breaker, but you can download custom codecs for the app online.

3. Plex

On its own, Plex is a good local media player you can try. But when you combine it with its own server software for your mobile devices and desktop, this best video player android 2022 transforms your Android mobile devices into a streaming powerhouse that can sort your media files into an organized library you can stream into your phone or even smart TV.

Although free to download, Plex comes with a paid version. By upgrading your free version to the full Plex Pass subscription that starts at $4.99 per month, you can add numerous features such as user controls, media control dashboards, and wireless library syncing that allows you to enjoy your music and movies offline.

4. PlayerXtreme

PlayerXtreme started as a popular and well-regarded iOS video player. However, it’s since chosen to also cater to Android devices, making a name as one of the best video players for Android devices.

This video player features a ton of options and features for casual to hardcore watchers. The app supports over 40 file formats, hardware acceleration, and subtitles. It also has streaming support both in and out, allowing you to video media stored on your mobile device. It also has Chromecast and AirPlay support that allows you to video videos and other media cast straight to your smart TV.

In addition, PlayerXtreme also comes with convenient playback features such as variable playback speed, frame-by-frame playback, subtitle, and audio offset if your playback is not perfectly in sync with subs and so much more.


Why download videos and use a video player app to watch?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, video streaming services are popular nowadays. Unfortunately, while you can subscribe to these platforms to watch your favorite shows, not all your favorite films or even new series may not be on your current streaming service.

In addition, you may not always have access to Wi-Fi or a mobile network, so streaming is not an option. In this case, downloading them online and playing them on your phone with the best video player for Android is your best bet.

Do Android phones have a dedicated video player?

Yes. Android devices have a built-in basic video player you can use to play and watch videos on your phone.

Do I really need to download the best video player for android?

This will depend on you. As mentioned before Android devices already have a dedicated video player installed. That said, third-party video player apps from Google Play Store provide a richer and more diverse viewing experience. Most video players also can play almost all video file formats such as mp4 and mkv, so you won’t be limited in watching your downloaded videos.

How do I change the default video player app on Android?

To change the default video player of your Android device, you simply need to go to Settings, find Apps, and then Default Apps. Tap the default setting you want to change then find the video player app that you want as default.


With the best video player android 2022 installed on your Android device, you’ve got to enjoy a portable theater in your pocket. Particularly if you’re toting around some of the biggest Android tablets or phones.

Today’s video content is sharper than ever with 8K and 4K viewing now supported on most Android phones. Thus, you want your video player to keep up with the emerging trends.

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