ThePhotoStick Review 2022: Protects Your Precious Memories


I hear about thephotostick all the time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? When I visit a place, I capture countless photos of mine, others and nature to keep the moments memorable. The Photostick solved my storage problems with better experience so I can store all memories safely.

Once I lost all photos, videos and more for a virus attack on my computer and cannot recover them. The device makes me stress-free from the problems and I make a backup of the selected photos and videos on the flash drive. Below, I have shared my experience with thePhotostick flash drive and how it helps me store files safely. Let’s continue with thePhotostick review.

What is The PhotoStick?

The Photostick USB is the perfect solution for store files with safety. Its operation is so simple that it can be operated without any problems without any prior technical knowledge. Because it only takes a single click. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Its affordable price makes it one of the best products in this category on the market.

What is The PhotoStick

It allows you to organize all media files with just one click. This innovative device secures my photos without having to pay a monthly subscription. It can be used only from the computer. But there is another key for your cell phone. I use it for all files – for photos and videos and music and documents.

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How Does the Photostick Work?

The Photostick is a super innovative system to organize and save all files with just one click. I can store photos, videos, documents, media files and more with a single click of the mouse. Let’s see how it works for me:

How Does the Photostick Work

  • First, I connect my PC to the flash drive.
  • Then, it gets started in just a few seconds and click Start.
  • The start page opens with the PhotoStick screen and clicks on Go.
  • The drive started to collect and organize your files. Wait for this process to complete.

And done!

I’ll give you some more information:

  • On the software, I can organize the photos by changing the format.
  • It has several versions, which depend on the storage capacity of the device. I always choose the capacity of any storage device according to my needs.
  • Thanks to its smart technology, it does not collect duplicate photos but only the original ones.
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Key Features and Specification

After much research, I have to admit that I haven’t found a better solution than The Photo Stick and read more thePhotostick reviews. I have been using it now for a few weeks. I tried it myself, and here I presented the features that I like the most.

Key Features and Specification


Unlike backing up files to cloud storage, this innovative gadget does not require setting up an account. I even have coffee and do something productive while I wait for this gadget to do all the work. Avoid spending those hours of the organization using this innovative and practical device.

Support all types of file:

It supports all types of file formats such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, JPG, HEIC, AVI and more. I already stored old and new photos on the USB flash drive and access into them with a single click.

Fast and automatic:

Without this smart photo backup from ThePhotoStick, I would have to sit at the computer and select the photos, videos, media files, etc. Then create folders, sub-folders and organize them. What a hassle! However, using this gadget does not take too long. I do other tasks while using this innovative device. The device has built-in software that is extremely easy to use, which makes saving photos super easy. So even those who are not that tech-savvy can also use this device without any inconvenience.


With this gadget, keep everything safe from failure or damage to the computer by making a constant backup. ThePhotoStick allows me free storage to save photos and videos, freeing up space on my phone without using cloud storage services.

Does not require internet:

ThePhotoStick works without access to the web. I can back up my files without the internet. It is not like cloud storage that will not work unless you are connected to the internet. This device works the same as a hard drive, except that it is more manageable to carry and is specially designed for photos and videos only.

No monthly expenses:

With this photo storage device, I do not pay for cloud storage. I only pay once when you buy the gadget, and that’s it.

  • Instant plug and play
  • 128GB big storage capacity
  • Quick backup
  • Store all files safe
  • Weekly auto backup
  • Works without any software
  • Keep original files
  • Sometimes it freezes
  • The 32GB version is missing
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Where Can You Use it?

Where can you use smartDOTs

ThePhotoSticck supports all types of device and file formats. It works only with Windows, Mac, and Linux-based computers. Also, it does not require additional software to run on your computer. It instantly backs up all your photos, videos, and media files with just one click. There is no need to select, copy or paste anything.

Why Photo Stick Is So Simple to Use

You can store all those folders that contain photos and videos from your computer or phone, but you must spend a lot of your time to select those files that deserve to be saved carefully. The most awkward moment is that there is a possibility that you have missed a photo or video and when you realize it, it will be too late.

Why Photo Stick Is So Simple to Use

  • Technology thrives on its ambitious proposals and American companies have generated thePhotoStick. This incredible software saves all the files on any device within the computer’s storage with one click.
  • Surely you classify those photos in numerous folders to which you have to spend a great deal of time to locate each image in the group that it belongs to. On the other hand, perhaps it is one of those that just crowd everything in the same place. In both cases, I can tell you not to be stupid and protect yourself from the terrible inconveniences of losing files with the new good idea that grates on the genius of auto photo backup or auto storage of photos.
  • The device breaks the line of those programs that upload images and videos to the internet by charging an expensive monthly credit card fee.
  • This flash drive protects your private data, avoiding lengthy and complicated processes that are so tedious where there will be no extra charges for the service. Photo Stick is as friendly as it is inexpensive since it is compatible with Windows and iOS, which overlaps it as one of the most profitable software on the market. It has become the favorite of users who are fans of the good. Best of all? You only need to press one click and the PhotoStick will take care of the rest.
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Who Can Use It?

I never want my memories to go down the drain in case your computer crashes, virus attacks or other accidents. In that case, backing up all essential files are very important and thePhotoStick makes it easier. When I plug it on my computer, it automatically keeps a backup of the new files, so I do not have to back up those files manually. Its operation is very simple, like plug and play. Also, it automatically removes the duplicate files, ensures safety from virus attack and you can easily carry on the pocket or key ring.

How to Run PhotoStick on Your computer (Step by Step guide)

With thePhotoStick system, you will see that uploading and classifying music files, videos, photos and even documents is as simple if you do it from your computer or smartphone. The program has been created by computer geniuses to work automatically. They understand that not everyone has the ability to move the computer.

Running ThePhotoStick on the computer is very simple and follow the instruction on how I run it on my computer:

Step 01: I plug it in the USB port to connect the flash drive.How to Run PhotoStick on Your computer (Step by Step guide)

Step 02: Then, I wait for the computer to recognize it and press click to add.

How to Run PhotoStick on Your computer (Step by Step guide)-02

Step 03: When thePhotoStick screen comes, I press OK.

Step 04: It collects the information, classifies automatically and completes the process.

It is so easy to run on the computer that there is no more to explain about its setup.

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Photostick Variations

It comes in three different storage capacities, so you can choose which one suits your needs.

  • The 8GB stick retails for just $34.99 and you can save 30%. You can store about 3500 photos and videos on it.
  • The 64GB version is the more popular variant, which you can get for just $49.99 instead of the actual price of $79.99.  It allows us to keep 30k photos and videos.
  • If you want a huge capacity, there is a 128GB model at just $79.99 instead of paying the actual price of $159.99. More than 60k photos and videos can be stored on it.

How Many Photos or Files Can You Save on PhotoStick?

ThePhotostick comes in 8GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity versions and their color is different from each other. The 8GB version can keep about 3500 photos and videos, which is perfect for a regular user. The 64GB version is enough to store more than 30 thousands of photos and files. And the 128GB model is the large and final version that can keep more than 60 thousand photos with a few videos. According to the same sized USB flash drive, thePhotostick can keep more files for its smart technology.

Is a scam?

I have several USB flash drives and one of my friends suggested to me to purchase thePhotoStick. Then, I bought it from their official website to test its reality that my friend told me. From the outside, thePhotoStick looks like another USB flash drive. Although it seems like a simple flash drive, its performance amazed me. It does not require you to configure the system before uploading pictures and videos. Due to its affordability and convenience, this device is considered the best flash drive for my computer.

Where I Can Buy It?

The Photo Stick is available in several versions depending on the capacity you need. You can connect it to any computer, Mac or Windows. The price is really affordable for everyone. I recommend you to purchase it from their official website.

Where I Can Buy It

They provide 60 days money-back guarantee and discounts on large storage versions that will save your money and keep more data safely. Also, you can purchase it from Amazon, Best Buy and other trusted shops.

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Frequently Asked Question

We have answered some frequently asked questions about thePhotoStick.

Does photostick work on more than one device?

It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating system based computers so you can use it on multiple devices according to the free space on the gadget.

Does ThePhotoStick Work with iPhone?

ThePhotoStick mobile version comes with a regular micro-USB port and you can use it on the iPhone with a micro-USB to iPhone adapter. Also, the manufacturer provides the adapter if you tell them.

Does ThePhotoStick Work on an iPad?

You can use ThePhotoStick mobile and computer version on the iPad using the lightning port converter cable. But, the latest iPad Pro models will not work due to the USB-C connection.

How Many Photos Can PhotoStick Save?

ThePhotosick has 3 different variants. The 8GB model can save 3500 photos, 64 can save 30000 photos and the 128 models can save 60000 photos with few video files.

Does ThePhotoStick need to install anything on my computer?

To use thePhotostick on the computer it does not require additional software. When you plug it on your computer, it automatically sets up and is ready to use.

What photo and video file types can ThePhotoStick find and save?

It supports jpg, jpeg, heic, jpe, jfif, gif, ico, bmp, png photo formats and mov, avi, 3gp, wmv, mp4, m4v video formats file.

Final Thought

ThePhotoStick quickly establishes itself as a must-have USB flash drive if anyone needs to automatically organize your photos. The device will organize the photos without the slightest effort! I really liked it because it frees up needed space on my devices and cloud storage. After using it, I don’t have to sort everything before transferring it to another location because saving photos has never been so easy. The photo backup device does it all for me. After all, I give ThePhotoStick my approval in the thePhotostick review.

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