ThinOptics Review: Are These Reading Glasses Worth Buying?



As we age, whether we like it or not, our eyesight becomes weaker. And if this time comes, we need to wear a pair of reading eyeglasses. Unfortunately, there are times that we tend to forget to bring our eyeglasses or worse misplace them.

Luckily, there are currently reading glasses that are not just comfortable but flexible too and impossible to break. What’s more, you can also attach them to your case. This is where ThinOptics come into play.

With ThinOptics, you will never lose your reading glasses again. But the question is, is it really a good buy? Would you like to know the answer? If so, be sure to check our review until the end for you to find out the answer.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is ThinOptics?

ThinOptics is a pair of comfortable and at the same time durable glasses that you can stick at the back of your phone with ease. This will keep your spectacles tucked away until you need to use them.

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ThinOptics, without a doubt, is known as the most comfortable reading glasses on the market. In fact, the concept of this item is so unique. They are convenient and thin and come with a small case that you can fit into your phone with ease.

Admit it or not, most of the time, you are holding your phone, thus every time you need your glasses you can easily access them. With ThinOptics, you’ll always have your reading glasses ready. Lastly, besides being foldable and flexible, ThinOptics are scratch resistant, handy, and durable.

ThinOptics: How Does It Work?


ThinOptics is a reading eyeglass that can be folded and this will surely get the attention of many. The best part about the bendable frame is that it does not compromise quality, as it uses durable materials.

While they are made of durable materials, ThinOptics are light in weight, and in fact, you might even forget that you’re wearing glasses.

ThinOptics, on the other hand, allows its users to choose their desired strength. It could be +2.50, +2.00, +1.50, and +1.00. All available strengths are stylish and sleek so that you can easily pair them with all ensembles.

To use the ThinOptics glasses, you will need to attach the case to the back of your phone. Then fold the eyeglasses and insert them into the case. Thus, you can keep track of your glasses with ease, especially if you’re outdoors.

What Are The Characteristics of ThinOptics?

Characteristics of ThinOptics

As mentioned, ThinOptics is a distinct pair of glasses that has been developed by professionals so that people all over the world will be able to read comfortably wherever they are. ThinOptics is paired with amazing features that are hard to see in other reading glasses.

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Nevertheless, here are some of the best characteristics that ThinOptics possess.

  •       Eye-catching design
  •       The produced products are of high quality as every step of production is being controlled properly.
  •       World-class customer support to help users who have problems with their glasses.
  •       Made in the US
  •       These thin, extremely durable, and comfy glasses will stick right to the back of your phone, keeping them safely kept until you need them.

Benefits of ThinOptics

Did you know that the makers of ThinOptics designed the glasses with innovative technology? This is so beneficial since they want to make sure that they will stand out in the market considering that there are lots of reading eyeglasses brands in the market.

Nonetheless, here are the benefits of using ThinOptics that will surely make you buy reading glasses.

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1. You Will Have High-Quality Glasses

As we all know, reading glasses are prone to breaking and this makes them hard to protect. Fortunately, the unique foldable design of ThinOptics is scratch resistant and shatterproof.  As aforementioned, the materials used are the most durable to guarantee durability. Even though you sit on your reading glasses accidentally, you don’t need to worry about any damage.

2. Can Be Carried Anywhere

Admit it or not, when you are going outside or somewhere else you are always checking if you have your phone in your pocket or bag. And if you’re at your destination, you’ll feel stressed since you left your glasses. Luckily, ThinOptics developed a product that can be used to prevent this scenario.

If you are always forgetting your glasses, you can never go wrong with ThinOptics as the glasses can guarantee a high level of comfort. ThinOptics glasses can be easily kept in the phone case and brought wherever you are. But besides phones, you can also attach the glasses to a key chain for more convenience.

3. Lightweight Design

Another good thing about ThinOptics’ design is that it is very lightweight, you’ll not even feel the weight on your nose and phone. So, if you’re tired of using bulky reading classes that end up consuming so much space in your bag, you will like ThinOptics.

4. Modern and Sleek Design

The design of reading glasses from ThinOptics is unique and new. And it is not surprising that they stand out from the crowd. Nonetheless, the modern and sleek design of the reading glasses is sophisticated and elegant.

5. Wide Variety of Options

With ThinOptics reading glasses, there are plenty of options to choose from. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that you have the right lens strength.

6. Affordable

Unlike competitive and leading brands, reading glasses from ThinOptics are so affordable. Considering the materials used, these eyeglasses will not break your account. As a matter of fact, on their website, you will be able to get discounts.

How Much Does ThinOptics Cost?

The price of ThinOptics varies depending on the kind of glasses you will get. For more accurate pricing, you can directly visit its official website. Further, you should also take advantage of the available discounts because ThinOptics is so generous and they are cutting down the prices without sacrificing the quality.

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Does ThinOptics of Warranty?

Absolutely, yes. A six-month warranty is provided by ThinOptics. But the following circumstances are not covered by the warranty:

  •       Damaged lenses
  •       Unreasonable or unsuitable use
  •       Common tear and wear damage
  •       Taken or lost glasses
  •       Damage related to general negligence
  •       Modified items
  •       Accidental injury
  •       Broken screws

How Comfortable ThinOptics Are?

Wearing a pair of ThinOptics glasses feels really comfortable. In fact, they are lighter compared to nickel. What’s more, they are only applying light pressure to the sides of your nose to the spring-loaded Nitinol bridge.

Moreover, they are simpler and faster to put on. With this pair of glasses, you will not want to wear eyewear with temples irritating your ears.

What Is The Shipping Policy Of ThinOptics?

One of the best things about ThinOptics is that they are offering international shipping such as in Australia, Canada, and the US. If you want to avail the free shipping, you must be residing in the US and spend more than $40. When you meet these requirements, you don’t need to enter any shipping code to get it.

However, if your order doesn’t reach $40, no worries because ThinOptics is offering a flat-rate shipping fee that is computed upon checking out.

On the other hand, for international purchases, please note that the shipping fees and rates differ depending on the location. Further, the estimated delivery dates are three to seven business days. You can also track your parcel easily by clicking the tracking link provided in your shipment confirmation email.

It is worth mentioning that some international orders may be subject to import duties and custom fees. Both expenses are usually shouldered by the buyer.

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Pros of Using ThinOptics

ThinOptics is a brand of eyeglasses that are designed to be ultra-lightweight and portable, making them a convenient option for people who need to wear glasses on a daily basis. Some potential benefits of using ThinOptics eyeglasses include:

  1. Portability: ThinOptics eyeglasses are designed to be ultra-compact, so they can easily be carried in a purse, pocket, or wallet. This makes them a convenient option for people who need to wear glasses while traveling or on the go.
  2. Comfort: ThinOptics eyeglasses are made with lightweight materials, which can make them more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  3. Versatility: ThinOptics eyeglasses are available in a variety of styles and lens types, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.
  4. Convenience: ThinOptics eyeglasses are designed to be easy to use and maintain, with durable construction and scratch-resistant lenses.
  5. Affordability: ThinOptics eyeglasses are generally more affordable than traditional eyeglasses, making them a cost-effective option for people who need to wear glasses on a daily basis.

The Cons of Using ThinOptics

There are a few potential downsides to using ThinOptics eyeglasses to consider:

  1. Durability: Some people may find that ThinOptics eyeglasses are not as durable as traditional eyeglasses, and may break more easily.
  2. Fit: Because ThinOptics eyeglasses are designed to be ultra-compact and lightweight, they may not fit as snugly on the face as traditional eyeglasses. This can be a problem for people who need glasses for activities that require a secure fit, such as sports.
  3. Limited lens options: ThinOptics eyeglasses are generally only available with single vision lenses, which may not be suitable for people who need multifocal or other specialized lens types.
  4. Limited frame options: ThinOptics eyeglasses are available in a limited selection of frame styles, so you may not be able to find a pair that matches your personal style.
  5. Quality: Some people may find that ThinOptics eyeglasses are not as high quality as traditional eyeglasses, and may not provide the same level of clarity and visual acuity.


Can I Attach the Universal Pod Case to Any Phone?

Absolutely, yes. It is because the makers of the reading glasses take into consideration the different dimensions of phones.

The universal case comes in a sleek and slim design that will house the glasses comfortably and safely. You can attach the case to any model of phone, either iPhone or Android, regardless of the dimension.

Will The Lenses of ThinOptics Stay Secure On The Nose?

In actual fact, before the launch of ThinOptics glasses, the makers tested their prototypes of various nose types. Meaning to say, the reading glasses will stick on your nose perfectly, regardless of their shape.

There is also a highly elastic bridge that exerts slight pressure to keep the users in position while reading. Further, even though you decide to wear the lenses on the septum and shake your head, no worries because it will still remain. Thus, you can ensure that it will fit on your nose.

Does ThinOptics Have Refund Policy?

Yes, and take note the glasses are backed by a thirty-day refund policy. So, if you are not satisfied with the products you received, you can return the item to the manufacturer. Moreover, you will need to contact the company within thirty days of your acquisition to get the money-back guarantee. 

What Do You Need to Know Before Having Reading Glasses?

Before you get a pair of eyeglasses, carefully assess and check your prescription first. You will need to see a doctor to confirm whether you need to use glasses or not. In addition to that, you want to know how far your pupils are. Remember, our pupils are located at the back of the eye, and the distance between pupils will determine how much light is entering your eyes.

Glaucoma: Does It Cost Blindness?

In case you didn’t know, glaucoma is a kind of disease affecting the optic nerve. In this disease, the pressure inside your eyeball will increase. And thus, the nerves will have a hard time sending signals to the brain. But sooner or later, your optic nerve will become damaged and you’ll end up losing your vision.

Glaucoma has two types: closed-angle glaucoma and open-angle glaucoma. Respectively, it occurs if the iris closes and the latter takes place if the eyes are open. But it is worth mentioning that these two types of glaucoma may result in blindness.

Conclusion: Are ThinOptics Reading Glasses Worth It?

Thousands of people have already tried the ThinOptics reading glasses and take note, they are sharing good words about their purchases. ThinOptics reading glasses are based on a very unique idea and concept making them extraordinary compared to the usual reading glasses

With all the good features, designs, and characteristics of ThinOptics reading glasses, it is indeed a worthy investment, especially for those who have poor eyesight and always misplace their glasses or left from their last destination. Furthermore, the prices are so affordable too.

Looking for the best reading glasses? Be sure to click this link and say hello to the most convenient reading glasses ever made – ThinOptics reading glasses.

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