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Whether you are enjoying a rooftop party or beach gathering, one thing you need is music. And both of these places are not compatible with electric sockets. That means no chance of setting up even a small, powerful speaker without wiring harassment.

Then what is the solution? Get a Bluetooth speaker that is affordable and effective. We can’t deny music’s necessity in a beach party or outdoor party or even romantic dinner on the beach. So now, let’s check the in-depth comparison between TikiTunes vs Margaritaville. And decide which one you should buy.

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To make your way easy, we’ve come with a detailed comparison between these devices. And look at the following table to accelerate your learning and quick purchase.

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Let’s get into a quick battle on which device offers what.

TikiTunes Review
TikiTunes Review
Matte Black
Connection Area
Connection Area
30 feet
33 Feet
Battery Duration
Battery Duration
6 hours
7 hours
Water Proofing
Water Proofing
Not Verified
Dust Resistance
Dust Resistance
1 year
2 years

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville: What are The Differences?

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville: What are The Differences

What Is TikiTunes?

An awesome Bluetooth speaker that you can use outdoors. If you like surrounding sound and stereo speakers, you can get this one—the TikiTunes pairs with other TikiTunes of the same brand model and other models. If you have a Bluetooth speaker with multi-speaker connectivity, you can add it up to that.

This speaker goes up to 6 hours of music and lighting. And that is very long for playing music through a Bluetooth speaker. You can take them to a beach party or in the backyard. With its IP65 rating, you worry-free about getting It wet or dusty.

Beach is the one place where it can get all dusty. And dirt can easily damage any speaker. But this product is designed to resist dust from entering the chamber. So, a worry-free beach party is on.

Why would you take this if it’s just a Bluetooth speaker? Hang on there, and this is not just a Bluetooth speaker. It is a speaker with an ambient LED light. And the flickering is programmed so well that you will feel the real fire. The LED lights can imitate dancing fire action. Sometimes you won’t even feel it’s a digital product. It will seem like a fire lamp with a candle. That will set the mood for anyone.

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What is Margaritaville?

Margaritaville is a chandelier speaker that works on a Bluetooth connection. This awesome Bluetooth speaker is one of the go-to speakers for travelers. The unique design makes this speaker more like a showpiece than being a gadget.

The company claims this is your summer friend. Enjoy the summer on the beach or near the swimming pool and play music through this speaker. The water and dust resistance are not much higher. But it’s manageable to take it out on the beach.

It can then be a wonderful companion when you hang on the camping site with your mates. It can also be beneficial when you enjoy relaxing in the pool or on the coast. You may literally go to your preferred park with it as well.

The LED will give you a realistic lantern feeling. And when you connect two speakers, this will make the entertainment double.

What Are the Main Features?

What Are the Main Features

Main Features in TikiTunes

The main features are being portable and Bluetooth speakers—one thing we can’t ignore is that it is affordable. The price is quite low in comparison to the same capable devices.

Sound quality is a must highlight feature. The sound is very crisp and loud. And by loud, we mean really loud. When it comes to midrange, you will definitely notice how powerful these tiny beasts are.

You’ll enjoy decent music and lighting up to 6 hours constantly. The light is very bright, so there is no issue if you are in the dark.

The 2000 mAH battery is rechargeable with a 5 W charger. The battery is 7.2V, so the powering is higher than a mobile phone. Once you fully charge with a USB charger, you are good to go for a long music playlist.

Main Features in TikiTunes

The one most interesting thing about this speaker is the multi-connection. You can add up more than 2 speakers. With the Bluetooth connection, you can add one speaker to another speaker and the phone’s first speaker. With this, you will get a unique stereo experience.

Hold not, that’s not all. It can pair with any brand of Bluetooth speaker. If you have another speaker who can pair with the same brand, TikiTunes acts as the same for that speaker. Quite a handy feature, we must say.

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Main Features in Margaritaville

The Margaritaville has some amazing features starting from lasting for 7 hours non-stop. The sound is quite good. You can use it at a small bonfire party.

Are you not allowed to start a fire on the roof? Then the Margaritaville will compensate for that. Keep the speaker in the middle and start your party. The flickering effect will never give you the chance to think there isn’t any bonfire.

You can add 2 speakers and keep them in the distance for the surrounding sound. The speakers work from a maximum of 33 feet distance. You get a pole with the speaker to stick in the ground and have a lantern-like feeling.

You can use long poles as an entrance to your beach party. Then keep the two speakers on top of those. It will give you elegance, and your guest will be surprised. The ambiance, Sound, and Long-duration are the main features to focus on.

How to Pair

Pairing TikiTunes

Pairing with Phones/Laptops:

  • First, power up the speaker by pressing the power button.
  • You will hear the “TikiTunes is ready to pair” command prompt.
  • An indicator light will blink.
  • Then you need to start the Bluetooth setting on your device.
  • Pair with TikiTunes from the available device.
  • Syncing 2 TikiTunes speakers:
  • Turn on both of the speakers.
  • Press on the play button twice or press and hold in anyone.
  • The LED light should stop blinking when the device synced successfully.
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Pairing Margaritaville

Pairing with Phone/Laptop:

  • Press the power button for 3-4 seconds, and your speaker will turn on.
  • Go to the Bluetooth setting on your phone and pair with MA112.
  • The white light will stop blinking once it is synced.

Pairing with another Margaritaville speaker:

  • Start both speakers by pressing the power button for 3-4 seconds.
  • Both of the speakers will start blinking for paring.
  • It doesn’t pair automatically, then press and hold on the pause/play button on any of the speakers. That will be your mother’s device.
  • The white light on the second speaker will remain still, and the master speaker will be blinking.
  • Connect your phone or laptop with the master speaker, and you are ready.

Where to Buy TikiTunes?

You can buy any speakers from a physical shop or even from an online shop. But the TikiTunes have their official website where you can buy the product from. Here is the link

Where to Buy TikiTunes

And you can also purchase this music system from Amazon. They have a shop on Amazon as well. Check the link.

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Where to Get Margaritaville?

Sakar International INC manufactures Margaritaville. We couldn’t find any official link to their product. Thus, you don’t have to worry about that. This amazing product is available on Amazon. You can get the product by following this link.

Where to Get Margaritaville

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville: Which One is Better?

Have you enjoyed the head to head battle between TikiTunes vs Margaritaville? Both of these products are head-to-head. Let’s reconsider the facts once before we say which one is better. Both Margaritaville and TikiTunes are Bluetooth speakers. Both of these are portable and rechargeable.

Margaritaville stays up to 7 hours, where the TikiTunes is capable for 6 hours. Another plus point on Margaritaville is distance connection. This is 3 feet more than TikiTunes.

These facts aren’t the main ones to consider Margaritaville as the winner. We would recommend getting TikiTunes.

First, its IP65 rating makes it water and dust resistant that means a longer duration than Margaritaville. The sound quality of TikiTunes is much better than Margaritaville. And the price is one spot that TikiTunes hit hard. One more thing you cannot ignore that Margaritaville can only add up 1 more speaker of the same brand. There TikiTunes can add up to 8 speakers of both the same and different brands.

So get your TikiTunes speakers from Here NOW.

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