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In modern technology, most of us use Bluetooth locators to track our valuable possessions. From a smartphone, anyone can easily find out the valuables. You will find tons of Bluetooth trackers online and offline shops. So, it is challenging to get the perfect one.

Here, I will present the Tile Pro and Tile mate Bluetooth locator. They are tiny and track possessions perfectly. However, they sound the same but have few differences. In this Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate special comparison, I have shared my experience with both trackers so that you can get the best one that fulfills your demands.

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Comparison Chart:

Look at the Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate comparison chart for better understanding:

Details of Product  Tile Pro Tile Mate
Range 400 feet 200 feet
Alarm sound 128 decibels 119 decibels
Weight 12grams 6 grams
Battery CR2032 CR1632
App compatibility Tile app Tile app
Community support Yes Yes
Where To Buy    

Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate: What is The Difference?

Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate: What is The Difference?

1. What Is It?

Tile pro:

Tile Pro is a small revolution in your everyday life. It is a small Bluetooth connected device that allows you to find valuables, keys, smartphones, tablets, remote controls and anything you want. It has a direct range of 120 meters or 400 feet, which is enough for everyday life.

Tile pro

Tile Pro is a very small device weighing only 12g and just over 4cm large, with a hole for the keyring. It makes alerts with 128 decibels louder sound so you can easily find your valuables. It is IP55 water resistance, so you can freely use it at any condition. The Tile pro will be your super ally in everyday life.

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Tile Mate:

Tile Mate is a standard and basic Bluetooth tracker from Tile. It is slimmer and weighs only 6grams. It can be used by the Tile app. You can find your Tile mate attached belongings within 200 feet range with. When you press the search button on the Tile app, it will create 119 decibels sound to find out your valuables easily.

Tile mate

Also, it is IP55 certified, which ensures water and weather-resistant performance. You can freely use keychains, wallets and other small things. It is perfect for our essentials on a long trip.

2. How Does Work?

Tile pro:

To activate the Tile pro, just turn it on and download the free app for iOS and Android. Once activated, simply login to the app and recall it.

Tile pro

If the object linked to the Tile pro is located less than 120 m, the device will emit a sound signal that allows an easy and immediate finding. If not, you can go directly to the app, showing the Tile Mate’s last detected location on a map.

Is the item you lost not in the location marked on the map? Ask the community! Tile Pro connects you with all the other devices that use the app, so if there is another device that detects your Tile Pro location, it will notify you.

The Tile pro uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the application located on your mobile or tablet. Follow the instructions to use the Tile pro:

  • Open the Tile app to find your list of Tiles.
  • Tap on the Tile proof of the list you have lost and press the green “Search” button.
  • The Tile pro will play a loud sound until you find it.
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Tile mate:

Tile mate works similar to tile pro. You have to activate tile mate from the Tile smartphone app. Here, I will share the instructions on using tile mate.

Tile mate

  • Install the Tile app on your phone.
  • Open the phone’s Bluetooth connection and select the tile mate device.
  • Now, ping the device remotely by following the location and alarm sound.

You can detect lost things within 60 meters. If you cannot track the lost item, see the last detected location on the map. Also, you can get the community help. If someone found your tile mate on their app, you will be informed. Carefully attach the Tile mate with valuables. If it is removed from the valuables, you can only find the device, not lost valuables.

3. Point and Benefits of Use This

Tile pro:

Tile pro offers amazing features to track valuables. See below:

  • It is small and with a hole to insert it in the keys or hang it.
  • It is flat and slim, so you can carry it in the wallet or stick it on the tablet.
  • You can track valuables in a 400 feet distance range.
  • The alarm sound is 128 decibels, so the object can be found easily.
  • The locator is IP55 certified, so you can use it outside and in all weather conditions.
  • Its built-in CR2032 battery provides long-time performance.

Tile mate:

Tile mate has incredible features and they are presented below:

  • Tile mate is lightweight, only 6 grams, so you can freely attach it with small valuables.
  • It allows you to detect connected things within 200 feet range.
  • It makes 119 decibels sound to find it easily.
  • It runs with a long-lasting CR1632 replaceable battery.
  • For the IP55 certification, it works in all weather conditions.

4. Where to Buy?

Tile Pro:

The 400 feet ranged Tile pro is available in local gadget shops. But I mention you get it from the manufacturer to avoid the risk of fake products. You can get the Tile pro from here with all supports.

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Tile Mate:

Tile Mate is also sold on Amazon by the official company. You can get it from here.

Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate: Which One Is Better?

Tile Pro and Tile Mate are from the same company and work as a Bluetooth locator. I have tried both devices and shared my user experience of both devices in the Tile Pro Vs Tile Mate special comparison. From them, I recommend the Tile pro for its long-range performance and louder alarm than the tile mate.

If you want a stress-free performance, the Tile pro will be the best choice. You can use both devices from the same Tile app. You can get the Tile pro from here with big discounts. So, don’t be late. Get the Tile pro and keep monitoring your valuables from anywhere.

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