Top 10 Best Volume Control Apps For Your Android Phone


On Android phones, volume control is a basic concept. But what is the best volume control app for your Android phone? All you have to do is press the volume rocker, adjust the volume, and leave. You may also control the volume of your notifications, calls, and media separately. But that’s not all there is to it. Apps can bring a lot of useful features.

For a finer level of audio control, some people can add more steps. Volume controls can be added to the quick settings or the notification panel by others. You may personalize your auto controls in a variety of ways. Here are the finest Android volume control applications.

best volume control app

10 Best Volume Control Apps

1. Bottom Quick Settings

The Bottom Quick Settings does exactly what it says on the package. Your quick settings toggles are now located at the bottom of your phone rather than at the top. When you have a tall phone, it’s extremely convenient. If you choose, the software will also place your status bar there. For the most part, your phone appears to be turned upside down.

In any case, having everything down there allows you to regulate your volume in various ways. Your volume’s media and your “Do Not Disturb” mode are easier to access. It doesn’t alter how you interact with phone volume, but it does make some of the finer adjustments more accessible.

2. CChain Volume On-Screen

Volume On-Screen integrates volume controls into the notification panel. Volume up, volume down, and mute are all buttons. You may also use the app to modify the level of your music, alarm, and ringtones on your own.

This is a very basic, inexpensive, and straightforward solution for anyone who has broken volume rockers or doesn’t want to use their volume rocker.

3. Fluid Navigation Gestures

One of the most popular power user gesture apps is Fluid Navigation Gestures. You may use gestures to access Google Assistant, open quick settings, and other functions.

It operates similarly to Android’s native gestures but with more flair. You can access the volume box with a single gesture and control the volume without pressing the volume rockers. Like most volume control apps, it’s simple, but it gets the job done.

best volume control app

4. MIUI-ify

MIUI-ify modifies your quicks settings menu to seem more like MIUI’s. For greater use, the controls are located at the bottom of the screen. For things like Do Not Disturb, there are volume controls and toggles.

The theming is what makes this one special. You can customize the colors and textures to your liking. You can also use app shortcuts to open things more quickly. It does exactly what it claims, plus it allows you to adjust the level without moving your hand too much.

5. Precise Volume

We begin to get into the good stuff with Precise Volume. The app replaces the 15-step volume limit with a total of 100 levels. To go from maximum volume to zero percent, you’ll have to hit your volume rocker 100 times.

The pro edition provides the ability to save sound settings for different headphones. As a result, if you choose, Bluetooth headphones can be kept separate from your wired earbuds. A five-band equalization, a bass booster, and an equalizer preset are also included in the program.

6. The Quick Settings of Simone Sestito

Another intriguing software is Quick Settings. It allows you to make quick settings tiles for various items. In-ear audio, ringing modes, music volume, ordinary volume, and the ability to link to another useful app with more volume controls are all choices for volume management.

A decent infusion of volume control is useful in quick settings, and this program is the simplest method to achieve it.

7. Sound Profile

Sound Profile allows you to design your sound profiles and edit them. The software is designed for people who want to create several profiles for different times of the day or different scenarios. For example, when you go to sleep, you can establish a profile to silence your phone except for phone calls. You can also create schedules to activate profiles at specific times or under specific conditions.

We don’t think this should be a membership service because it’s unnecessary. As a result, if the free version does not fulfill all of your requirements, you should seek out a similar tool.

best volume control app

8. Volume Control Panel Pro

One of the finest volume control applications for Android phones is Volume Control Panel Pro. You can adjust your various volume settings with a larger, easier-to-read UI. There are other themes and the ability to adjust the layout and where it appears. On larger smartphones, we enjoy that it may go across the bottom of the screen for easy access.

The app has a long list of features; most of them are related to the different ways you can personalize it. This is one of the better ones, and it’s also reasonably priced.

9. Volume Styles

Volume Control Panel Pro is similar to Volume Styles. It allows you to customize how the volume appears on your screen. It comes in various styles, including plain Android, MIUI, One UI, and more. You may also choose which volume sliders are visible, with roughly ten possibilities available.

You can also use the app to make shortcuts to Live Caption, your phone device’s native volume settings, and other features. This is one of the greatest free solutions available for this purpose.

10. OEM solutions like Samsung Good Lock

OEM volume controls are occasionally superior to those provided by apps. Samsung, for example, has a built-in upscaler that is likely superior to most non-root alternatives. Good Lock, a modification suite from the corporation, allows you to adjust many things. Sound Assistant is one of them, with numerous volume controls and other commands.

Before you download a third-party app, check out what your phone can accomplish on its own. The majority of these options are typically free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without buttons, how do I manage the volume on Android?

You can control the volume with Google Assistant and the apps described above. You may instruct it to increase or decrease the volume by a percentage and set it to a percentage.

How do I get my Android media volume to work again?

Start by verifying your phone’s volume settings. You may have muted the media volume by accident. Check the settings of any third-party volume control apps you’re using, as they can be interfering with the media volume. Disconnect any Bluetooth devices that are attached, such as headphones. If you’re using a wired headset, try connecting it to your phone once and disconnecting it.


The volume control apps listed above will make your life easier. You won’t have to deal with volume surprises if you set the volume to a specific setting. The next time someone changes your volume settings, you won’t have to deal with it. Finally, consider these suggestions for improving the sound on your Android phone.

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