The Top 6 Best YouTube To Mp3 Android Apps To Download In 2022



YouTube to mp3 android There are now numerous YouTube to mp3 android apps available that allow you to expand your offline playlist. This helps you save time and relish your favorite music and songs on the go.

YouTube, as the largest video-sharing site, allows users to watch all kinds of videos on Android phones. However, YouTube does not allow you to download videos or mp3 files of their music videos.

Fortunately, it’s easy to download your favorite YouTube videos straight to your Android phones or tablets thanks to 3rd party apps and even converting them into mp3 files.

Top 6 Best YouTube To Mp3 Android Apps To Download

YouTube to mp3 android

1. Snaptube

Snaptube with over its billion downloads is one of the most popular YouTube to Mp3 android app downloaders. This app features a single button to download your favorite Mp3 files for Android. It also has a better UI that comes with a dark theme. This app share video files directly on different apps without downloading them.

It is also one of the few apps that boast a clean Virustotal result, which helps instill confidence amongst users. The Snaptube also has a private download mode that allows you to download your YouTube videos as Mp3 in a discreet way. Once you download the files, they are locked and hidden in a private vault.

2. io YouTube Downloader

If you want a cross-platform YouTube downloader for Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Linux, then check out This online YouTube converter is quite easy to use and converts YouTube without watermarks like some YouTube to Mp3 android apps.

With this app, you can convert YouTube videos to mp3 as well as other formats such as mp4, OGG, M4A, FLV, MOV, MTS and so much more. What’s best is that also allows you to adjust the video settings such as playback duration, resolution, codec, bitrate, and more.

3. VTube Mp3 Music Downloader

Another amazing YouTube to mp3 Android app, the VTube MP3 music downloader boasts tens of thousands of downloads. Although not as good as previous apps, VTube carries unique perks.

This downloader app allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites and convert them into mp3 or any other format you prefer at lightning speed. It allows you to download multiple files at the same time, downloading them in the background.

This app also auto-detects videos and allows you to download them with one click. It embeds into your browser and social networks that allows you to download videos easily without any limitations. It also supports large file downloading and allows you to protect the videos with passwords.

4. YMusic

The YMusic app is an allrounder in terms of downloading music on YouTube. Unlike other apps, YMusic allows you to play only the audio of YouTube videos in the background. This helps you save up to 90% of data consumption. This way, you no longer have to worry about playing your favorite music or video that will slow down your network connection and paying for a lot of data every month.

But, if you want an offline option, know that YMusic also allows downloading of YouTube videos to Mp3 files. This way, you can listen to your favorite music offline, especially if you’re traveling somewhere with a poor internet connection. It also comes with a built-in audio equalizer that caters to different listening needs. However, it’s disabled by default.

5. Download Music, YouTube Player

Boasting almost 500,000 downloads on Google Play, Download Music, YouTube Player app allows you to download new songs and play them offline for free. It also comes with an equalizer, bass boost, and variable speed.

It is a lightweight and powerful music player that allows for multitasking, meaning you can listen to music in the background while browsing social media, playing a game, or doing other activities on your Android phone with its floating music player.

The app also comes with live music or FM radio. It has an ad-free option and allows for easy YouTube playlist importing. It also has nice to have features such as a music alarm, ringtones, and a sleep timer. It also comes with an energy saver with pocket mode when listening to YouTube.

6. Vidmate

The Vidmate app is another reliable YouTube to Mp3 android app you should consider. This one is fully equipped and gives users the ability to watch YouTube videos right from the app. It allows you to download videos of the highest quality for offline watching. If you only want to listen to music videos, you can also download them into various music files including mp3.

Take note, however, that Vidmate is not only limited to downloading YouTube videos. This powerful Android app allows you to download videos from various websites and apps including Facebook or TikTok. Not only can it download video files but also other media files such as images.


What’s a YouTube to Mp3 Converter?

These are apps or websites that allow you to convert YouTube videos into music (mp3) files. Most of these apps or websites only require a video URL, processing the file, and providing an output audio mp3 file of the video that you can download.

Are YouTube to Mp3 Converters free?

Yes. Most YouTube to Mp3 apps and websites are free. But some also feature numerous annoying ads appearing or populating the screen.

What are the pros and cons of YouTube to Mp3 Android apps?

These apps allow the easy conversion and download of YouTube videos into music files. Some websites or apps may have extra features that allow you to configure the output audio quality length quality and format (other than mp3). They also don’t require any registration.

However, some of the apps or websites may have a history of security and privacy issues. Others are also annoyed at the numerous ads.


That’s it. As you can see, there are numerous YouTube to Mp3 Android apps available on the market today. They help in converting YouTube videos to music files on your Android phone. And the best part is that most of them are free and function as they should, allowing you to listen to your favorite YouTube music videos offline!

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