Top 9 Best Karaoke App For Apple TV


Are you looking for the best karaoke app for Apple TV? Karaoke has soared in popularity over the years, and for a good reason. Karaoke nights are one of the few activities that guarantee a wonderful time. With karaoke applications for Apple TV, you can have fun with your friends and family on the large screen right at home.

best karaoke app for apple tv

Your experience, however, is highly dependent on the app you’re using. This article will go through the finest apps for making your party a blast.

9 Best Karaoke App For Apple TV

Learn about the Apple TV Karaoke apps that are compatible and their capabilities.

1. SingIt

SingIt, one of the top Karaoke apps with thousands of karaoke video tracks, is now available for tvOS users to sing Karaoke on the Apple TV. Users of SingIt on Apple TV can search for a favorite song or check for songs by musicians they like to sing along to.

best karaoke app for apple tv

The SingIt allows surfing and displays the results as thumbnails. And you can save karaoke videos to your favorites by long-pressing the thumbnail. There are no hidden fees with SingIt, and you only have to pay for the in-app purchase.

2. RockIt Karaoke

RockIt Karaoke is another great Karaoke app to try and enjoy on your Apple TV. It provides the largest selection of music to choose and sing along with. RockIt Karaoke now has over 5000 artists and 20+ genres. You may start Karaoke by just clicking on a track on Apple TV, and you can save your favorite songs to a personal playlist to listen to them without having to search.

best karaoke app for apple tv

It even allows you to search for artists, music, or brands. The navigation bar makes it simple to get to the Karaoke app RockIt simply on Apple TV. It offers more than an audio experience by allowing you to capture your karaoke video. Record your signing and upload it to the gallery so others can see it.

3. Smule

You may sign your favorite song with the Smule app on your Apple TV. It’s the best program for making music and practicing signing. Smule contains over 10 million karaoke tracks, allowing you to engage with music in the most effective way possible. You can sing Karaoke at any time with music and lyrics. It also allows you to perform solo or duet songs and start a LiveJam with your friends or other music fans from across the world.

best karaoke app for apple tv

Your song will sound professional if you use studio effects on your voice. Smule on Apple TV allows you to participate in social singing and create music videos by recording voices and then adding a video. Your footage will appear the finest with the video filters. Through social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more, you may share your karaoke with friends.

4. SingSnap Karaoke

If you want to get the most out of your karaoke experience without having to pay for it, SingSnap is the app for you. Out of all the free karaoke apps, SingSnap has the most tracks. A few of the incredible karaoke features provided by the app include voice enhancement, recording of your karaoke tracks, duet performances, sharing/exporting to other applications, and much more.

best karaoke app for apple tv

5. Voloco

Voloco is a real-time karaoke program that includes speech processing and auto-tuning. The program adapts the user’s voice pitch to match the chosen audio. The software comes with five vocal result packs that alter your voice’s tone and make it more acceptable for any song. Customers can try the product for seven days before deciding whether or not to purchase it. Depending on the consumer’s demands, there are month-to-month and annual subscription options.

6. Karaoke TV

Install this Karaoke TV app on Apple TV, one of the finest karaoke applications for Apple TV, and sing your favorite songs whenever you want from the comfort of your own home. The Karaoke TV app has a user-friendly and straightforward UI. You can even sing songs on YouTube using Karaoke TV. Overall, the Karaoke TV app is a fantastic way to showcase your musical skills to the world and become the next big thing.

7. Karaoke Music

The Karaoke Music app is another Karaoke software with native support for Apple TV. It contains music collections in various genres and categories, with music for every occasion, including motivational, inspirational, and pain-relieving tracks. Listening to songs from any playlist will allow you to experience the true essence of music. Karaoke Music is the first Apple TV Karaoke app with top YouTube playlists.

8. Karaoke On Demand

You may access over a thousand karaoke tracks using the Karaoke On Demand app on your Apple TV. And find music from various genres, including Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, and more. For new users, the app offers a free trial. Then you must purchase a subscription. With cross-platform support, the Karaoke On Demand app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. You can use the app on several devices without lag if you sign in with the same account.

9. Misuero Karaoke Latino

The Misuero Karaoke Latino app on Apple TV provides the finest Karaoke experience. It is the best Latin Karaoke software with professionally synchronized lyrics and music. Pop, salsa, regional Mexican, and other forms of music are available.

You can choose from thousands of songs and Karaoke with various performers. With new songs uploaded on a regular basis, Misuero Karaoke Latino has the largest karaoke repertoire. There are 200 free songs available, and you may buy the library to access even more Karaoke songs.


1. Is Smule compatible with Apple TV?

The Smule app is compatible with Apple TV and other devices.

2. Is there a microphone on Apple TV?

Yes, the latest Apple TV remote includes a microphone for controlling Siri.

3. On my Apple TV, how can I use the microphone?

  • Disable or enable dictation
  • Go to the Setting menu on the  Apple TV.
  • Switch dictation on or off by going to General > Dictation.


Choose any of the Karaoke applications for Apple TV from the list above to enjoy the best karaoke singing. Sing songs that you like or are among your favorites. Most of them display the words and allow you to sing with your friends or collaborate on music. Perform Karaoke and show the rest of the world your talent and love for the song. To sing comfortably, connect a Bluetooth microphone or a professional microphone.

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