Top 9 Best MKV Streaming Device To Play Video Files


A simple video player is an MKV Player mainly created for MKV files. MKV Player allows you to watch these types of movies in just double click automatically. On the other hand, the said program has very few selections once you are watching the movie in question.

It will enable to load the MKV videos from DVD, computer, CD, network, or mobile. The program will allow you to alter the brightness as well as the contrast of the video with ease. You may also use it to modify clips to invert left and right or up and down.

Check on the following top picks for the best MKV streaming device, with their top features.

Top Picks For Best MKV Streaming Device

best mkv streaming device

1. The PowerDVD Player

A multimedia application that enables you to play the finest video is a PowerDVD. It also allows you to manage your media-content in a single place.

This software mkv player gives you requested access to your room from whatsoever device or screen.

Top Features

  • Watch and enjoy V. shows and movies right on your phone.
  • Permits to share high-quality videos with family and friends.
  • It helps to search and view photos and V. shows.
  • It could resume watching videos from the time it was paused.
  • Provides thorough information about the video.
  • Personalize media library with the customize poster and thumbnails.

2. The AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player

What is AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player? It is all in one kind of software that plays folders, ISO image file, DVD, and a 4K/1080p HD video and with encoding H.265 video as well as a media file.

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player also permits you to choose scenes to take a snapshot from the DVD and Blu-ray-protected high-end movies.

Top Features

  • It helps adjust the playback progress using the hot-keys to forward or to
  • Could play DVD folder, DVD, DVD ISO image file in a computer or laptop.
  • Allows to adjust and fine the volume and be able to choose a channel, device, and audio track.

best mkv streaming device

3. The VLC Media

An open-source, as well as cross-platform, is a VLC media player. This software app can play most multimedia files and VCDs, DVDs, and VLC media player. It is the best MKV player for your Mac that can be used to watch the 360-degree videos-up to a resolution of 8K.

The application supports a very wide range of video methods of compression.

Top Features

  • Formats available are MPEG-2, MKV, MPEG-4, WebM, etc.
  • It offers a video filtration facility to operate on stream.
  • Can play video files from streams, webcams and
  • The best MKV streaming device player that supports more media codecs.
  • Don’t contain ads, spyware, or user tracking.
  • Supported Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows.
  • Can decode video faster.
  • The app can be used on mobile phones, PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.

4. The KMPlayer

KMPlayer is known as the best MKV players for Windows 10 to enable you to play and watch the MKV video file. This kind of HD video player lets you stream up to UHD, 4k, and 8k high end quality videos.

The software has a useful role like a playlist, subtitle settings, zooming, etc.

Top Features

  • The brightness, as well as the contrast of the video, could be changed.
  • You can search for the video you like instantly.
  • A video playlist could be created.
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android, and Windows. And it allows to invert video left and right or up and down.
  • The speed of playback could be controlled.

best mkv streaming device

5. The MX Player

MX Player is the MKV player for Android that permits you to play and watch videos even offline. You can use this application to access web series, TV shows, movies, etc.

It also enables you to alter the speed of its playback menu.

Top Features

  • It shows reviews while searching.
  • A user friendly interface.
  • The speed of playback could be changed.
  • The videos can be moved forward and backward.
  • With supported platforms: iOSand Android.
  • Provides a list of themes.
  • Has keyboard shortcut for convenience and ease.

6. The MKPlayer

MKPlayer allows you to play video on TV and screen. And it offers an extension that will help you watch videos on the internet.

This software supports apple’s AirPlay to share the videos.

Top Features:

  • The subtitles of videos could be customized.
  • Allows to drag and drop the files to play.
  • Adjustable brightness, saturation and
  • Platform supported: iOS.
  • The app has a control-panel layout that could match any screen size.
  • Enables to play RMVB, WMV, MXF, RM, ASF, MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and F4V  videos.

7. The Macgo Blu-ray

Macgo Blu-ray player uses a DVD player to play video and audio files without interruption. The software enables to play of MP4, FLV, AVI, and WMV files. It can trim down laptop or computer hardware workload during the playback.

Top Features:

  • Play Dolby TrueHD and DTS 5.1
  • With Built-in subtitles.
  • Enables to play online videos.
  • PlatformsSupported: Mac and

8. The Zoom Player

A flexible media player is the Zoom, which uses a smart play technology as well as media formats to instantly play clips.

This software has a full-screen interface that could be used with simple keys (select, left, right, up, down).

Top Features:

  • With a wide selection of media library.
  • Convert any laptop or computer into Home Entertainment Center(HEC).
  • Supports the video formats like WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV MPEG-4, and MOV.
  • It has a navigation pane that shows the full-screen way to highlight the entrance.
  • Provides expanded control API and command.
  • Platform supported: Windows.

9. The Aiseesoft Blu-ray

Aiseesoft Blu-ray is able to play whatever commercial Blu-ray disc is released. Meantime, it supports the recently released movies on Blu-ray and will let you enjoy the lifelike, crystal-clear, and vivid visuals details with full high-definition of 1080p resolution upon the playing Blu-ray disc.

Top Features:

  • Supports Dolby TrueHD as well as DTS-HD audio.
  • Could play MP4, H.265/HEVC, MPG, H.264/MP4 AVC, M4V, M2TS, TS, MTS
  • Allows you to listen to OGG, WAV, MP3, and FLC
  • Free video player.
  • Platforms supported: Windows.


What is the MKV format?

The MKV format is a free and open media-container format that incorporates audio, video, and subtitles in just one file. And also supports audio-video coder-decoder(codecs) .SRT, .SSA, and .USF.

Could you play the MKV files on your Android/iPhone?

Basically, No, MKV files hold unique benefits; however, they are not supported by the default on Android/iPhone devices. Still, these files could be played using MKV players as accessible on both Android and iPhone.


To sum it up, this brings MKV Streaming Device up to par with other file formats on a simple use level. What is more, MKV is universal and flexible because, thus far, it could hold any form and number of audio or video codecs in addition to a limitless number of subtitle tracks, metadata files, and still pictures.

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