Truth Social App For Android: Is It Available?


Truth Social App For Android

Elon Musk now owns Twitter. But at the same time, another social networking product similar to Twitter surged to the top spot in Apple’s App Store– Truth Social. The heightened interest in this social media app had many people asking:

‘Is a Truth Social app for Android?’

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Truth Social app and whether or not Android users can have access to this app.

What Is Truth Social?

Truth Social is a fledgling social media company by former US President Donald J. Trump that debuted in February.

The Truth Social is positioning itself as a powerful alternative to Facebook and Twitter. It has marketed itself as an uncensored social platform that does not discriminate against users for their political beliefs.

It takes a hands-off tactic to moderation so that people can freely converse without being barred.

Why Did Trump Create His Own Social Network?

Now that you know what the Truth Social is, let’s answer the question of why.

Well, if there’s one thing that Trump loved before and during his presidency, it was to post on the internet, particularly on Twitter. An archive of Trump’s tweets shows that he tweeted more than 30 times a day on average.

And yet, it’s also well-known that Trump was banned on Twitter and Facebook. It happened after the events of January 6, 2021, when his public supporters stormed the US Capitol building. Most observers credit that event to Trump’s repeated call for the American people to stand up and spoke about the stolen election.

Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were banned for harmful speech, misinformation, inciting and advocating violence, and other violations of these social platforms’ rules.

Following his permanent ban from Twitter, Trump decided to launch his social network which he said will ‘stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.’ Of course, money was also a big motivator–whether it be a larger investment from private companies or another way to solicit small donations from followers.

How Does It Work?

The Truth Social app is designed to look like a clone of Twitter. With this app, users can create their profile, showing who they’re following, who’s following them, and general information about the user.

With this app, you can like, comment, and share posts. It includes a social feed so you can also read posts from other users and followers. It also allows you to share photos, video links, and news stories. There is even direct messaging, notifications, and dark mode as well.

Who Runs It?

Truth Social is backed by two entities. The first one is the Trump Media & Technology Group, formed by Donald Trump in February 2021. It also uses the ‘T Media Tech LLC’ name in some places. As of 2022, former US Representative Devin Nunes serves as its CEO.

The second company is the Digital World Acquisition Corp, which is a publicly-traded SPAC founded by Patrick Orlando, a Miami banker.

These two entities signed a merger agreement to make TMTG a publicly-traded company. The plan is to allow TMTG to offer alternatives to social networks and mainstream media. So, aside from Truth Social, the company is currently working to launch a news network called TMTG News and TMTG+, a video-streaming service.

All of these products will center on a conservative viewership.

Is There A Truth Social App For Android?

The Truth Social app is currently offered on Apple’s App Store. In addition, from their website, the software is presently available for download for iOS users. It does have a Google Play Store icon next to it, but it is currently greyed out as of this writing. This means that the Truth Social app is not yet available for Android users. However, there’s a possibility that it will soon become available for Android devices.

According to a report, Trump indicated that the Truth Social app for Android will be released soon. He stated that the app is currently being tested and should be accessible to Android users shortly. This statement was declared by the former president at the ‘Save America Rally’ in Ohio. That said, a release date was not officially declared.

Who Is It For?

If you’re wondering if the Truth Social app is suitable for you, then this will depend on your preferences. The social media platform was never intended as a replacement for popular mainstream services such as Facebook or Twitter.

Instead, it’s another social platform designed to fight against the perceived ‘woke culture’ and is less about content accessibility or moderation.

Truth Social will surely court the people using its rival platforms as well as the over 80 million people who once followed rump on Twitter.

What Does It Look Like?

Most people who downloaded and saw the Truth Social app revealed that it has uncanny similarities with Twitter. Many people think that it’s because Twitter was Trump’s social platform of choice.

However, the truth is that Truth Social was created using the open-source license from Mastodon which was initially created to be an alternative to Twitter itself.

After a test version of truth Social was released in late 2021, it was revealed that the Truth Social app for android simply used the re-colored version of Mastodon’s 3.0 theme. Other than that, most of the functionality of the app is identical to Twitter. Instead of a news feed, the app calls it ‘Truth feed.’ Instead of Likes, the app calls it ‘Truths.’ And instead of retweets, the app calls it ‘re-truths.’


Is Truth Social available worldwide?

No. The Truth Social app is currently only available to those living in Canada and the US.

Is there any way to access Truth Social outside of Canada and the US?

Yes. If you have a VPN, then you might be able to download and access the social app and create an account.

Is Truth Social available on a desktop or browser?

No. the Truth Social app for android has a website, but you need to download the app to access the social platform.


And that’s everything you need to know about the Truth Social app for android. This Twitter rival is indeed an intriguing platform, which possibly explains its top performance on Apple’s App Store. For Android users wanting to try it out, you’ll have to wait for the company to release their Android version.

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