Uv Cleanizer Zoom Review 2022: World’s First Bacteria Killing Machine


I hear about UV Cleanizer Zoom all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? We live in a world where globalization has opened the way to new viruses from which we must protect our family and ourselves: UV cleanizer Zoom is a powerful device for me and those who are a health concern. This UV Cleaner is truly a revolution in the technological advancement of home automation and artificial intelligence. 

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.6
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Hygiene is a very important aspect and it is what really makes our environment a comfortable and comfortable nest in which to relax and spend quality time with our loved ones. After analyzing several UV Cleanizer Zoom reviews, I decided to get this home hygiene device to prevent the development of germs in the bathroom. This clean environment is very important and it is used for cleaning and personal hygiene, but our efforts are of little value if its surfaces are not sanitized.

Product Summary
Uv Cleanizer Zoom Review

Uv Cleanizer Zoom Review

Top Features:

  • Sanitation of all surfaces
  • 18 integrated sensors
  • Different modes
  • Long-lasting battery


What is UV Cleanizer Zoom?


The UV Cleanizer Zoom has been designed by Infection Prevention Technologies (IPT) that ensure proper cleaning and hygiene. This revolutionary cleaner is used in the home and in the hospital and hotel sector, where cleanliness is a fundamental criterion to ensure the community’s well-being. It quickly eliminates any harmful micro bacteria and disinfects thanks to UV light. The light source has different intensities to penetrate and remove the most difficult dirt and encrustations. Also, it is built with high-tech material, super-light and weighs only 220g.

Key Features of UV Cleanizer Zoom


This UV cleaner is super easy to use and seems to have a mind of its own. With the various sensors, it perceives obstacles, walls and even height. It is ideal for any surface, such as furniture, beds, floors, sofas. Let’s see its key features that I have experienced:

  • Sanitation of all surfaces: From bed to furniture and floors, this robot cleaner removes 99% of impurities thanks to UV-C light. I no longer have to worry about microbes and bacteria when my baby starts crawling around the house.
  • 18 integrated sensors: It recognizes the places to concentrate on avoiding impurities, angles, the height and the edges of each surface. More than 99.99 percent of germs will be eradicated with its cleaning process.
  • Different modes: The device is incorporated with under blanket, handheld and power bank mode. These modes allow me to use the cleanizer according to my needs and purify my room from germs.
  • Easy to always carry with you: Imagine all the usefulness of this sanitizing device at any time. It is very light and small so it can be carried easily. It is super-flexible so that I can clean every corner of my house.
  • Long-lasting battery: The UV cleanizer has a powerful battery that can run it 180 minutes on a full charge. It can clean a large surface within 60 minutes effectively.

UV Cleanizer Zoom Technical Specs

UV Cleanizer Zoom has innovative specifications that make it effective and different from other UV cleaners. Let’s what it contains:

  • It is an automatic cleaner.
  • Robotic and manual working mode.
  • It has a large battery with 3 hours runtime.
  • Take 30 to 60 minutes to clean a room.
  • 18 sensors and programmable modes.
  • 4 AI bright lights with on/off option.
  • 3700 mAh power bank for extended use.
  • Lightweight and pocket-sized, so it is easy to carry.
  • Superfast sanitization up to 99.99% germs.

Why Do I Need UV Cleanizer Zoom?


The UV Cleanizer Zoom has 18 sensors and UV-C lights that can clean up to 99.99% germs, allergens and dust particles that ensure high-quality protection. It navigates itself on the surface and makes sure of the cleaning task. With the modes, I can run it for 30 minutes and 60 minutes working period. Its battery is good enough so that I can clean a room 3 times on full charge. Also, it has a power bank option to power up smartphones or tablets. During running, I do not deliver any harmful elements on-air to stay safe with a sterilized room. For these advantages, I need a UV Cleanizer Zoom for a healthy life.

How Does UV Cleanizer Zoom Work?

This UV Cleanizer Zoom has a manual function that allows me to clean the objects you often touch, such as mobile phone, computer keyboard, home remote control and more. This Cleanizer can be used in three ways:

  1. Under Blanket mode: It allows you to sanitize the surfaces of the bed and blankets. Just separate the top from the bottom to allow Zoom UV Cleanizer to move independently on the bed. It will not fall to the ground as it is equipped with sensors that detect the height, allowing it to identify any surface edges.
  2. Handheld mode: Rejoin the top and bottom and use it for the hygiene of objects. Just enter the power button for 3 seconds and then keep the lights facing down.
  3. Power Bank Mode: You can charge any device using the USB port and a USB cable. The 3700 mAh charge allows you to recharge any device quickly.

This powerful cleaning robot has 18 sensors that allow it to move independently on the house’s surfaces. The battery lasts an average of 3 hours.

Is UV Cleanizer Zoom Scam?


When I heard about the UV Cleanizer Zoom, I bought it to check if it is a real product? After using it for a few days, it makes me surprised because it works like a super-fast cleaner. Its 18 programmable sensors ensure deep cleaning of any germs and other allergens with UV lighting. It automatically cleans a large surface, so I do not need to move it manually. With the dual timer mode, it can work 30 minutes and 60 minutes on time.

I get approximately 3 hrs backup from its battery. I go to sleep when it is running and after finishing, it stops automatically. It is very sturdy in construction but easy to carry anywhere. I can clean a long surface with the UV Cleanizer Zoom machine to keep myself hygienic. After all, I can say that it really works that the company told me about it.

UV Cleanizer Zoom Review: What are customers saying?

Public opinion on this cleaning robot is truly impressive. Although I was quite skeptical, I decided to try it mainly because of the reviews that will undoubtedly answer the question that you are asking yourself: UV cleanizer Zoom scam or solid reality?

Here are some of the UV cleanizer Zoom customer’s sayings of those who bought it

  1. I must admit I hesitated to use my sister’s product when my first child was born. My sister is obsessed with cleaning and I thought they were all her whims and I didn’t see the usefulness of this tool at all. I noticed that my daughter always had these red spots and the pediatrician told me it could be an allergy to mites. I’ve been using it for a month and the stains are gone.
  2. I was a bit skeptical. First, I had to change my mind. It cleans well if it finds obstacles. Also, it bypasses them and does not get stuck for a moment anywhere. The only thing I advise against is not to buy on Amazon Zoom UV cleanizer as many sellers sell copies on this platform. UV cleanizer Zoom also really works for cleaning beds and mattresses, and the manufacturing company offers a discount on the original site.
  3. After years of reluctance, I bought this product, but I have to admit it does its job well. Cleaning is organized and effective. It juggles well between the various rooms and rooms without hesitation, even on 1cm high wool rugs. I wrote my UV cleanizer Zoom review after using two other robots to clean the house, but with very little results, this is the only one that seems effective.

How Can I Buy The UV Cleanizer Zoom?


I have purchased the UV cleanizer Zoom from their official website and I recommend everyone to get it from their official website. You can visit here for the UV cleanizer Zoom.

They provide discount offers every week, so hurry up, the company will be able to offer it until stocks run out. Just click on the link, select the offer you are interested in and choose the payment method. An advantage is also the manufacturer’s money-back policy. If you are not satisfied with your device or have a fault, you can request your refund within 30 days with cashback.

Frequently Asked Question

Most of the users have the following questions about the UV Cleanizer Zoom. I have replied to all of them below:

Who invented UV Cleanizer Zoom CleanseBot?

The UV Cleanizer Zoom CleanseBot was invented by Tom Yang and a housewife to clean a room within a short time effectively. It is already used by millions of users with great success.

Can UV Cleanizer Zoom kill bacteria?

The device can kill up to 99.99% germs, bacteria and other airborne particles from any type of surface. Its UV light and sensors provide deep cleaning all germs effectively.

Is there a light killing germ?

Yes, there is a UV-C light that kills pathogens, viruses, and germs using powerful rays. The ray can kill all types of germs from deep so we can stay safe from allergens.

Why should one be worried about the bacteria?

Bacteria can cause health-related problems like food poisoning, lower immune system, fever and other diseases. These diseases can be harmful to our health, so we have to be worried about bacteria.

How much is UV Cleanizer Zoom costs?

Its current price is 99 dollars with a 50% discount. On 2 or more purchases, you will get more discount on the purchase that will save money.

Final Thought

The necessity of keeping the home clean and sanitized is indisputable. Due to its characteristics, UV cleanizer Zoom is an ally against dirt and viruses that could cause serious damage to our health and that of our children. The power of this instrument and the convenience of its functions and the convenience of transport make it truly unique. 

Various family members suffer from dust allergy and I have not heard them sneeze after using the device in my house. To conclude the UV Cleanizer Zoom review, I strongly recommend purchasing this robot cleaner to make your home a safer and more comfortable place for you and your family.

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