Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Device No Monthly Fee Reviews in 2022

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Nowadays, vehicle tracking devices are essential to instantly detect different things to get rid of theft. The anti-theft system of the devices helps us to locate them. Finding a vehicle tracking device no monthly fee is a challenging task because all are not working accurately.

We have tested several devices and tested them with our vehicle. Here, we have listed 5 devices to find the best car tracking device with no monthly fees. They include an exciting function called spy monitor. You can call the GPS. The device picks up silently to go completely unnoticed. You can listen to everything that happens around it if no one notices that the GPS incorporates a hidden microphone spy.

Best Vehicle Tracking Device No Monthly Fee

We have presented the best car tracking device no monthly fee that will ensure security, comfort, and ease of use without previous knowledge. Let’s dive into it.

tracking device no monthly fee

1. Xy Find It

This xy find it is, without a doubt, one of the best car tracking devices with no monthly fees I have had to test. If you lose your products, XYFindIt will allow you to find them without the slightest effort. This little device, which comes in the shape of a hexagon, made thousands of people happy. It takes the risk of losing our business out of our lives. If You need for more information about XY find it check my full review.

tracking device no monthly fee

How Does Xy Find It Work?

  • To use the xy find it, you just need a smartphone to run the app.
  • Download XYFindIt App from any app stores.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth tracker and GPS are on.
  • Your key finder (hexagon-shaped thing) will now be visible in the “nearby” section.
  • Now, install the Xy Find It device with your vehicle, backpack, or asset you want to track when you are far away from it.

You can attach it on your dog’s collar, on your baby’s diaper. If you are in a public space, nothing can escape you on the back of your phone. That’s all! If you ever lose the object to which your gadget is attached, all you have to do is open the application, which will then locate it for you.

This is a great gadget to give to your friend, who is always losing all of their stuff. So you don’t have to move or stand around in circles to find where you parked.

2. Itrail GPS Logger

itrail GPS logger is a simple GPS tracker that can detect its exact location and added items. Its battery is heavy enough so you can run it 4 days on the full charge. It does not charge for maintaining the GPS monitoring so you can use it freely.

itrail GPS logger

How Does Itrail GPS Logger Work?

  • Install itrail software on your PC and charge up the GPS logger using the USB cable.
  • When someone touches your items or vehicle, it sends an alert.
  • Within 3 meters distance, it provides 100% accurate detection.
  • If you drive a car, it shows the speed of your car and time.
  • It is friendly to the Google maps, and you can see the travel history in its software records.

Due to the motion-activated sensor, it is a cost-effective tracking device. You can enjoy a 3D street view and pinpoint the address using your mouse. It can also be used with all types of vehicles and things that you want to keep secure.

3. LandAirSea Tracking Key 2

LandAirSea Tracking Key 2 is a micro GPS tracking system that can detect personal vehicles and assets without monthly or yearly fees. Parents can easily track their children’s location and movement anywhere. Also, it can be used to monitor employees and vehicles with saving records.

LandAirSea Tracking Key 2

How Does the Landairsea Tracking Key 2 Work?

  • Within 1 second, it can locate your location using the passive logger tracking method.
  • It shows every second data and saves it for future inspection.
  • With SilverCloud Tracking Software, you can see captured data on your computer.
  • It presents traveled routes, stoppage duration, mileage, and addresses with high accuracy.

You can track almost 100 hours with its internal storage and need 2 3A size batteries that can run for about 4 weeks. Its UI is very simple so that you can enjoy everything on google earth with all data. Also, you can print reports with the activity if you need it.

4. JLEKONG GPS Tracker

JLEKONG GPS Tracker ensures real-time tracking with an emergency SOS calling service. It accurately positions the location of vehicles, things, assets, and more. From your smartphone, you can observe second by second tracking data and report. You can get callings and data using GSM 2G sim on the tracker without paying a monthly fee. On a single charge, it goes up to 5 days with a non-stop service.


How does the JLEKONG GPS Tracker work?

  • You can see live tracking with GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS positioning, so there is no chance of mistakes.
  • It has an external mic point so that the victim can call with an emergency SOS option.
  • Install Amber360 APP on your smartphone and start tracking vehicles, assets, and more.
  • Without paying a single cent for a data plan, you will get the calling and data reports.
  • You can see your target location and movement on the google map.

For automatic alarm, it supports 10 to 500 meters distance with 100 to 1000M LBS location accuracy. It only provides SOS features using the 2G GSM sim network without any fees or charges. But it does not support CDMA sim cards and works with a durable battery and lasts 3/4 years after non-stop use.

5. VyncsFleet GPS Tracker

VyncsFleet is a real-time vehicle and other assets tracker with OBD diagnostic tools. You can know the vehicle maintenance timing, mileage, fuel consumption, other problems, trip history, speed, and more with higher accuracy. Its fleet dashboard allows you to get unlimited vehicles tracking records, manage controls, and more easily. With the sim card, you can use it in more than 177 countries, so it is the best option for international travelers.

VyncsFleet GPS Tracker

How does VyncsFleet GPS Tracker work?

  • Install the Vyncs app on your smart device.
  • Insert the default sim card and turn it on.
  • Add it to the vehicle or asset which you want to track.
  • You can add multiple devices, vehicles, assets into an account and track them separately.

Its fleet dashboard supports multiple fleets with quick access and control. While you are driving on the way, it sends zone alerts with user-friendly formats. All trips are recorded in real-time, and you can locate by day, last view, and trip. Its accelerometer chip can detect events where rapid acceleration and braking have occurred.

Also, you can track your vehicle speed in different places.  Besides tracking a vehicle, it works as a vehicle health checker. You will get alert of mileage, maintenance, recalls, faults, fuel level, fuel cost, and personalized saving tips on the road.

Why I Choice XY Find It?

The XY Find It is the best choice in my list because it covers the largest area, has 5 years battery lasting and free registration on the app. Also, it provides amazing features and sees them below:

VyncsFleet GPS Tracker

  1. You can find anything at any time using the XY Find It app with real-time data.
  2. It saves a lot of time because you can easily find your seven things on the spot without any problems.
  3. You can be sure that you have everything necessary at a glance without checking it 1,000 times.
  4. It has no subscription or monthly charges, and you do not have to buy new items such as a smartphone or house keys.
  5. Things are simply forgotten. With the gadget, it is super easy to find it again within a very short time.

For these advantages, I chose XY. Find it as a GPS vehicle tracking device no monthly fee.

Where to Buy XY Find It?


This smart GPS tracker only has advantages. Besides, it’s not that expensive. You can get the XY Find IT from the manufacturer’s official website. Never purchase it from another third party non-trusted website. The manufacturer offers a 2 years warranty. In addition, your money will be fully refunded within 30 days of the date of purchase in case you are not satisfied.

Final Thought

We have presented 5 tracking devices, and XY Find It is the best vehicle tracking device no monthly fee. Using phone GPS, Bluetooth, and a stable internet connection, you can track wallets, vehicles, ID cards, smartphones, assets, and more.

You have to install the XYFindIT app and register for free using the product keys included behind it. Wherever you are, it shows you the 24 hours location of your desired products. I have already used it, and I guarantee that you can live with it stress-free and frustration-free.

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