Video Editing On Phone VS PC: Detailed Pros And Cons

, July 12, 2022

Check out the detailed pros and cons of video editing on phone vs PC. Video editing is a valuable talent to have on your resume. Should you edit on your phone or your computer? Let’s see which is the superior option.

video editing on phone vs pc

Video editing is a talent you’re nearly expected to know these days, whether you’re a business owner or simply a busy bee on social media. When you think of video editing, the first thing that springs to mind is generally someone sitting at a computer, but cellphones have risen to the challenge.

Pros of Video Editing on Phone

The idea of editing videos on your phone could be terrifying; will the outcomes be of a high caliber, and are mobile editing apps strong enough? It is debatable, is the short response. Before you dismiss smartphone video editing, though, think about its benefits.

video editing on phone vs pc

1. Great for Beginners

Learning computer software can be overwhelming when you first start in video production. Because phone video editing programs are typically less complicated, they could be an excellent method to learn how to edit. Furthermore, because most of us use our phones more than our computers, you’ll probably feel more at ease doing it on your phone at first.

2. Cheaper

Computer editing software can cost hundreds of dollars every year, so it’s clear that it’s a costly endeavor. While most full mobile editing apps aren’t free, they aren’t prohibitively expensive. This is also beneficial for beginners who aren’t sure if editing is something they want to pursue.

3. Edit Anywhere

Mobile phones, of course, are transportable. This means you can pull it out, open your editing app, and edit it wherever. You’ll be able to edit wherever you are, whether you need to finish a presentation quickly, stay up with your social media schedule, or come up with a great idea that you might forget later.

4. More Hands-On

When you use your computer to edit, there will always be something between you and what’s on the screen: the mouse and keyboard. Smartphones are more interactive. Manipulating features, tools, and effects with your fingertips provide you more control and involvement in the edit and the ability to work faster.

The Cons of Video Editing on Smartphones

Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of mobile video editing now.

1. Apps with Limited Editing Capabilities

The fact that mobile video editing programs are rarely as strong as traditional software is its main weakness. Aside from robust applications like Video Star and Alight Motion, anticipate mobile apps to deliver outcomes comparable to those of After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Phones are so power-efficient that they cannot handle the features of PC editing software. On smartphone apps, you won’t be able to do many advanced editing techniques; even if you can, the results won’t be as clear as with PC software.

2. Kills Battery Life

Even though you can edit with your phone from anywhere, you’ll need a charger or power bank if you plan on working for several hours. Also, performing demanding tasks on your phone for extended periods may reduce the total battery life.

Pros of Video Editing on PC

Maybe you might have understood the advantages of editing on a computer, but let’s go over them again.

video editing on phone vs pc

1. Less Storage

You’ll first notice how quickly you gather files when you start video editing. You’ll end up with several different video snippets, overlays, and photos. All of these things require place.

More than a few hundred gigabytes of a phone’s internal storage are typically used by non-video editing apps and files.

You can always keep your files on an external hard drive, but moving them from your computer to your phone whenever you want to edit them can be tedious. Another alternative is to use cloud storage.

2. Better Editing Software

Certainly, computer software is harder to master, but you will enjoy the benefit once you do. Computers can run power-hungry programs because they are connected to an electrical source, which means their CPUs have more processing capacity. Many computers can run more capable editing software than phones.

As an outcome, you’ll have more effects to experiment with and more ways to work around difficult techniques. Your modifications will be impressive if you know how to utilize these apps. People will likely take you more seriously if you edit for your business or a social media fan account.

3. Higher Export Quality

Computer software renders your videos at a greater resolution, frame rate, and bitrate in addition to what was discussed earlier. There are techniques to artificially enhance the edits you make with your smartphone, but nothing compares to starting with a high-quality edit.

4. Bigger Screen

While phones have the advantage of being more hands-on, their screens are limited in size. A larger workspace on a computer screen allows you to watch practically every aspect of your edit. Not to mention that you can see your modification on a wider size, which makes it easier to notice problems.

The Cons of Video Editing on Computers

Even though computers are increasingly capable, editing on them is not always a bed of roses. Here are some drawbacks.

1. It’s Not Simple to Upload to Social Media

Once you finish an edit on a mobile app, you usually have the option to share it straight away on social media. You can’t publish Instagram Reels from your computer when writing, and while you can submit movies to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, the procedure isn’t as simple as it is on mobile phones.

Transferring the video to your phone and uploading it from there is a better option.

2. More Expensive

The cost of computer-based editing is higher overall as well as for the video editing program itself. Your initial cost of electricity will go up. You might also want to consider updating your graphics card.

3. Compression

When you upload your edit to a social media platform, whether from a computer or a smartphone, the platform compresses it, resulting in some quality loss. Before submitting a video to a website, you’ll need to compress it. What’s the use of exporting a high-resolution video if no one will see how stunning it is?

Which Should You Choose: Video Editing On Phone vs Pc?

Everything depends on the kind of editor you want to be. To work for a big media firm and create high-production-value content, you’ll need to learn and invest in professional computer editing tools. Your smartphone is fully capable if you have a YouTube channel or an Instagram fan account. Therefore you have now the answer to the option, of video editing on phone vs pc.

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