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Spending a vacation trip is enjoyable for everyone. If there is music, it will be more fantastic. For this, I have used a splash and waterproof speaker that comes in handy construction. The speaker is WaterBoom 360 and I will share my experience in the WaterBoom 360 review. It works through Bluetooth connectivity and has amazing HD quality sound. I have experienced a clear music sound inside the pool water from it.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.7
Value for Money9.6

With the improvement of technology, our life is changed. I have been using speakers for decades, but the waterproof speaker WaterBoom 360 changed my experience. It provides 6 hours playtime. I have used it in humid environments without suffering damage. Let’s explore more about it.

Our Summary
Waterboom 360 Review

Waterboom 360 Review


  • It works on Bluetooth and can be connected from up to 100 feet distance.
  • The 360-degree surrounding sound ensures the best quality sound from every angle.
  • It can be used underwater, in showers, swimming pools, etc., without any fear.
  • It takes only 2.5 hours to charge up 100%.
  • You can enjoy hands-free incoming calls with clear sound quality.

What is Waterboom 360?

WaterBoom 360 is a splash-proof Bluetooth speaker that provides a superb music experience underwater for a half-hour. It is equipped with a 360-degree sound system and easily connects from 100 feet distance. You can use Apple’s Siri and Google’s voice assistant to operate the speaker.

What is Waterboom 360

All types of devices can be paired with it with a single click. It allows you to receive phone calls. You can play random music for up to 6 hours with HD quality sound. I use it maximum time in the shower and bath while enjoying music.

What Are the Features of WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker?

When I started using WaterBoom 360, I realized some of the functions of the BT speaker. Below, I will explain all features that I have experienced.

What Are the Features of WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker

HD quality sound:

The WaterBoom 360 speaker delivers a 360-degree surrounding sound that ensures a proper ambiance. It can be positioned in any place. The sound is crispy clear from all directions. Also, it makes the same HD quality sound underwater.

Splash and waterproof:

The speaker works fine underwater for 30 minutes with good sound quality. I am using the speaker while taking a shower. Its waterproof protection ensures its durability and safety.


WaterBoom 360 works with Bluetooth connectivity. It can pair devices up to 100 ft distance without any disconnecting issue. Most Bluetooth speakers have the disconnecting issue, but I never face the problem with it. Android, iOS, Windows, etc., devices can be connected with the BT speaker.

Calling option:

It has a built-in microphone that supports Google voice assistant and Siri. After pairing with the phone, you can receive calls and talk to them. It allows you to stay connected with contacts while having fun.

6 hours battery life:

For its 500 mAh large battery power, you can play music randomly for 6 hours. The battery needs 2.5 hours to recharge the speaker 100%. The Li-ion battery provides a long time service.

Why Do I Need WaterBoom 360?

I ordered the Bluetooth device for some exact reasons. I have used many Bluetooth speakers, but nothing lasts in water. Some claimed waterproof but damaged in water. The WaterBoom 360 speaker worked better underwater and during showering time. Its 360-degree sound system delivers sound in all directions. Also, it can be placed and hanged anywhere.

Why Do I Need WaterBoom 360

It allows you to receive calls to stay connected with all contacts during party time. With voice command, it can be operated easily. Also, the buttons help to control the speaker. The speaker works with apple, android etc. devices.

Detailed Pros And Cons Of Waterboom 360

The WaterBoom 360 has a wide range of pros and a few cons. Both make the device convenient and better for a better music experience.

Detailed Pros and Cons of WaterBoom 360

  • It works on Bluetooth and can be connected from up to 100 feet distance.
  • The 360-degree surrounding sound ensures the best quality sound from every angle.
  • It is equipped with a 500 mAh li-ion battery that runs the speaker for 6 hours with random music playing.
  • It can be used underwater, in showers, swimming pools, etc., without any fear.
  • It takes only 2.5 hours to charge up 100%.
  • You can enjoy hands-free incoming calls with clear sound quality.
  • Once the speaker connects with a device, it will pair with the same device automatically at the same time.
  • It showed some bad bass in some music that is the only drawback of the speaker.
  • At a time, you can only pair two devices with the speaker.

Is The Waterboom 360 Speaker Worth Buying?

Regarding its amazing features, I see many good reasons to buy the WaterBoom 360. It is constructed with high-quality material that provides waterproof and dustproof protection. Its sound quality is crispy and clear at all moments. You can stay connected with contacts by receiving a call while enjoying music.

Is the WaterBoom 360 speaker worth buying

It can play music for 6 hours with its 500 mAh powerful lithium-ion battery. Also, its 360-degree surrounding sound provides a fantastic music experience. You can pair up to 2 other BT enabled devices at once.

Where Can I Purchase The Waterboom 360?

The waterboom 360 is sold online on their official website and I have purchased the Bluetooth speaker from here. They provide discount offers occasionally. I have got a 50% discount on a single purchase. Never get it from third-party platforms. The waterboom 360 manufacturer gives 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I will answer some frequently asked questions about the WaterBoom 360.

Is it easy to reset my waterproof speaker?

By holding the Bluetooth and power button for a while, you can reset your waterproof speaker. The pairing will be disconnected easily.

How does the WaterBoom 360 operate?

The speaker operates through a Bluetooth connection. It has a volume button, wireless receiver, tone controller like an amplifier. With the headphone jack, you can receive calls.

Can I use a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi?

Bluetooth speakers can be used without a Wi-Fi network. By using BT connectivity, you can enjoy musics without any troubles.

Why is my speaker not functioning correctly? Is there any wrong?

Check the speaker is not in mute and high volume. In this case, the speaker is not functioning correctly. To solve this, reconnect the device and speaker.

Is it possible to use two Bluetooth devices at once?

The WaterBoom 360 allows you to pair two devices at once using its multifunctional feature. With the feature, you can enjoy music and make phone calls.

Should I prefer a more expensive waterproof Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are different in specs and prices. If you get better quality and longtime service, I prefer the expensive speaker if you have no budget issues.

Why is my speaker not connecting to my device?

Sometimes our phone hangs due to long time use. At that time, Bluetooth function becomes frozen and the speaker cannot be paired with our phone. Reset both devices and try again to pair.

Is the WaterBoom 360 waterproof?

The WaterBoom 360 is 100% waterproof so that you can use it underwater for up to 30 minutes without any problems.

Final Thought

If you are looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to listen to your music with optimal sound quality anywhere, the WaterBoom 360 is the perfect choice for you. It works underwater for 30 minutes and provides HD quality clear sound.

Also, it can be paired with two Bluetooth enabled devices so you can make calls while listening to music. Its Bluetooth and battery power are huge so that you can use it for a long time from a long distance. In the WaterBoom 360 review, I have explained my experience with it. Get it and enjoy the different music experience.

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