What Are The Best Laptops For Web Developers This 2022?


There are various factors to consider in buying the ideal laptop for programming. What are the best laptops for web developers?

Of course, you’ll need a lot of power, so choosing one of the fast processors and RAM is necessary, especially when testing and performing your code. Cores, threads, and clock rates are essential, but they’re not the only factors to consider.

A fast SSD is also required to save time when accessing files and projects. A comfortable keyboard that is efficient and satisfying to use is also necessary, which is a display that is easy on the eyes even if you’re staring at it for hours on end. If you are working remotely and regularly travel, you may need to invest a little more in acquiring something thin and light ( the best may be Ultrabooks).

We’ve compiled a list of our top picks so you can quickly locate the best option for you. Whether you’re looking for a MacBook Pro, a high-end Chromebook, or even a Windows 11 laptop, we’ve got you covered. Some are inexpensive, costing only a few dollars more than the best laptops under $500.

best laptops for web developers

List of 7 Best Laptops For Web Developers

Here are our recommendations for the ideal laptops for programming.

1. The MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021)

MacBook-Pro 14-inch (2021) is great for creative work, but it’s also great for programming. Choosing the MacBookPro to the latest heights, this M1 Pro or M1 Max-powered laptop excels in the competition with breathtaking performance, equally remarkable battery life, and an XDR display at 1600 nits of peak brightness.

Thanks to the SD card slot, HDMI port, and three Thunderbolt 4 connectors, you’ll have all the tools you need.

best laptops for web developers

2. The Google PixelbookGo

Google Pixelbook Go is currently the finest Chromebook your money can buy, and it’s also a great programming laptop. With a lesser cost than its predecessor, the Pixelbook, the Latest google Chromebook still contains many of the premium features found on the original, including an excellent battery life and one of the ideal keyboards we’ve used for a laptop – a crucial consideration when seeking for a laptop to program on.

It does not employ “Windows 10” as an alternative; otherwise, it runs “Chrome OS,” but this will never be an issue for most programmers, specifically web developers. You may also run Linux on this laptop, making it an even more versatile programming machine.

It has very impressive specifications for a Chromebook, so Chrome OS runs well and puts it on the level with many more pricey Windows laptops and MacBooks.

3. HP Spectrex360 (2021)

HP Spectre x360 (2021) 2-in-1 laptop received a major update, and the improved features, which include the 11th generation of Intel Core processors and Intel Iris-Xe graphics, and also the 2-in-1 perfect design as well as pristine gem cut to shape, but this version at the crown of best laptops for many of programmers today.

The HP Spectre series of laptops has always been exceptional. So when we say the Spectre x360 takes things to the next level, we’re not kidding. With its gem-cut design and slim profile, this laptop is not even one of the most elegant laptops on the market right currently, but it’s also durable on the inside.

HP designed this with incredibly extended battery life, ensuring that you get one of the best laptops available. As a result, it’s now the greatest laptop for programming.

best laptops for web developers

4. The Lenovo Think PadX1 Extreme

If you have the budget ready for your relentless work, Lenovo’s Think Pad-X1 Extreme is the best laptop for your programming job.

We consider this laptop to be one of the “Best Lenovo Laptops” for some factors. It comes in many different configurations, depending on your demands and budget; however, it’s already quite capable at its most basic level, packing a powerful graphics card into a rugged carbon-fiber and aluminum casing that will withstand any office or field environment.

5. TheApple MacBookAir M1, (2020)

The latest Apple MacBook-Air M1 (2020) is not just the top-grade laptop Apple has ever created; it is considered one of the high-grade laptops for every programmer.

This is a remarkable success, thanks to the breakthrough ARM-based Apple M1 CPU that runs the new MacBook Air (Apple has discarded Intel for these new laptops). It’s a slim and light notebook with amazing performance and extraordinary battery life.

This laptop can typically last over 11 hours on a single charge, making it ideal for use at work or school. It has a beautiful screen, and the new, as well as improved keyboard, simply says that you can happily code for hours on it.

6. The 13.5-inch MicrosoftSurface Book2

This 13.5-inch Microsoft-Surface Book-2 is a superior choice for most coders today, as Microsoft has created the most powerful laptops (2-in-1).

After all, it has components capable of handling almost anything you can throw at it, even some light gaming in your spare time. A 15-inch selection with beefier factors and a high price tag if you want a bigger screen.

7. The (M1, 2020) MacBookPro 13-inch

MacBook Pro 13-inch M1, 2020 may not have received a major design makeover, but thanks to Apple’s revolutionary M1 chip, it makes up for its performance and battery life.

This MacBook Pro offers the greatest battery life of any MacBook, allowing you to program for hours without finding a charger.

The M1 processor is also a powerhouse in performance; thus, building and testing programs are running quickly. This is a programming laptop that will last you years if you have the funds.


Purchasing a new laptop is a costly endeavor, specifically if you are working in web development or design. To obtain the most value for your money, it’s critical to consider features, user experience, and lifespan.

I hope you found this post useful in searching for the best laptops for web developers the finest laptop for your needs and budget.

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