What is a Car Diagnostic Test and Is it So Important?


Car diagnostics is an automated process done by a chip or a device that shows the present condition of a car. As a result, you can check the transmission, ignition, fuel tank, engine condition and more. Many of us do not know what is a car diagnostic test.

In the past, the diagnostic is done in the service center and mechanic shops. Now, anyone can do it with the FIXD car health monitoring device. You can check the overall condition on the smartphone and instant notification. It reminds the car servicing time that is essential for every vehicle. You must have the car diagnostic test device to keep your car well maintained.

What is a Car Diagnostic Test?

Do you know what is a car diagnostic test? The rest requires a device that is connected with the OBD port in the car. A car diagnosis device like FXD provide accurate diagnosis report and save time troubleshooting a car’s engine. 

What is a Car Diagnostic Test

A car runs a series of routine tests and checks on the engine. Once a problem arises, the device outputs code and classifies the problem as “pending.” If that happens more times, the status changes to “trouble code” and the engine service light comes on. You don’t have to have an active engine service light to use an on-board diagnostic system. The FIXD car diagnostic tool does not only retrieve trouble codes but identifies pending ones as well.

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Some devices are self-powered and automatically retrieve codes, while others must be turned on manually by entering a “charge” command. Some display codes only, while others can interact with a computer using a USB cable. As you familiarize yourself with a scanner and its manual, check off the OBD-II code definition lists.

Find The Diagnostic Port Connection In Your Car

It is located under the dash for most vehicles and between the accelerator pedal and the left panel. In some cars, this exit is exposed, while in others it is not. At this point, you can add the FIXD device to start diagnosis.

Connect The Device To Start Diagnostic

Some slight variations when testing will start here due to differences in OBD-II devices. Start the vehicle. Some scanners require only power, but others may need the engine revving. If you are using a device that does not have an “auto-on” switch, turn it on and enter a “charge” command. It will take a second for the codes to appear on the scanner.


Scroll through the codes and differentiate between a “problem” and what is “pending.” Always treat trouble codes first. Consult your device manual for encoding definitions. Many device manuals, however, only have generic codes that apply to all OBD-II cars. Manufacturers have additional codes particular to their vehicles. If you can’t find the code description in a manual, you may have to look up the definitions online.

Turn Off The Device And The Vehicle

Open the hood and go into the engine compartment to examine the areas that need closer examination. However, if the device reported something unknown, take the car to a mechanic.

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If your vehicle is a pre-1996 model, you will not be able to use a FIXD device. You will have to put your vehicle into a self-test mode. This usually means that your engine service light is flashing the fault code. Procedures for doing this may vary by manufacturer.

How Do I Do A Car Diagnostic Test At Home?

To diagnosis a car condition, you should go to the mechanic shop or service center. They will check the overall performance and give you the report. It is time-consuming and you have to pay money. Now, you can monitor your car health from your smartphone at home. The device name is FIXD car diagnostic device.

What is a Car Diagnostic Test and Is it So Important? 1

It connected with the OBD port of the car and supported all types of cars and vehicles. You can check engine light, fuel condition, mileage, service reminder and more with actual report. After all, it ensures the complete diagnosis report of your car on your smartphone that a mechanic cannot provide.

Why Are Car Diagnostic Tests Important?

A diagnostic device such as FIXD has been an indispensable tool for a car owner. This device is nothing more than a small computer that connects to our car through a cable. Thanks to the software it includes, we can access all this data collected by the car’s sensors and even receive a diagnosis given by the device.

A mechanic cannot detect all problems in the engine at a time. Sometimes, they repair half of the problems in our car and left the other problems without fixing them. So, the device will help us detect accurate problems and immediately repair the issue that will improve your car lifetime. The car diagnosis test is essential to know what the problem is and which parts to replace.

Will Your Car Work With Fixd?

To use the FIXD car diagnostic tool, you must have the OBD 2 port in your car. The car before 1996 has not the OBD 2 port, so you cannot use the device in those cars. Some change the port into the OBD 2, but it cannot provide an accurate report in most of the cases. If your car is made after 1996 and has the OBD 2 port, you can use the FIXD device to diagnose the car condition and keep it well maintained.


Can I Use Fixd On Multiple Cars?

FIXD car diagnostic device can be used with several devices. You will receive different data according to your car condition on several accounts on the app. But, I recommend to use a FIXD device in a car and never unplug it to add other vehicles. If you are selling your car, it is a different matter. At that time, you can remove the FIXD and add it to your new car. To get accurate results also track overall conditions, use a FIXD per car to have a well-maintained car.

Where Can I Buy Fixd?

I have purchased the FIXD from its official website. Don’t purchase it from any third party websites because you cannot get the 30 days money-back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty.

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In the warranty and guarantee period, you will get complete customer support from the FIXD manufacturer. The official website offers discounts on 2 or more purchases. You can also buy it from Amazon, eBay and Walmart because they are trusted platforms and provide the same services as the official website.

Final Thought

Nowadays, cars have a series of electronic aspects whose repair is not simply mechanical. Now it is essential to carry out an electronic diagnosis of the car and to have sufficient knowledge. All this is possible for the FIXD car diagnostic device that allows us to quickly and accurately detect where the fault is.

It is relatively cheap about labor time and cost. You can see the car condition report in the smartphone with instant notification of service reminders. I hope you are clear about what is a car diagnostic test.

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