What Is A QNAP Password Manager App: And Why Do You Need This?


qnap password manager app

First of all, you will ask this, What is a QNAP password manager app? And why do I need this kind of app? Well, QNAP’s “Network Attached Storage” or (NAS) are the systems comprising one, two, or more hard-drives that are continuously connected to the interweb.

The “QNAP” turns out to be your back-up “hub,” otherwise a storage unit where you store your every essential file and also media such as videos, music, and photos. Consider it being your next external hard drive, however rather than taking it anywhere, it is placed at the comfort of your home and reachable anytime and anywhere you need for you and your family too.

Intuitive QTS NAS OS powers QNAP

This QTS is created and designed to give high-performance services and applications satisfying your needs when it comes to file sharing, back-up, virtual environments, storage management, multimedia, and many more. Using the “QNAP App Center,” all users can effortlessly enjoy home entertainment and powerful business applications.

The NAS Evolution

  • The File Server Era ( 2000) – The files are being  stored on traditional file servers
  • 1st NAS Generation (2004 ) – The Cross-platform network storage for sharing and storing data
  • 2nd NAS Generation (2009) – iSCSI SAN with network storage and surveillance system
  • 3rd NAS Generation ( 2012- ) A Scale-up storage system by storage manager, Qsync, XBMC playback/ HDMI output, myQNAPcloud
  • 4th NAS Generation ( 2016) – The QTS 4, together with QNAP QvPC Technology and integrated Virtualization Station

Why Do You Need A QNAP?

Here are the listed reasons why you basically need a QNAP.qnap password manager app

For File Back-up

Never again lose a file with the help of this QNAP NAS. It serves as your back-up solution if anything happens, such as losing your computer or laptop or even a hard-drive failure!

For File Sharing

What we always hear each day during work when teammates or co-workers is, “How do you wish me to send it?” Rather than waiting for a file to be uploaded or attached to your email, send the files by sharing the unique link of your project files, movies, music, and albums.

Just In Case, Secure You’re Files

As an alternative to storing files in the local public cloud, the QNAP application acts as your personalized cloud, committed to you and only you. It is very secure, reliable, and safe.

Organize And Centralize Your Files

Have you ever experienced times when you have to access some file stored on another PC or other devices? Merging files with QNAP makes it stress-free for you, your family, co-workers, and friends to access the files anytime and anywhere.

For Your Extra Storage

Each day our files are getting bigger and bigger as the high-resolution standards take charge of the purchaser electronics industry. This QNAP plays a useful role in centralizing every file, such as videos, music, photos, and movies that you’d surely never want to delete or lose.

Easy Remote Access

The QNAP turns out to be your external back-up device; however, it is more powerful because it is being connected to the network for you to access it anytime, anywhere you want and need it. QNAP provides many dedicated applications on the smartphone for users to utilize and enjoy.

Backup All You Love, No Matter How You Want

Given the options below, you will have the true freedom to choose where to back up your files at your convenience.

Back-up Mac with Time Machine to the NAS

The QNAP NAS gives Mac OS X users an effortless solution to back-up their desktop data. There is no more need to dedicate external hard-drives just for Time Machine back-ups. Through the NAS, set the capacity in the “Turbo NAS” dedicated for your Mac data back-up.

NAS to NAS Backup

QNAP gives every user basic solutions to back-up from their QNAP NAS to one another. And you can back-up in real-time through standard rsync protocol or QNAP’s RTRR service.

qnap password manager appThe Cloud Backup

When backing up with the NAS is not sufficient enough, QNAP users could also back-up to different cloud services such as:

  • Dropbox
  • ElephantDrive
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Drive

External Backup/One-touch Backup

QNAP NAS offers convenient steps to back up from the external devices, for example, USB disks or digital cameras to the front panel USB port. Just hit the “Copy” button to immediately back-up data from the gadget to the NAS.


Does this QNAP password manager app make good to NAS?

Overall Best: QNAP TS-451+

We select the “QNAP TS-451+” as the best entirely NAS from QNAP. It is not the most compelling, not either does it help the higher capacity of its storage, since for striking a neat balance among performance and value, this is our preferred NAS enclosure.

How to access QNAP on the phone?

Right after completing the “myQNAPcloud” wizard, you can now access your device from this website https://www.myqnapcloud.com or simply connect through the QNAP mobile app. Simply download this QNAP mobile app from the Apple Store or  Google Play Store.)

How to access QNAP using the web?

Accessing the NAS Using a Browser. Verify that your computer is connected to the same network as the NAS. Open a web browser on your computer. Type the IP address of the NAS in the address bar. The QTS login screen appears. Specify your user name and password. The default user name and password are admin. Now click “Login.”

Why do QNAP phone apps and other utilities require confirmation on the current location?

In compliance with CNNIC’s (China Internet Network Information Center’s) “Internet Domain Name Regulations,” in this regulation, we have to identify whether you are presently within China to guarantee your quality of connectivity. We will use the location data you define for this purpose. Kindly note that once you provide the wrong regional information, you might experience very poor connectivity.


With various significant benefits offered by QNAP, which is stated above, at this point in time, you got your very reason why you chose QNAP. It will surely give you a handful of help in your everyday exploration of the websites, your work, and your leisure and hobbies. You could save and store more of your images, videos, music, and important documents.

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