What Is The Best Phone Dialer-App For Android? Your Top 9 Best Choice


what is the best phone dialer-app for android

The latest smartphone might have many features; however, the primary function is still making phone calls. Therefore, what is the best phone dialer-app for Android? And because of that, you will definitely need a dialer-app.

Native dialers are somewhat not always feature-rich. Even though you will probably be tired of using the same app again and again. The good news is that you can download and install a third-party app that gives some incredible features and a new look.

Without further ado, take a look at the nine best dialer apps downloadable on Google Play.

What Is The Best Phone Dialer-App For Android?

what is the best phone dialer-app for android

1. Contacts+

Considered as a great alternative to an OEM-based dialer is a Contacts+. This is known to be the most dialer and contacts app for every android phone and offers cool features like contact management, duplicate finding, and merging.

It also has a customization option for how it displays a contact list as well as call logs in a user-friendly manner. The platform is also applicable to use to connect with family and friends.

Top Features

  • With deep integration with the apps, for example, Messenger, Duo, WhatsApp Messenger, and more.
  • Android Wear support and customization.
  • Protects stored contacts with encryption & beyond
  • Built-in Call Blocking, Call Blocking engines and

2. SimplerDialer

The simpler dialer gives exactly what it states on the tin—considered an extremely simple dialer-app known for its unique tabbed structure and other more useful features. The best feature is UI. Simpler-dialer has the features that every user of this dialer-app would expect.

Simpler-Dialer is the wise pick if you search for the top quality phone app for your android phone with all the features you need and want.

Top Features

  • Offline Contacts and online Backup
  • Smart Clean-up, Smart T9 Dialer Options.
  • Group texting and call blocking
  • Impressive merging and syncing, contact management, duplicate finding, and many more

3. The RocketDialDialer

This RocketDial-Dialer is considered the right dialer app for android phones that is regularly updated; take note thousands have downloaded it. The RocketDial-Dialer has a simple, dark design and is minimalistic, which is so easy to use. It is also compatible with all brand UIs.

With many great features that are very useful for quick access and organization.

Top Features

  • One-touch restore &
  • Group Management.
  • Caller ID and In–Call Notetaking
  • Call Confirmation and T9 Search

4. Drupe

Drupe is known to be an alternative to the normal Android telephone dialer app. It performs the job very well. Usable in many languages, and it has many features. Comes in a very simple design. The drupe app will display contact information as an overlay, for example, Favourites.

Simply drag the drops on the Screen you see to launch Drupe.

Top Features

  • Built-incall Recording
  • With caller ID Tracker used to identify the incoming caller
  • You could set the contact’s cute GIF Stickers that will be displayed while in
  • Integrationmultiple accounts for Duo, Allo, and WhatsApp.

5. ZenUI Dialer

The ZenUIDialer is from ASUS, as you can see. The default dialer of ASUS devices. An excellent choice if you’re seeking a basic but productive kind of Android dialer alternative.

ZenUI is easier to organize your contact list as well as call logs with the said dialer. UI is very compatible with most all skins, regardless of UI or brand.

Top Features

  • An inbuilt feature block unwanted calls
  • With password protection for contact list and call logs.
  • Contact management features like duplicate findings and merging.
  • You can choose from a variety of themes or customize your own.

what is the best phone dialer-app for android

6. Truecaller (Caller ID and dialer)

Truecaller, as you likely know, is both an app for calling and a dialer. Truecaller is a great app for organizing phone details. The best of it is you could see who is calling from the Call Log list and Calling Screen, which creates it even more accessible.

You could create changes to your call screen so that you could have all the vital information as well as controls. It is so simple to set it up. It’s the right Android phone dialer-app in this feature rich category.


  • You can also block unwanted calls and telemarketing calls.
  • A Dual SIM and a theme support
  • You could see details about a number in the Call Log and an incoming call that occurred.
  • Call blocking, both series-based and individual.

7. The Contakts AddressBookApp

The Contakts Address-Book, an Android app that manages every contact, is considered an all-in-one app. That also comes with an easy-to-use Android dialer. The Contakts Address-Book is the right and best option if you love to organize your contacts professionally.

You can customize the layout with a variety of themes and performance enhancements.

Top Features

  • With integration to IMsand WhatsApp
  • Modern contact management as well as
  • Facebook allows to sync contact information.
  • With few ads.

8. The MetroPhoneDialer

Metro Phone-Dialer is being inspired by the Microsoft Apps. And provides basic and quick steps to access contacts through the dialer.

Users can view the exact views of their contacts as well as logs through the interface. It is so basic to use the app.

Top Features

  • Elegant design of Metro UI’s and also compatible with the Dark themes.
  • Contact operations and management, both advanced and standard.
  • With12 colors-based themes
  • Free

9. The OS9-PhoneDialer

When we say OS9-Phone-Dialer, it is a best choice if you preffer the iOS-Dialer app. It is essentially a copy of the iOS dialer as well as allows you to manage your android phone using only a few gestures. It has a bigger dial-pad compared to other dialers. This is basically useful if you are familiar with the T9 Search.

Top Features

  • With WhatsApp integration and other IM accounts
  • A large and simple to use T9 Search-enabled dial pad
  • Caller ID hiding and Call blocking
  • Speed Dial and Dual SIM management.


There you go!

What is your favorite Android dialer app? These are the top nine phone dialers best and suitable for every android phone that you can find at this time. Here are the top alternate phone app, Android, and everyone could make call management pretty much easier than you ever might think if you look at it from a usefulness perspective.

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