What Is The Best Transcription Software For Mac?


It is difficult to open every video and audio file when you already save lots of them on your computer or laptop’s hard drive. Especially when you need to listen, watch or convert them to a text file. The transcription process is quite difficult due to different dialects and languages and noisy data.

Given all these stressful problems, we got you the right solution; with the list of the bests transcription software for Mac, you can get rid of generically writing up the text for every document you have to convert.

You will avail yourself of some benefits when your videos and audio are converted into text. It will keep more information inside that could be used for future projects for keeping references.

what is the best transcription software for mac

How Does Transcription Software Work?

Nowadays, transcription task is in higher demand. Whether you are a  video editor or a student from a university, you have to convert video and audio into a text form that will go in your workflow at any point in time.

The simplest way to put out the clear definition of transcription is simply by saying it is a process or method of converting recorded audio or video speech into text.

There are two methods one method can convert the filed audio into a pure text file. The first method is “manual transcript,” known to be the old school process of doing the main transcription work. This is when a copywriter used the typewriter manually and did the magic task to write and create flash reports that view out on televisions and radios. Because of this long way method, the modern and latest version of transcription was born, and this is done using computers or laptops.

Top 4 Best Transcription Software for Mac

For easier and faster transcription, we have here the top list of best transcription software:

what is the best transcription software for mac

1. Express Scribe Software

Express Scribe software is considered the most popular choice when it comes to transcription software in Mac. It helps play video and audio content to optimize the process of transcription. When compared to an average media player, the user has more control over not merely the speed but also how the process of transcribed content is being made.

There are fewer professional features every user might love. For example, Express Scribe gives extensive assistance for the foot-pedals. You may purchase one of its pedals and use it for controlling the audio playback. Likewise, it allows users to load the audio content from different sources and portable voice recorders. Likewise, the fantastic collection of hotkeys makes it simple to manage video/voice.

Also, Express Scribe offers a pack of customization options. For example, users can control the destinations and sources of the audio. Plus, the task manager is in-built, and the syncing options make it easy for every user to deal with more transcription projects.

2. Transcriva Software

Transcriva software is one of the transcription tools that gives priority to the User Interface. It is designed in a manner that the transcription job is put first. Plus to that, there are outstanding features like the food-pedal support; however, Transcriva software focuses on how users can transcribe easily. It’s a well-known choice when to transcribe interviews and some related content.

Most users’ feedback says Transcriva is considered to have the simplest process to transcribe audio or video. In both cases, users have the simplest ways to track their progress as well as customize the process. For example, the Transcriva tool has its own mini-player for its video playback. But then, users can control the speed and sound when using an audio player as the source.

Transcriva also offers some latest features, such as allowing the user to check for accuracy the transcribed content. Likewise, support for more audio sources as well as a total support for a keyboard shortcut that makes the transcription process smoother. Compared to Express Scribe software, this Transcriva offers finer transcript management.

what is the best transcription software for mac

3. Descript Software

In contrast to some other transcription software tools, Descript is quite different. Foremost, it has the most modern UIs. Descript is a professional transcription tool and an intelligent audio editor. This program transcribes the audio/video content automatically and uses smart features.

Talking about features, Descript has many to offer. Drag-and-drop functionality helps you get the transcription done in a few minutes. Powered by Google Speech, this tool gives an impressive level of perfection when it comes to the automated transcription task. Leave that aside; Descript can still be used as the best way to deal with a different variety of manual transcription.

Users have full control over how an audio file is played and synced with the transcribed data. This would be useful when the user has to make some edits and adjustments in the long run. Descript features the best feedback and collaboration options, and working with a team makes sense to these features.

4. Dragon Software

Dragon software is the natural speaking transcribing software that helps lawyers, doctors, and other professionals when it comes to dictation and transcribing documents. The Dragon software runs on both Windows and Mac platforms.

It could capture the audio then automatically uses its latest AI technology to do the transcribing job, so every user doesn’t have to do the heavy task.

This is why scientists and doctors keep this software convenient when they are giving a speech or a lecture. Like some other transcription software tools, users can still add video and audio files to convert them into text.


Is there a free transcribe audio tool?

Yes, one example is Express Scribe, which comes in both free and paid versions. The free version consists of foot pedal support as well as can play a wide range of audio file types. Express Scribe software also allows you to modify the playback selections for the user’s file to suit typing speed.

What Is The Best Transcription Software For Mac?

Here are my top picks for the best transcription software for mac Express Scribe, Transcriva, Descript, and Dragon Software.


There you go, given the top four best transcription software as a professional transcriptionist, it is recommended to use more than one transcription software. To be able to perform your task correctly and timely without having some technical trouble.

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