What Is The Difference Between A Photostick Mobile And A Flash Drive


Storing something on your computer has some risk. You can lose it anytime. Again, if you are planning to store it on your mobile, there is a chance of hacking. In this situation, you can use a portable device that can be secure and keep your data safe. Earlier people saved all types of data, photos, or confidential information in a hard drive.

Also, there were flash drives, CDs, and many more devices. But now you will find so many updated storage devices such as Photostick and Flash Drive. Photostick mobile review will allow you to learn more details. But, here you will see what is the difference between a photostick mobile and a flash drive?

What Is The Difference Between A Photostick Mobile And A Flash Drive?

Before going to describe the differences between two portable devices Photostick and Flash drive, let me tell you about those devices. Photostick is a portable device, in which you can store your file and transfer your data within a second. The drive almost looks like a flash drive.


But the Photostick is way better than a flash drive. Flash drives also a storage device that helps to store data and files. This drive uses a universal bus interface for storing data. This flash drive has a USB connector and is fully protected. To know more about what is the difference between a Photostick mobile and a flash drive go through this article.

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 1. Functionality

Though both of the devices are almost the same and help to store data and files. Still, there are slight differences between these Photostick and Flash Drive portable devices. Their work process is different from one another. Let’s explore how they work to store your data.


The photostick device is one kind of safety device that keeps all the data in a secure place. Also, if you are out of phone storage, you can simply connect this device on your mobile and transfer the data within a second.


One of the best things about this device is this device has a filtering system. This filtering system helps to remove duplicate files on your drive. There is no installation process and you can directly use it on your mobile.

Flash Drive:

Flash drive also keeps the data and works as a storage device. For storing and retrieving the data this drive uses EEPROM format. This format uses an electrically erasable program with read-only memory.

This drive almost works like a hard drive. And this device is completely non-volatile. That means you don’t need any battery backup to use.

2. Appearance

The appearance here means how much port is available on this drive. The more ports available in this device, the more popular it will be.


Photostick is basically a flash drive. But the main difference is this photostick has two USB ports. One is for use on your mobile phone and another USB port you can connect to your computer. Some photostick provide three or two ports for different types of devices. Those devices include android and iPhones.

Flash Drive:

Flash Drive

In a flash drive device, you will find only one port. Either the USB port will be type B or type C. You can’t buy just one flash drive like photostick and use it for multi-purposes. For a specific port, you have to choose or buy a specific device.

3. Capacity

Before buying any device the first thing we search for is the capacity of a portable device. The more file it will store the more people will go for it. So, here you will see the capacity of two devices.


In a Photostick device, you will get the storage of 1TB, 512Gb,128Gb, and many more. This device used to deliver or store larger files, photos, videos. Based on your work you can choose the size of photostick for use. Also, to ensure that you can use built-in apps this Photostick needs lots of storage.

Flash Drive:

With a flash drive, you can also transfer your data and store files. But this drive can provide you with 128 Gb or less storage. You will not get any larger storage in the flash drive. Some common capacity of a flash drive is 8Gb, 16 Gb, 32Gb, etc.

Where Can You Use It?


As an easily accessible device, most of the work we completed on our mobile. So, for fast data transferring or instant storage android devices are also important. But, if people are unable to use it easily on mobile or laptop, then they have to think twice before buying the product.


The Photostick device is compatible with all kinds of PC, android, and iOS devices. You can use it on your phone and also on a computer. Sometimes using both may slow the performance. But this device allows you to use both PC and Android or iOS devices.

Flash Drive:

A flash drive you can use on all computers. This includes notebooks, laptop, or desktop. Also, this drive works on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. If you want to use it on your mobile you may have to use another portable device. Sometimes these flash drives are unable to work on mobile.

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Photo Stick Vs Flash Drive: Which Is Better To Use Easily?

If you ask me to define which one is better between these two devices, I would suggest choosing the Photostick device. Though both of the devices used to store your important file, data, video, images.

But still, Photostick provides better service than the flash drive. Here are some key points that will clarify why you should go for the Photostick device instead of Flash drive.

  • Photostick is completely compatible with all devices including android and iPhone.
  • This device storage capacity is large enough to save large files, images, or videos.
  • The filtering process of the Photostick ensures there are no copies of the file. This way you can get lots of space on the drive.
  • This a portable and lightweight device that you can carry anywhere.
  • This device automatically scans the device and shows you the hidden files within a second.
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Where to Buy Photostick?

Where to Buy Photostick

The popularity of this Photostick device is increasing. Because of its compatibility with all devices and user-friendly interfaces, people tend to buy this product. To buy this product you can visit their official site. Also, this great storage device is available on Amazon, eBay, etc. You can easily get this from their store.

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Final Thought

While using a mobile phone, the most common thing people are suffering is the storage problem. The most common notification you will get from your device is “full storage”. Sometimes you have to delete your favorite memories or important files.

But, this Photstick will save you from this dilemma. As this device provides lots of storage and easy to transfer the file you can use this without any hesitation. To learn more you can read What Is The Difference Between A Photostick Mobile And A Flash Drive?

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