What is the Difference Between Photostick and Photostick Mobile 2021

, March 16, 2021

There will be very rare people you might find who don’t love to take pictures. We all love to capture our sweetest memory and store it in a safe place so that we can recall our memory. But the problems occur when we want to store them in an organized way on our computers. This is a tedious & time-consuming task & as we love to keep our memories we have no option. Besides, the good news is you don’t need to be tense about that anymore.

The latest technology brings a new small flash drive known as photostick & photostick mobile. That backups your all photos, videos, & other media file instantly with a single click. Now there might be a question that arises on your creative mind: What is the difference between Photostick and Photostick mobile? Well, the only difference between them is, one is designed for the computer operating system & the other is for the mobile operating system.

What Is The Difference Between Photostick And Photostick Mobile?

If you’re looking for a solution to easily backup your images, videos, & other media files then photostick & photostick mobile is a wonderful option. Photostick & photostick mobile is basically a USB flash drive that backups your images, videos & other media files instantly with a single click from your computer and mobile device.

What Is The Difference Between Photostick And Photostick Mobile

To know more about these devices, below in this section,  I’m going to show you, What is the difference between Photostick and Photostick mobile? So that you can quickly understand which one you require most.

1. What Is It?

Before we know briefly about these products let’s identify what these devices actually are.


Photostick is a small USB-flash drive that is designed to instantly back up all your images, videos, & media files from your computer device with a single click. There is no need to select, highlight, copy, paste, or do any other thing. It is a self-operating device that will collect all the resources & stores in it automatically.


Another best part of this device is, it is a very good organizer. Usually, when you need to sort out the duplicate files, you have to do it manually but this device automatically identifies the duplicate file and frees up your space by removing the duplicate file. You will find three individual models of photostick with different storage capacities, such as 8/64/128 GB.

The 8GB variant is able to hold 3500 photos, the 64 GB variant can store up to 30,000 photos, & 128GB provide you 60000 pictures backup space. From now, you don’t have to worry about back up your photos, videos & media files, all you have to do is to connect the device & press the go button.

Photostick mobile

Photostick-Mobile is another version of photostick. Photostick is compatible with the computer operating system & the photostick mobile is suitable for mobile devices. Basically, it is a simple USB drive that backups all images, videos, & other media files from your mobile device to its storage. It is a kind of USB thumb-drive for your mobile phone.

Photostick mobile

Photostick-mobile is considered one of the latest & innovative devices of our generation. It easily backups all of your images, videos & other media files with a very quick process. Because of its smart & small size, you can easily carry this portable device and store it wherever you want.

The device is perfectly working on Android & IOS both devices. There is an app in the app store for iPhone users and play store for the android user to operate this device. You want to go to the app store if you are using an iPhone and the play store if you are using android.

Photostick mobile can back up almost 15000 photos. That will free up a huge space on your device. It not only just backups your images, videos, & media files but also organizes your files. Learn more about this device from Photostick mobile review.

2. Easy And Safe Device To Use

The reason behind these devices’ huge popularity is their easy to use & proper safety.  Below in this section, I’m going to explain to you how easy it is to use these devices.


Using Photostick is a very simple process, it works exactly as an ordinary USB-flash drive works. It is just equipped with special software that helps the user to import their photos, videos & other media files with a single click. Read the below section to know how to use this device on your computer.

  • At first turn on your computer.
  • Insert the photostick device into a USB port of your computer & wait a couple of seconds until the device appears on your windows explorer/ or the Mac desktop.
  • Now you need to open the thephotostickwindows.exe, then click on the GO button to start the backup.
  • Wait a moment to complete the process.

Photostick mobile

Photostick mobile has a USB port that allows the user to connect with a computer, tablet, & mobile phone. Read the below section to know the working process of this device.

  • First, install Thephotostick mobile app on your device.
  • Then run the app & plugin your photostick mobile device on your smartphone.
  • Now, click on the Backup Now option.
  • Then the photostick mobile will start scanning all of your folders and find out every single image, video & other media files of your device and back up files in photostick mobile devices.
  • Photostick mobile uploaded all the photos and videos and skipped the duplicate file.
  • Once all the file backups are successful, you can delete them from your mobile device to free up some space on your mobile.

3. Pros

To know the pros of photostick & photostick mobile read the below section carefully.


  • It is a very fast & automatic device.
  • Easy use. (just a single click and that’s all).
  • Detect the duplicates file & filter out them.

Photostick mobile

  • Easy to use.
  • Scan the complete phone & back up all the images, videos & media files.
  • Skip the duplicate file.
  • Fast and automatic.
  • Huge backup storage.

4. Cons

To know the cons of the following device read the below section.


  • Sometimes it freezes.

Photostick mobile

  • No proper instruction guide.

Photostick Vs Photostick Mobile: Which is Better to Use Easily?

If you read the above section carefully, then you already know what these devices are, how they work & What is the difference between Photostick and Photostick mobile? Both of these devices are very useful and their task is almost the same. Just one is suitable for mobile devices and the other is good for the computer operating system.

Photostick Vs Photostick Mobile

Now it actually depends on your needs, if you want to free up space from your mobile device and transfer the file from your phone to photostick mobile then you can go for photostick mobile & if you want to transfer files from your computer device then you can go for photostick. For your convenience below in this section, I’m going to add the link of both of these products, so that you can easily get one based on your needs.

Where to Buy Photostick Mobile?

Where to Buy Photostick Mobile

Purchasing anything from the main producer is always a good thing. Below in this section, I’m going to add a link that will directly take you to the manufacturer’s website. By purchasing from the main producer, you can also get some discount & promo offers that they frequently offer. So, if you decide to get one just click below the link.

Final Thought

If you come to this section, it means you have completed the above article & now, you know What is the difference between Photostick and Photostick mobile? In the above article, I have briefly discussed these two devices so that you can easily understand how these devices exactly work.

Though both of these devices are almost the same. Just one is good for mobile and the other is appropriate for computers. As per your needs, you can choose among them.

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