What Is Total AV For iPhone And Discover the Multiple Benefits


what is total av for iphone

What Is Total AV For iPhone? The majority of us know the importance of using an antivirus system to protect our computers from data breaches, infectious files, and even theft. Most of us have antivirus software installed on our PCs or Macs, but when it comes to smartphones, people are surprisingly careless, if not pretty ignorant.

You may think that, unlike desktop computers, smartphones do not require antivirus protection, especially if it’s an iPhone, which is supposed to be safe and protected on its own. Or is it? TotalAV is one of the most cost-effective antivirus programs available for iPhone users. The app protects your iOS devices from malware, adware, spyware, and other dangerous threats, giving you comprehensive digital home security.

what is total av for iphone

How Do I Scan TotalAV Antivirus On My iPhone?

TotalAV Antivirus assists you in keeping your iOS Photo Library clean. This antivirus removes all duplicate images, screenshots, and filtered photos from your computer. The TotalAV Scan examines your iPad or iPhone Photo Library for photos you might not want to save and highlights them. You may then delete such images with a single click. To scan an iPhone using Totalav, follow the instructions below.

The iOS edition of TotalAV Antivirus offers limited capabilities and is entirely free. The Antivirus’s battery monitor displays the remaining time for various actions. The Photo Manager in TotalAV Antivirus detects photos you might want to remove. After installing TotalAV Antivirus on your iPhone, it will perform a threat detection scan. This scanning process will take some time, depending on the size of your hard drive and the faults discovered. Interrupting the scanning process is not recommended.

When the program analysis is finished, the following options will appear on your screen:

You could perform a quick scan, system scan, check quarantined files, or enable real-time protection using the how-to scan iPhone with Totalav Antivirus option. The TotalAV Quick Scan performs a basic scan on your browser, folders, cache, and cookies. And the system scan performs a complete scan of the entire internal disk. You can launch the Smart Scan from the diagnostic Dashboard. The Smart Scan will scan your iPhone for problems and aggregate the results into individual reports.

What Is TotalAV For iPhone 5 Criteria?

what is total av for iphone

1. Defending against threats

  • Malware Protection – The system detects and removes unwanted software such as viruses, spyware, and adware on iPhones and iPads.
  • Spyware Protection – Spyware can remotely monitor your device’s activities and steal passwords, banking credentials, and credit card information. TotalAV is capable of detecting, blocking, and removing such programs.
  • Web Protection – While you’re surfing the web, the system scans for secure websites to visit and blocks potentially dangerous websites and downloads.
  • Phishing Websites Protection – TotalAV can detect and block phony and “spoof” websites designed to steal your personal information by sending you a false email or message with a link.
  • Adware Protection – Although adware is less damaging, malicious software exploits your computer’s resources to show or download advertising items such as banners and pop-ups. This slows down your device and frequently makes surfing more difficult. TotalAV can also detect and remove these types of applications.

2. Consumption of Resources

Yes, TotalAV, like any other antivirus software, can eat some of your system resources and may cause it to slow down… however, the software also includes a system boost and a disc cleanup. What exactly does that imply? Even the most powerful iPhone will naturally slow down over time. Cache and cookies, launch applications, duplicates, old, damaged, and garbage files, and programs that have not been completely erased can and will slow down your OS system.

TotalAV’s iPhone Cleaner Tools analyzes system faults and apps that slow down your device’s performance, optimizing, cleaning, and eliminating the rubbish. As a result, you won’t notice the software slowing down. On the contrary, there’s a good probability you’ll notice an upgrade due to its activities.

3. Real-time Scanning for 24/7

As long as your iOS device is turned on, TotalAV antivirus software runs in the background, monitoring your system and identifying and blocking malware before reaching your hard drive. It also has a scheduled scan feature where you may schedule full scans for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly intervals.

what is total av for iphone

4. Additional Safety Features

Internet Security through VPN Safe Browsing (VPN) on the go allows you to browse completely anonymously. Battery Monitor shows you how much battery life your iPad has left and which apps utilize the most resources. iPads’ high-resolution touch screens, GPS, Wi-Fi, cameras, and apps all significantly impact battery life. Battery Monitor is a useful tool for keeping track of programs and functions that may need to be disabled to save battery.

TotalAV Photo Manager lets you clean up your iOS Photo Library by removing duplicate photos, filtered photos, and screenshots that you no longer need. The scan goes through your iPad Photo Library and identifies any photos you don’t want, allowing you to delete them with a single click.

5. Devices /Platforms Accessibility

TotalAV is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later. It’s a cross-platform solution, which means you only have to buy one bundle and create one account— all of your iMac, Macbook, iPad, and iPhone devices are covered completely.

The User’s Experience

  • The TotalAV optimizes your iPhone in no time.
  • The TotalAV will offer the following functions:
    1. Space and photo optimization
    2. Monitor of battery

Launch the app, which is self-managing and simple to use, after downloading and installing TotalAV from the App Store. The user interface is straightforward.

what is total av for iphone

Customer Service and Support

TotalAV’s customer service is what elevates the product to greatness. Multiple contact channels are available, allowing you to obtain the information you require quickly.

Aside from normal email assistance, a 24-hour phone hotline and an online live chat are available. You can even elevate your experience by using the Priority Support feature, which will move your request to the front of the list.

The Pros and Cons


  • Protection capabilities are impressive.
  • Friendly user interface
  • Several useful add-on features
  • For the first few months, it’s affordable.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • The Web Shield must be installed separately and only works with Chrome and Firefox.


TotalAV is one of the most cost-effective antivirus applications for iPhones.  What is total av for iPhone? TotalAV is simple and comes with a free thorough virus and security scan for your iOS system. TotalAV has a lot to offer in terms of features and technology. We believe it is a powerful contender in the competitive antivirus software market because of its impressive bundle.

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