Which Direction to Sleep Scientifically?


Sleep is such an important basic biological function that it occupies a third of our lives. Therefore, it is also a matter of concern for many people and, at the same time, the subject of many myths that circulate around this habit essential for a full and healthy life. Which direction to sleep scientifically?

Scientists and experts point out that it is better and healthy to sleep by facing the north and east direction. Both orientations are traditionally considered the most suitable for sleeping. Our body cells have respective positive and negative charges so orienting the face at the north and east directions helps to sleep better.

Which Direction To Sleep Scientifically?

For a few years, science has begun to understand something about the sleep phenomenon. Until recently, the idea of sleep could be different according to the direction in which the body is oriented was simply derided scientifically. Instead, studies conducted about the fact on which direction to sleep scientifically in the United States of America in the 1970s showed that sleeping with your head to the north and east increases the duration of REM sleep.

Which direction to sleep scientifically

]REM sleep is the deepest one, considered important for the correct restoration of strength in the individual. However, this is a slight increase. Even sleeping with the head towards the east leads to an increase in REM sleep, which in this case, is even milder.

Therefore, it would seem that humans have cells that function as magneto receptors, as has been suspected for some time. The directions sleep seems to be the most restful of all. However, this sleep may be too restful and suitable for people who do very heavy physical work, such as bricklayer, carpenter, etc. For people who do an office job or a job that does not require a great physical commitment, the north and east directions are preferable for everyone to have a sound sleep. The other directions should be avoided during sleep.

What Is Dodow?

Dodow is a luminous metronome that will help you fall asleep naturally without ingesting any type of medication. It projects a blue light towards the ceiling with an expansion movement with the idea that the user synchronizes their breathing with the direction of the light. Also, it causes muscle relaxation and slowing down of the individual’s metabolism. The use of Dodow is indicated for people who suffer from agitation stress, chronic insomnia, night wakefulness, insomnia in pregnancy, children aged 6 and over, etc.

How Does The Dodow Work?

Dodow works through an 8 and 20 minutes process or exercise and then shuts itself off. Users of this electronic product declare that they have been able to fall asleep 2.5x faster using the device, which would be equivalent to more than one hundred hours of sleep more per year. Let’s see how it works:

Who Should Choose the Dodow Sleep Aid Device

  • Place the sleeping aid beside your pillow.
  • Press the touchpad once to activate the 8 minutes mode or press twice to activate the 20 minutes mode.
  • It will project a blue light onto the ceiling of your bedroom.
  • Now it’s time to relax and synchronize your breathing with the light: when the light shines, you must inhale and when the light turns off, exhale.
  • Repeat the breaths synchronously for the chosen time.

Does Dodow Help You Stay Asleep?

Dodow is basically a metronome with an intelligent light system that will help you fall asleep in a totally natural way, without the need to take any medication. If you normally take 60 minutes to fall asleep with Dodow, you will be asleep in just 25 minutes, gaining up to 100 hours naturally. Anxiety, personal problems, jet lag, depression, stress and many other reasons can make you lose the ease of falling asleep and rest properly.


Instead of sleeping pills, it is an innovative device thatt reduces insomnia, increases rest at night and makes it the best smart device to help you sleep naturally. Say goodbye to expensive therapies or addictive treatments and enjoy a harmless, simple and inexpensive gadget. Your mind will thank you.

Who Should Choose The Dodow Sleep Aid Device?Who Should Choose the Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Dodow reduces your breaths by 11 to 6 times per minute. These longer but less intense breathing rates will progressively slow down your metabolism. When you are done with your chosen breathing exercise of 8 or 20 minutes, Dodow turns off automatically. Thus, at the end of your breathing period, your body will be in the ideal position to sleep relaxed without difficulties or worries.

You should choose the Dodow for these following features:

  1. Metronome with a natural blue light system.
  2. More than 60,000 daily users.
  3. For people with stress, agitation, chronic insomnia, sleeplessness, pregnancy insomnia, children 6 years and older.
  4. No adverse or addictive effects.
  5. Includes 8 or 20 minutes mode (just by pressing the surface).
  6. At the end of each exercise, Dodow turns off automatically.
  7. Keep you focused on breathing and sleep quickly.

Where To Buy The Dodow Sleep Aid Device?

Dodow sleeping aid is only available on the official website. Also, you can’t find it on Amazon, eBay and other trusted websites. They ensure a 100 days money-back guarantee after purchasing.

Where to buy the Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Never purchase it from a third-party website because some wrong platforms send fault products and don’t guarantee. In 2 or more purchases, you will get discounts and free offers to save your money and be suitable for your family usage.

Get Dodow Now

Final Thought

Now, you may be clear about the question: which direction to sleep scientifically. The North and east direction is scientifically proven for better sleeping. If you cannot maintain the direction, the Dodow sleeping gadget will help you to sleep 2.5 times faster than normal time. Its operation is very simple, you just have to inhale when the beam increases and exhale when it becomes low.

The exhalation lasts longer: this contributes to inducing the feeling of tiredness and to accelerate falling asleep. The device’s hypnotic effect allows you to concentrate and free your head from thoughts, worries, and let yourself go, so you fall asleep in a few minutes. It will be a great contribution to recover more quickly from long trips and keep health fit all day long with proper sleep.

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