Why Are There Drones Flying At Night?

, March 21, 2022

drones flying at night

In an effort to better help create a drone base in our national aviation system, the Department of Transportation issued several important announcements in January. One of the questions that bother people are why there are drones flying at night? These proposed changes are intended to reduce the cumbersome regulatory limitations of FAA Part 107 and address key drone flight rules that hinder the development of UAV use:

  • No drones flying over people.
  • No drones flying at night.

Using a drone can cause security and safety issues.

Due to Section 107, the FAA has all the drones grounded flying at night and UAV flights over humans, but all over the country. There is currently a way to request an exemption or exemption from these restrictions – but while exemptions are granted overnight, 99% of requests to use human drones are rejected.

The DOT hopes that some changes in the law will help encourage the movement to use more drones.

By giving drone operators more freedom when crossing residential areas, the rule that drone pilots must have direct visibility in order to fly drones is beginning to be addressed. For UAVs to be a legitimate option for the transport of goods, the pilot or automated system must be allowed to fly in places where people can transport or collect.

The new proposal is that drones can be categorized based on aspects such as weight and whether rotating parts can harm the human body. Unmanned aerial vehicles that comply with these new drone flight rules can be used to carry items.

As the rules for flying over humans have changed, the designs why are there drones flying at night have been modified. The importance of night drone flying for the future of UAVs is simple: by flying pilots at night, you can immediately increase the number of hours a drone can be used.

Why Are There Drones Flying At Night?

drones flying at night

A few simple examples of why are there drones flying at night can be a huge advantage:

  • Drug-deficient hospitals can resort to drone delivery and get a patient’s life-saving vaccine from a clinic across town. This avoids problems like sending trained people away from your hospital for drugs.
  • The agricultural industry is able to spray crops at night. Many also believe that night spraying can reduce the risk to our bees.
  • Vector control and mosquito control can benefit from spraying at the time of the highest activity of such pests.
  • Drones flying at night can also reduce the potential risk to search and rescue sites, in addition to providing greater security for high-level businesses.


Q. Is it possible to see drones in your home?

The most logical answer is that there are no drones that would not be visible in your home. Technologies such as Long Wave InfraRed sensors can be easily mounted on commercial drones in the home. Even drones for gaming and entertainment can be easily equipped with high-quality HD cameras to create the best possible image.

Q. Can a drone fly over my house/property?

The answer is yes.

The Federal Aviation Administration controls the air over your home and property boundaries do not reach the sky.

Q. Is there a way to identify drones?

Drones that operate RF communications can be tracked using RF sensors, while other GPS pre-programmed at the waypoint can be tracked using radar detection. Visual detection technologies such as Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras can be used to capture images of the detected drone and to detect the threat of the drone.


These rule changes for drone flights are all important components that will help make the UAV a practical and realistic part of business and industry for the foreseeable future. While it may take one to two years for these changes to take effect, it gives developers, UAV enthusiasts and pilots a chance to get ready for the new drone frontier at night and in residential areas.

There you have it. To own a drone might be the best investment but you must also be aware of the rules implement when using this device. If you are planning to own a drone in the future make sure to know the rules and your purpose of using it. If you have something to share do not hesitate to tell us in the comment section below. We will be glad to help.

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