Why Choose McAfee Antivirus Pro APK Free Download?


Once you think of good antivirus software, this McAfee Antivirus Pro APK is among the first companies that flash to every mind. So why choose McAfee antivirus Pro APK free download?

Established in 1987, they have been making computers safe against viruses for well over three decades now. McAfee remains and stands as one of the world’s very popular antivirus brands in 2022. But wait, there’s more to it, so check them and continue reading!

Considered to be one of the prominent antivirus tools is McAfee Antivirus Pro APK by security experts and users alike. It has very good malware detection rates, with many added features like a VPN, helpful customer support, and a password manager. Also, it’s easy to set up and easy to use.

mcafee antivirus pro apk free download

McAfee Antivirus Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • VPN
  • Password manager
  • Cheap multi-user options
  • Superb customer support
  • Encrypted storage


  • Lacking of iOS version
  • Pricing plans are confusing
  • App boost does nothing

Features Of McAfee Antivirus Pro APK  Security

McAfee Antivirus Pro APK has a sophisticated suite of its security features as one of the best antivirus. From protecting your laptop against ransomware, malware, and crypto-jacking to offering you more additional great features to boost your web browsing experience and protect documents, passwords, and data.

Just simply put, you will have everything you need to create your web browsing experience smooth and safe. But what exactly are these McAfee Antivirus Pro APK security features?

Ransomware Protection Feature

Ransom Guard, McAfee Antivirus Pro APK ransomware protection, provides an intelligent layer of concurring protection with no intruding on your web browsing experience. As a matter of fact, the best thing about Ransom Guard of McAfee’s is as discreet as it is. You will never know that it is there not until you check for it, or otherwise, you have a security issue.

QuickClean Feature

QuickClean of McAfee’s is a convenient little feature that helps clean up your device to improve speed and security. It will scan the device for temporary files and cookies, which consume important space on your device and give a hacker vital information about you.

Shredder Feature

The shredder tool of McAfee’s is the favorite feature. Of course, disposing safely of files is not as simple as clicking the Delete tab. This only goes as far as your computer’s Recycle Bin and can still be reached by someone who gets to hold of your computer. And even if you empty the Recycle Bin, the deleted data will stay on the disk, which simply means it could be recovered. However, with the Shredder feature, you can be assured that the deleted file is gone now and forever. It functioned by overwriting the file’s data several times before it was fully deleted.

The three levels of shredding security:

  1. The basic overwrites- here the file twice prior to deletion
  2. The safe overwrites – her the file five times prior to deletion
  3. The complete overwrites – here the file ten times prior to deletion

To simplify, shred your entire Temporary Internet Files or Recycle Bin in just one go.

Vulnerability Scanner Feature

Online hackers hunt for security flaws to determine operating systems and popular apps. This is why app developers and software companies frequently roll out security patches. Because of that Vulnerability Scanner feature, check out for these and instantly lets you know once any of your device apps need to be updated for security reasons.

All you have to do is click on “Install updates,” and it will install all pending security patches.

McAfee WebAdvisor

Right after you have downloaded the McAfee Antivirus Pro APK, you should also find a browser extension that is automatically installed. This browser extension is named McAfee’s WebAdvisor, and this gives you a basic way to access McAfee’s suite of your security features.

Once again, this feature keeps your device safe without intruding internet browsing experience, not unless there’s a problem.

McAfee Speed Up

Here, the service improves speeds for web browsing and your device applications.

  • Web BoostMcAfee

The Web Boost McAfee speeds up web browsing and prevents video auto-play from launching. This works by a pup up message across the current video that states, Paused by Web Boost McAfee, this help other websites load quickly. Still, while it’s a nice feature, it’s not radically changing the speed of your browser.

Also, remember that it was only applicable on Google Chrome.

  • App BoostMcAfee

McAfee Antivirus Pro APK runs the PC Boost feature mostly in the background to divert resources to the applications required. This is simply meant to cut the load times.

McAfee’s laboratory results show that the boost app makes up 6% faster in load time.

True Key: McAfee’s Password Manager

True Key, McAfee’s Antivirus Pro APK password manager, is one of the great known password managers out in the market today. Plus, with the right reason. Using True Key lets, you manage your passwords at the same time keeping them safe and secure.

It uses AES-256, considered one of the powerful encryption algorithms, to secure that no one else can break down your essential login information but only you.

In order to secure the user’s account deeper, the application provides multi-factor authentication. You have to verify the account at least two-factors ahead to log in to the account safely. And if you require more factors, you can add more to increase the security of your account.

Plans, Feature, And Pricing

  • Single Device- VPN, network security, customer support, tune-up, shredder, encrypted storage, password manager $84.99
  • Multiple Devices- like with Single Device, plus the 5 device support and with identity-theft protection $49.99
  • Family Coverage- like with Single Device, and the Individual, plus the 10 device support $54.99
  • LiveSafe- like with Single Device, Individual, plus the Family with unlimited devices support $34.99

mcafee antivirus pro apk free download

McAfee Mobile-App

This McAfee mobile app gives fast, basic virus protection for your smartphone. And get the basic plan for absolutely free. As tested this McAfee’s mobile application on Android, it gives a clean interface that is so simple to use.

The iPhone app and android app have some basic features that no need to pay for; this includes a scan to verify any viruses or malware on your smartphone. It also does scans on phone apps as well as to its Wi-Fi connectivity to check for possible threats.

There are more worldly-wise features that you need to pay for; consider the Wi-Fi guard,  Safe Web, and an app lock that blocks hazardous links and websites. And if you frequently connect to the public Wi-Fi or otherwise share your mobile with someone else, it is significant to upgrade to the payable for a subscription. But still, if all decide to use its basic security features, the free app is absolutely good as a starting point.


Is McAfee Antivirus Pro APK free download a good antivirus program?

Absolutely Yes. McAfee Antivirus Pro APK free download is good and worth an investment. It gives extensive security to keep every device safe from viruses, malware, and other online threats. Suitable on Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows, the “McAfee LiveSafe” plan fits on an unlimited number of devices. McAfee’s software is available in a mobile app, browser extension, and web app.

How to claim a McAfee Antivirus subscription refund?

After you purchase, approximately within 30 days, you will receive a refund for your plan subscription. Even so, you can’t do it through live chat; all you have to do is make a phone call to its customer service and confirm the refund you ask for.


McAfee Antivirus Pro APK free download offers the most extensive online security suites, with a whole host of genuinely useful features to support your devices safe and free from viruses or malware. And you will have all the plan options that will surely fit your device’s needs.

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