Why Does My Phone Overheat On Facetime And How Stop It?


why does my phone overheat on facetime

Considered the most love and enjoyable method to communicate with family and friends is with the use of FaceTiming. And why does my Phone overheat on Facetime? However, the video calls will be strenuous to any Phone device, and no doubt that they most likely are overheated.

The Wi-Fi streaming is active, the camera is open and in use, and the speakers are running in a high volume. And more apps are running at the same time. The overheating Phone is unpleasant to hold and use, and the battery will be nearly drained.

What is Overheating And Why Does My Phone Overheat on Facetime?

All Phone has a constantly used processor; therefore, they will be hot. When your Phone gets hot, it can produce strange noises or shut off the Phone. And a possibility that the screen is smudged by black marks caused by damage and heat.

Getting a serious problem with your Phone that keeps on overheating? The very first thing to consider is to update the installed iOS. If the problem continues, check these three more possible solutions to prevent your Phone to overheat:

  • When the Phone is not in use, Turn off the mobile data
  • Set Phone on airplane mode
  • Change iPhone’s settings

How To Stop My Phone Device For Overheating on FaceTime?

Check here some methods or ways to fix your Phone device from overheating:

  • Mobile Data Switch to Wi-Fi

Be attentive to your Phone when it’s overheating. Check if it is connected to mobile data or to Wi-Fi?

Although it is possible for the Phone to overheat in whichever situation, it is frequently the case that mobile data connected with FaceTiming will cause the overheating. So, switch to Wi-Fi exclusively when on video calls for a while and check if there’s a difference.

  • Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Keep your Phone away from direct sunlight exposure. Outdoor video calls will be exciting and fun; however, a blazing day only worsens the overheating problem. Still, even it’s not too hot, the direct sunlight is not applicable for mobile devices for a long period of time.

  • Lower The Brightness

The latest phone models have wide and large screens. That makes them perfect for using FaceTiming; however, it also burdens battery consumption. Except you’re outside, you can’t lower the brightness; just turn the Phone’s brightness mode down when you are on call.

  • Close The Unused Apps

About to make a video call on your Phone? Be sure to close all unused app, which is possibly running in the background. These apps include the weather app and the mobile browser.

Still, this tip frequently address to heavy apps, for example, the games on video. If these apps are left open and unattended, these put a reason on the Phone and will cause it to overheat during the call.

why does my phone overheat on facetime

  • Update Apps Regularly

If your Phone is constantly overheating every time you’re in FaceTime or on other video calling apps, there might be an update pending. Companies regularly offer a system update for their product or devices, and this update comprises fixes for glitches such as overheating.

When the system is updated, try to check the app on video calling and see if some updates are present for download.

  • Reset Factory

If everything fails, try to perform a reset factory. No one likes this step because it will say that you have to back up all data first before performing a reset factory.

But, it typically fixes any kind of problem, and it includes the issue with Phone overheating. Basically, the smartphones have this option, plus it only takes a couple of minutes to complete it.


Is Overnight of Facetiming Bad for Your Phone?

Yes, overnight Facetiming will definitely cause iPhone to overheat because you will be using an intensive app overnight. This will eventually cause the battery to drain; however, it is not bad for your Phones’ system per se.

While on video call, you could charge, however as discussed, this will not help with the Phone overheating issue.


This overheating issue comes in so many reasons, such as pending vital updates, direct sunlight phone exposure, and apps (heavy graphic apps).

The troubleshooting guide above will work on smartphones that will surely give an answer to your question, why does my Phone overheat on Facetime, and how stop it?

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