Why Is My Gaming Laptop So Slow When Gaming?


The best way to pass the time and have some fun is over playing games on your laptop. However, it can be so irritating to play once your games are unable to run smoothly. So why is my gaming laptop so slow?

Actually, game lag is one of the main reasons why most gamer upgrades their laptop. However, there are some basic steps to solve this issue.

why is my gaming laptop so slow

My Gaming Laptop Is So Slow Why?

Gaming laptop runs so slow for many different reasons, starting from your laptop issues such as graphic driver doesn’t have the right one and insufficient hardware specifications.

To be able to fix the performance of your games to run them smoothly and quickly, you have to fix the issues that cause laptops to run slower with games.

The “lag” game basically indicates that your computer cannot process properly the settings and files that your game needs. It looks like when the car stalls, your laptop also will continue lagging every time you play because it cannot process the requirements or input that the game has.

In fixing this kind of problem, you need to cure the reasons and causes why your laptop cannot process what it needs to.

Why Is My Gaming Laptop So Slow And How To Fix It

1. Using A VPN

The first reason why the online games “lag” and also perform slowly is a poor Internet connection. Even if the common sites load quickly, online games may “lag” because they’re more time-consuming compared to ordinary websites alone.

But in a situation where you have a good Internet connection while your game still loads slowly? Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help. The VPN route your connectivity to a different server and thus differ the manner you connect to your online games.

Even if your Internet Service Provider server is facing difficulties, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) server will not have similar issues, and online games will load and perform faster. Moreover, a VPN will guarantee that your connection is safe, your private data is secured, and you’ll be able to avoid some location restrictions.

2. Checking Hardware Specifications

It is your laptop why your online games run slowly; it has no right hardware to support the game.

As games advances, the hardware support required by your laptop is growing with them also, which means that you have at least the least level of hardware to be able to play the game smoothly. This is critical as online games need your laptop to operate 1,000’s of calculations per second, and if your laptop does not have the necessary power to perform that, and so it will struggle.

Come to think of it like having a small car trying to pull a big truck. If the said car is so small, it will struggle intensely to pull the truck, which is the same with your laptop.

3. Download The Windows Repair Tool

You must try and see if your laptop is powerful enough to run your online game on that website. There are many very good websites to choose from where you can test your laptop hardware to check if your laptop could run that certain online game.

If the test fails, the next option is to upgrade your laptop’s system.

4. When Playing Close ALL Other Programs

If your laptop’s hardware is excellent enough to play online games, then make sure that no other programs are open when you are playing. These other programs will cut the effectiveness of your system and make it incapable of dealing with the task it needs to perform in order to run your game properly.

To perform this, press “CTRL + ALT + DELETE” to pop up the “task manager,” then choose the “Processes” tab and then select on program list which is running and lastly press the “End Process.” This should assist your laptop in focusing completely on your game and not on the programs that runs in the background.

5. Update Graphics Driver

The larger part of online games is the graphics; in this situation, you need to check that you have the right graphics driver in order to play the game evenly. Depending on the kind of graphic cards and operating system you have, you must look at the manufacturers to check if they released the updated versions.

The two best manufacturers of these graphic cards are Nvidia and  ATI. These manufacturers regularly update their driver and boost graphic cards if they seem to be processing the graphics slowly.

6. Clean TheViruses

One more relevant reason why online games play’s slowly is the viruses. The viruses are really at work in the system, and absolutely you do not have an idea about it. This virus is a major problem that even the most advanced laptop can only avoid viruses with an antivirus application.

You have to download first the application you choose and then let it run to scan your laptop’s viruses on your system. If it catches many viruses, you should delete them all.

7. The Registry Needs Clean Out

As well, the registry is one reason why online games run slow. A registry is a database that keeps information and settings for your laptop, permitting it to “recall” different options for your software and laptop. Still, the registry is also the reason why online games run’s slowly.

For the reason that when you play a game, it requires hundreds of settings to load up, and if those settings are impaired in whatsoever way, it’s going to make your laptop unable to load up the game promptly. This is a common problem, and you can fix it by using a “registry cleaner” to run and scan through your laptop and take out any of the impaired registry settings within it, which could speed up your game performance.


Slow or Lagging laptop is very frustrating, especially for gamer’s and identifying the reason why is the first step to solving the problem and speeding up your laptop. The reasons stated above are the most common reasons why is my gaming laptop so slow.

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