Why Is My PC Not Getting Full Internet Speed?


Today fast internet connection is all that matters when it comes to the online class and work from home status given by pandemic. With a lot of competition to connectivity, you will surely ask yourself why is my PC not getting full internet speed?

Fortunately, you can alter a few things inside your house, your computer, and the router itself to increase your download speed to check how much additional speed you can get.

why is my pc not getting full internet speed

How to Test Internet Speed

Testing internet speed will let you know if you are getting a lower speed than you must have. To do this, lunch SpeedTest.net in your browser and run a test. A good test result is normally at 10 Mbps; still, it depends on the internet connection usage.

For example, if you are just using it for normal internet surfing and email checking, then 10 Mbps is enough. On the opposite side, if it is for streaming and gaming services, you will have to increase your speed for a seamless experience.

Why Is My PC Not Getting Full Internet Speed? How To Fix It?

Now check on the few ways to improve the speed of internet connection. In the real world, every ISP (internet service provider ) companies advertise high-speed “potential,” but the truth is, you can’t have that speed. The best thing to do is to contact your ISP (internet service provider) and ask for the real attainable internet speed in your location.

1. Test For a Different Modem

The major cause of slow internet connection is a bad modem when you have recurrent internet dropouts and criticize your internet service provider. Before that, check first if your modem is matched and accurate for the plan and internet provider you have.

The simple way to examine is to contact your internet service provider for the list of compatible modems. If your internet service provider provides the modem for rent, then it’s compatible with the internet service you acquire. On the other hand, if you want to buy your modem, its manual and description typically contain a list of ISP it suits with. Thus, be sure to look over that before expense any amount.

The recommended active life of the modem is 3-4 years, so it is advisable to replace it.

2. Switch On and Off Your Modem Again

This next recommendation is often the most effective one. Just switch off your modem for 1 minute and switch it on again. This method is, called power cycling, flushes out a pack of problems affecting your speed. We recommend power cycling at least once a month. However, if it is serious internet connection issues, you can do it every day.

3. Viruses Scanning

The next thing to consider is making sure that no virus is causing your internet connection to failing. Mostly viruses live on your laptop or computer and suck resources as well as slow down your internet speed.

You can use this antivirus software like McAfee, TotalAV, or Norton to scan your computer.

4. On-System Interference Checking

In some cases, a virus scanner or some other programs can constrain internet connection speeds. This testing is frustrating, but switching things off consecutively and running a speed test again. Take note we won’t be in charge of any spyware or viruses you pick up while doing this. You must have a good virus software protection.

5. Use a Fast VPN

Most people now use VPN service since it protects surfing privacy, keeps personal and important information secure, and bypasses censorship. However, some VPN services will also slow down the internet connection. With this, you need to choose a VPN with bandwidth and with infrastructure that could support fast connections.

6. Locate Your Router Closer

Once your router is located away, a fast way to modify your internet connection is by moving your router closer to where your laptop so that the internet connection signal can reach you.

why is my pc not getting full internet speed

7. ProtectingWifi Network

Once strangers access your wifi connection, this will commence internet bandwidth then slow down your internet connection. Indeed, make sure to put up password protection with your wifi network.

Use a compound password for your wifi connection. It’s advisable to change passwords regularly, particularly if you discover any unknown or suspicious devices on your network.

why is my pc not getting full internet speed

8. Ethernet CableConnection

Using wifi is precise, but a wireless network is frequently slower than cabled connectivity. So get the ethernet cord out and plug it straight into the modem, especially it’s for the computer and no need to move it very often around.

9. Check Line Filters

Once your internet connection is connected to a phone line, it has a telephone on it; therefore, you will make it sure to have the best quality of filters installed. These small plugs attach to your phone line to help filter out the distractions.

10. Get Rid of Cordless Phone

Others mostly disagree with this. However, I have found out that cordless smartphones interfere with or slow down the internet, even with filters on them. Why not try an isolation trial by removing your smartphones instead of replacing them with another one and check whether you get improved results.

11. Limit the GadgetsConnected To Router

Is it your place full of gadgets connected to your wifi connection? Once in a situation where dozens of wifi signals are active in your place at the same time, there are more possibilities that you will experience slow or very poor network performance.

The best thing to do is to switch off those gadgets that are not needed and check if it works to improve your internet connection speed.


With the given ways on how to speed up your internet for your PC, you will surely have the answer to your question, why is my PC not getting full internet speed? I hope this article helps you a lot with the concerns you have with your internet connection.

Now enjoy the faster speed of your wifi connection in your comfort zone performs your best in your work or at school.

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